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New York Tech
St. John the Baptist (HS) • NY
5' 10" • 165LBS
R/R • 22yr 9mo
Travel Team: Long Island Titans


2019 National

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2019 State

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Downstate Preseason (February 21, 2018)

Offensively- At the plate he uses a slightly open narrow stance, pre-pitch barrel upright with loose hands away from his body. Smooth weight transfer on the pitch, back to even with a toe tap and stride, attacks the ball out in front aggressive. Barrel path is compact and on an incline, full and fluid throughout swing. Exit velocity 84 mph on the day with more in the tank as he continues to develop more strength. Defensively- continues to impress with smooth footwork, fast hands out in front with quick release from all angles. Arm-strength is above average combined with quick release make him an extremely sound defender in the 2019 class.

Long Island Top Prospect (January 16, 2017)

Exposito, a 2019 right-handed middle infielder that looks more impressive at every outing, stands at 5-foot-7 and weighs 145 pounds, ran a 4.38 from home to first which was a personal best and (+0.51 quicker than last year). Offensively- Hits from an open lower half lead foot slightly on the toe, with some shift of weight to the back side, with the hands held in front of the back shoulder with a slight pre-pitch movement vertically and barrel of the bat perpendicular to the ground with a slight wrap towards the pitcher. Uses a lead leg lift, with a slight inward rotation of the lead knee, with the hands loading straight back quietly and subtly and barrel of the bat getting a bit greater than 45 degrees. Hands stayed compact, showed an approach to use all fields during batting practice, driving the ball from the pull side line to the opposite field gap. Recorded an exit velocity of 75 MPH, a personal best (+2 MPH from September). Defensively-Upright setup for the middle infielder; hangs back with his prep steps, creating momentum into his fielding position and acceleration into his throws. Good bounce in his step and creates proper angles into the ball. Steady glove as we’ve see in past events. Arm strength has plateaued at 68 MPH at all prior events, showed a bump to 71 MPH (+3 MPH) today. Physical maturity and game experiences are starting to pay dividends.

NY All-Star Games (September 17, 2016)

Exposito stands in at 5-foot-6, 135 pounds with a lean athletic frame. Ran a 8.16 – 60, slightly off his previous recorded time of 8.11 at the Long Island Prospect Preview in August 2016. Offensively- Starts slight open with his feet outside his shoulders. Bent knees with an upright torso and his hands held in front of his shoulders showing little pre-pitch bat movement. On pitch his trigger is movement with his front knee in to shift weight forward on his stride. Hands move back into a good hitting position. Good lower body rotation getting whole body into swing. Hands are quick to the zone with good bat action showing an inside out swing to a high two handed finish. Opposite to middle of the field approach with line drive results.  Recorded an exit velocity of 73 mph, a 3 mph improvement from August 2016. Defensively- Good footwork and approach getting to baseball. Moves well to get in a good fielding position with proper fielding technique funneling up to throwing hand. Aggressive movement towards his target. Fields moving to his left/right and on the run well and under control. Displayed a positional velocity of 68 mph. Improvements each time we see Exposito.

Long Island Prospect Preview (August 8, 2016)

Exposito, an athletic and lean 2019 grad, stands at 5-foot-5 and 135-pounds. He ran a 8.11 60. Offensively-  Begins with a compact base, feet shoulder width apart, slightly crouched with the hands starting in front of the back shoulder. Gets separation with a long front foot stride. Is able to keep the hands back in a strong position, without dropping. Drives the back hip and gets good rotation. The 2019 grad, showed ability to drive the ball creating bat speed with hip rotation. Has an aggressive approach and does not get cheated with his swings. Recorded and exit velocity of 70 MPH. Over the past year, exit velocity has increased 7 MPH, and should continue as he gets bigger and stronger.   Defensively-  Active approach with fluid body movement.  Is able to create his own hop, fielding the ball of the left side of the body. Has the ability to create movement towards the target funneling the ball to the center of the body and transferring quickly with thumbs down creating short arm action. Showed and arm velocity of 61 MPH from shortstop, but at previous events has shown a top arm velocity of 68 MPH. Projects well as a 2B at the next level.

Long Island Preview (February 18, 2016)

Slightly built strong, athletic 5-foot-4 135 lb. middle infielder. Offensively- Hits from a slight crouch, squared up stance with hands slightly elevated above the back shoulder. Gets into a good launch position, using a high leg kick while hands stay fairly quiet. Gets good back hip rotation and keeping the hands behind the rotation helping to create and exit velocity up 7 MPH to 70 MPH from the tee. As he gets bigger and stronger, exit velocity should continue to climb for this young 2019 graduate. Recorded a home to 1st time of 4.89 which was a drastic improvement recorded three weeks earlier at the NY Open ID on January 31st. Defensively- Active approach, funnels the ball into his body with active footwork through his release. High energy defender. Quick release with accurate throws.

NY State Open ID (January 30, 2016)

EJ is a slightly built but athletic 5-foot-4 135 pounds with a good bounce in his step. He ran a 8.59 60 and a 4.99 home-to-1B. Offensively- EJ sets up in a slightly open stance with his hands head height. Loads hands back into a launch position as he strides back to even. Spins through front side at contact which limits ability to have weight transfer through the ball. Stays short into the zone with some moderate extension. Exit velocity was 64 MPH. Line drive results. Defensively- EJ is very active with his prep steps, showing good bounce and working through his groundballs. Uses 2 shuffles into his release. Would like to see him continue immediately into his throwing action but not a major concern. Projects well up the middle and is young enough to improve arm strength (68 MPH) to possibly handle some left side duties.

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