Get To Know: 2018 2B JonJon Conahan (Millbrook Prep)

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Name: JonJon Conahan
High School:
Millbrook Prep
Grad Year:
State Rank:
No. 7
National Rank:
No. 362

PBR: Let's start with your baseball commitment to College of Charleston. Tell us about the process and how you decided on the Cougars? How excited are you to play in the CAA?

The recruitment process as a whole was very exciting. I got a call from Coach Heath in the beginning of September and he told me he loves the way I hit and he wanted to see me a few more times before they could make an offer. After seeing me in the fall I went down to College of Charleston November 22nd received the offer and committed the same day. Charleston felt like home, the city itself is beautiful and the winning tradition that has happened the past few years is something I am really excited about. Coach Heath is a down to earth, hardworking Coach and I fell in love with his coaching style. I cannot wait to play in the CAA and compete for a title all of my four years at CofC.

PBR: Baseball has an unbelievable way of positively shaping young man on and off the field. Tell us one life-lesson you have picked up over the years playing the game, and how that life-lesson may impact you later in life?

Conahan: Baseball has taught me to be thankful for everything I have received and will receive. Baseball has opened so many doors for me and I am so thankful to be able to play the game. The biggest thing I am thankful for that baseball has done for me is receiving a prep school education. Baseball got me an education that I could never get. Baseball has taught me that I have to be grateful for everything, the good and the bad. This will guide me in my life because I will always be grateful and will try my hardest to repay everyone who has helped me. 

PBR: If you were a baseball scout and just watched yourself play, what would that scouting report look like?

Conahan: If I was a scout and I saw myself play I would notice the big leg kick right away, and the fact that I am a very aggressive hitter who is not going to get cheated on any swings. I would also notice that there is room for me to get stronger, which can lead to more power potential.  

PBR: This one is for our strictly baseball-minded readers. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses on the field.

Conahan: My biggest strength is definitely my hitting. I hit with a really big leg kick and do not strike out much which is one of my biggest strengths. Throughout the whole recruiting process all the Coaches first told me that they loved the way I hit. Another strength that many Coaches loved was my versatility, I have played every position, and in college it will be the same way. Something I want to work on is my base running, I want to get better reads and steal more bases. I need to get bigger leads and start to be more aggressive. 

PBR: You can only pick one, but who is your biggest baseball influence and why?

Conahan: My biggest influence is my older brother. My brother has showed me that if you put your mind to something in life you will get it done. He has taught me so much about baseball, and without him I doubt I would ever be playing baseball. We used to have catches and play wiffle-ball all the time when I was younger and he would critique everything I did until I did it right. 

PBR: We are knee-deep into the off-season schedule. Tell us about your training, and spring preparation.

Conahan: Going to a boarding school that is very high on academics, it is tough to always find a ton of time to get work in. However my Coach, Coach Ardnt does everything for us. If we ever want swings he is always the first one to come do stuff for us and he makes sure that we have the tools to succeed. I am in the gym 5 times a week and work on getting faster to get to a 6.6, and strengthening my shoulder to get my velocity to 90. 

PBR: Anyone that plays the game with true passion hopes to leave their own legacy. Tell us how you want to be remembered for playing the game?

Conahan: I want to be remembered as the kid who always played with game with a smile on his face. I want kids to take away that you should always have fun while playing the game you love. I also want to be remembered as the kid who would take a bullet for any of his teammates.

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