Get To Know: 2017 RHP Nick Insognia (Niskayuna HS)

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Nick Insognia Nicholas Insognia
High School: Niskayuna
Grad Year: 2017
Position: RHP
State Rank: No. 19
Commitment: Stony Brook

PBR: Let's start with your baseball commitment to Stony Brook. Tell us about the process and how you decided on the Seawolves? How excited are you to play in the American East Conference?

Insognia: The process all started when my pitching coach I work with, Dennis Healy reached out to Asst. Coach Joe Pennucci about me.  Members of the coaching staff came to a lot of my games and we talked more frequency, which led to a really strong relationship with all the coaches.  They ended up offering me and I took the offer the same day, it felt like such a good fit for me.  I am really excited to be part of the Seawolf family and am looking forward to play in the competitive America East Conference.

PBR: Baseball has an unbelievable way of positively shaping young man on and off the field. Tell us one life-lesson you have picked up over the years playing the game, and how that life-lesson may impact you later in life?

Insognia: A life-lesson I have learn by playing baseball my whole life is to always believe in yourself and have confidence because that’ll take you far, on and off the baseball field.  

PBR: If you were a baseball scout and just watched yourself play, what would that scouting report look like?

Insognia: If I were to give myself a scouting report, I would notice my competitive fire out on the mound and my determination to succeed. I would also note all the hard work I put in and the passion I have for the game of baseball.  

PBR: This one is for our strictly baseball-minded readers. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses on the field.

Insognia: My strengths on the field are definitely the velocity on my fastball, which has been up in the high 80s, low 90s and my devastating breaking ball that has been really successful for me.  Another strength of mine is my power at the plate and being able to use all parts of the field.  A weakness of mine is that I tend to crack under pressure sometimes and end up trying too hard.  That is definitely something I want to work on and try to avoid.

PBR: You can only pick one, but who is your biggest baseball influence and why?

Insognia: Without a doubt my biggest baseball influence is my dad because he has always been out playing catch with me ever since I was a little kid.  He has taught me how to play the game the right way and how to respect the game.  The amount of support I have received from my parents is astonishing, I couldn’t have done all this without them.

PBR: We are knee-deep into the off-season schedule. Tell us about your training, and spring preparation.

Insognia: I lift and condition 5 days a week and hit 2-3 times a week.  The weight room is really important to me because it really helps me to become a better ball player.  I’m going to be starting to throw again next week, which I am really looking forward to.  Then I’ll be working to get back up onto a mound and hopefully have a healthy and fun senior season.

PBR: Anyone that plays the game with true passion hopes to leave their own legacy. Tell us how you want to be remembered for playing the game?

Insognia: I want to be remembered as the guy who gave all he had and busted his butt every day to become a better player.  I also want to be remembered as a good person and leader that someone can look up to.  Most importantly I want to be remembered as a guy who showed a lot of passion and love for the game of baseball.