JUCO Spotlight: SO C/RHP Jean Paul Compres (Sullivan CC)

Dan Cevette
President, New York

As we continue to shape-the-state here in NY, more and more players are benefiting from our platform, including Junior College players. This past October we held two showcase events for the JUCO player, one in ENY and one in WNY. Dozens of those players stood-out, showing their ability to play at the four-year level. Over the course of the next few months we will be highlighting "JUCO Spotlights" on players who really stood-out at a past event. Let's get started.

CEVETTE'S QUICK HIT: Compres stands a lean, athletic 6-foot-1, 190-pounds with signs of more strength gains yet to come. He was impressive behind the plate, wide base with soft hands, catch and throw he's well above average (81 mph arm-strength - 1.96 pop-time). He also was impressive from the mound showing off a live, quick arm with his fastball peaking 89 mph. Still raw but all the tools are there, expect Compres to have a big spring from the Sullivan Generals. 

Preseason Events (NYS GAMES TRIALS)

Preseason All-State - West NY 02/18 Pinnacle Athletic Campus
Preseason All-State - Downstate NY 02/20 House of Sports
Preseason All-State - East NY 02/21 All-Stars Academy
Preseason All-State - Long Island/NYC NY 02/22 Long Island Sports Complex
Preseason All-State - Hudson Valley NY 02/23 SUNY Sullivan / Paul Gerry Fieldhouse