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NYS Games Player Preview: 2018 C Vincent Pecora (Seaford)

Dan Cevette
President, New York

June 25 (evening) through June 26-27 over 200 of the top players in the state will all travel to Binghamton, NY for the 2017 New York State Games. Over the next two months we will highlight some of the players attending this years event through our new feature: NYS Games Player Preview

NYS Games Player Preview

Vincent Pecora

Class of 2018 / C

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2018
  • Primary Position: C
    Secondary Position: SS
  • High School: Seaford
    State: NY
  • Summer Team: Batting 1000 Seminoles
  • Height: 5-9
    Weight: 165lbs
  • Bat/Throw: R/R


1.90 - 1.96
Pop Time
C Velo
Exit Velo

Scouting Report

NY Games (June 25-27, 2017)

Winter Open (February 12, 2017)

Compact 5-foot-9 165 pound catcher who is an above average runner with a 6.68 60 time and an impressive and improved 3.84 deadball home-to-first time. Offensively- Slightly open stance with weight pre-loaded; quiet with barrel as hands go back slightly with a forward stride. Rotational approach from the ground up with a short swing path into the zone; line drive/groundball results through the middle of the field. Exit velocity up a notch from February at 79 MPH. Defensively- Compact setup; elevated back side in secondary position. Efficient with transfer, virtually no gap between hand and glove. Footwork gains ground and is tight to the plate; elevated arm slot, almost over the top. Arm action is short and peak velocity was 74 MPH, up 4 MPH from February. Pop times ranged from 1.90-1.96 (best in February was 2.08); throws were online and with carry. Intriguing player to watch, above average foot speed could lead to some part time OF duties at the next level if the bat plays.

Long Island Preview (February 18, 2016)

Strong right-hand hitting, catcher that stands a solid 5-8 155lbs who ran a 4.03 Home-to-1B time. Offensively- Hits with a toe-to-heel front foot movement which does not create much separation with the front foot and hands to the launch position. Is at times delayed with getting the left heel down, which triggers a front hip activation making it difficult for him to create bat speed and stay through the baseball at contact. With some minor adjustments to the lower half, has the potential to drive the ball into the gaps. Exit velocity was 78 MPH. Defensively- Has a tendency to be a little stiff in the primary stance which locks up the hips and creates unnecessary body movement while the pitch is in flight. Needs to work on receiving, working from underneath the ball, which will create a softer hand positioning and eliminate the elbow being locked when the ball is received. Blocked well and was able to control the ball on errant pitches. Has a quick transfer and showed average arm strength with a throwing velocity of 70 MPH to second base and a pop time of 2.08. If the front foot can get down a bit quicker, pop time will improve and possibly get to a sub 2.00.