Ohio Insider: Winter Showcase Top Performers - Unsigned Senior Edition

By Jordan Chiero and Dylan Hefflinger
Ohio Director of Scouting / Editor in Chief/Scout

Ohio Insider: Winter Showcase Top Performers - Unsigned Senior Edition

Over the winter months, PBR Ohio held numerous showcases across the great Buckeye State. We have seen numerous prospects participate in their first PBR showcases, located prospects that we have never heard of, were impressed by prospects that have improved immensely and everything in between.

It has been a pleasure watching all of these prospects over the months and look forward to seeing these guys improve over the spring and summer months. To view Spring Team Previews, click here.

Below we highlight some of the top unsigned senior performers from the winter showcases. In the near future we will look to bring to you the release of our All-Winter Teams which will include a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and freshman teams.

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Vinny Lucente, RHP

Vinny LucenteName: Vinny Lucente
Position: RHP
State Rank: 24th in Ohio's 2016 Class
High School: Ursuline
Height/Weight: 6-foot-4, 215-pounds

Improvements: Vinny has always been an intriguing prospect with his size and fastball in the mid to upper-80s, however he showed up this winter more of a finished product than we’ve ever seen him. His offspeed has made a big jump from the summer. His curveball is sharper, he has added a slider that has late, sharp break and has developed better feel for a changeup that has run and sink.  

Strengths: His biggest strengths are still his size, fastball, and upside. At 6-foot-4, 215-pounds he is an imposing presence on the mound. His fastball got as high as 89 mph and as low as 85 mph this winter but mostly sat 87-88 with late action. He has come a long way since the summer but still has room to grow. Could be dynamic once he reaches his full potential.

Next Level: He can be used in a variety of ways at the next level. His fastball/slider combo will allow him to be effective against righties immediately which would make him a big asset out of the bullpen as he develops. The wild card will be the development of his changeup. If he can turn it into a pitch he can use in all counts it should immensely improve his effectiveness against lefties which in turn could make him a viable option in the starting rotation.

Scouting Report: 6-foot-4, 215-pound strong, projectable build. Uses a slower tempo delivery that requires some effort and he is able to repeat. Shoulders tilt for leverage. He uses a clean, loose arm action with average arm speed coming through a ¾ slot, finishing with his momentum carrying towards first base side. His fastball sits between 86-88 mph and has touched 89 mph with some cut and sink to it. Secondary pitches continue to improve and are led by a hard, 75-78 mph slider that has sharp break across the plate with good depth. Throws a 75-76 mph power curveball with an 11/5 shape that has sharp, late break to it. Still developing feel for his 76-80 mph changeup that has late life when down in the zone.

Scottie Seymour, SS/RHP

Scottie SeymourName: Scottie Seymour
Position: SS/RHP
State Rank: 82nd in Ohio's 2016 Class
High School: Holland Springfield
Height/Weight: 5-foot-10, 185-pounds

Improvements: Scottie burst on to the scene this winter with several strong performances. Has always been a good athlete but it’s his improvement on the mound that has been impressive. Prior to this winter he had not thrown at any of our events and he came out showing a mid-80s fastball getting as high as 87 mph.

Strengths: Other than his 85-87 mph fastball his biggest strength is his athleticism. He is strong kid that has ran as fast as a 6.82 60-yard dash. Whether you are looking at him as a position player or on the mound his athleticism should make his learning curve faster at the next level.

Next Level: What he brings to the next level is upside. On the mound he has some things to clean up and his offspeed will need to continue to develop. However he is very fluid to go along with his clean arm action which would indicate that any added size and or strength should translate to added velocity. Combine that with his low effort delivery and he profiles as a starter in the rotation at the next level. As a position player he has some work to do but as previously indicated he has tools to work with. Right now he profiles as a 3rd or 2nd baseman at the next level but with his athleticism and arm strength a move to the outfield wouldn’t be out of the question.

Scouting Report: 5-foot-10, 180-pound prospect with a solid, athletic frame. As demonstrated previously, he shows obvious arm strength that has a chance to play at the next level. He was up to 87 mph on this occasion while showing signs of a developing changeup at 72-73 mph and a hard 73-75 mph breaking ball that shows more spin than break at this stage. At the plate he starts with a tall, athletic setup. His swing has some rawness to it but there is a lot of athleticism in there. He uses minimal load to his lower half and a bat tip with his upper half to create whip through the zone. Has much more batspeed than his 84 mph exit velocity indicates. Would benefit from more weight transfer onto his front side. In the field he moved well laterally and was able to field the ball out in front of his body. He threw with 83 mph arm strength across the diamond and ran a 6.91 60-yard dash.

Matt Phipps, C/1B

Matt PhippsName: Matt Phipps
Position: C/1B
State Rank: 129th in Ohio's 2016 Class
High School: Dublin Coffman
Height/Weight: 6-foot-3, 218-pounds

Improvements: Matt has improved in every facet of the game since we had last seen him. He has a better build, faster, stronger and improved skill set. Here is a list of his measurables from the summer to this winter:

  • Pop Time: 2.07-2.12 --> 1.97-2.11
  • C Velocity: 70 mph --> 76 mph
  • Exit Velocity: 92 mph --> 95 mph
  • Home to 1st: 5.00 --> 4.78

Strengths: His biggest strength is he can flat out swing it which is hard to find at the catcher position. He has obvious strength and bat speed to his swing and is able to consistently create backspin to his line drives. He also mechanically sound behind the plate. Has catch and throw skills with registering a top pop time of 1.97.

Next Level: His hit tool should translate to the next level rather quickly. Combine that with being solid behind the plate and the ability to play first base he could crack the lineup early in his career. 

Scouting Report: 6-foot-3, 218-pound strong, athletic build. Strong physical catcher. Quick transfer behind the plate with average arm strength. Pop times ranged from 1.97-2.11, and he threw with 76 mph arm strength to second base. Right handed hitter with raw power. Plus bat speed with a slightly uphill swing. Registered a top exit velocity of 95 mph. Ran a 4.78 from home to first.

Lucas Springer, OF

Lucas SpringerName: Lucas Springer
Position: OF
State Rank: 195th in Ohio's 2016 Class
High School: Anderson
Height/Weight: 5-foot-9, 170-pounds

Improvements: Lucas is another guy who had a very strong winter and showed big improvements since we saw him last summer. All of his measurables have improved and he has more confidence in his game. Here are his improvements from summer to winter:

  • Home to 1st: 4.37 --> 4.10
  • Exit Velocity: 77 mph --> 88 mph
  • OF Velocity: 77 mph --> 82 mph

Strengths: All his tools are average to above average but his biggest strength is he doesn’t have a glaring weakness and all his tools should play in games. Lucas is just a very well rounded player. He is a solid defensive outfielder that takes good routes while getting rid of the ball quickly with adequate arm strength. At the plate he uses a swing with little movement and lets his strength and batspeed go to work.

Next Level: Whoever lands him is going to get a hard-nosed, grinder type ball player. At the next level he profiles as a left fielder as of now with potential to be used at the other two spots. A top of the lineup type guy with potential to hit for high average.

Scouting Report: 5-foot-9, 170-pound strong, athletic build. At the plate the right-handed hitter showed excellent bat speed and a level bat path through the zone. He uses a simple, no stride load and relies on his athleticism and strength to drive the baseball. Registered an exit velocity of 88 mph with more in the tank once he learns to use his lower half in his swing. From the outfield he threw with good carry and was consistently on target with 82 mph on his throws to home plate. Displayed excellent footwork to the ball and was able to get rid of the ball quickly. Ran a 7.0 60 yard dash. One of the top unsigned senior outfielders in his class.

Andrew Wallace, OF

Andrew WallaceName: Andrew Wallace
Position: OF
State Rank: 202nd in Ohio's 2016 Class
High School: Westerville Central
Height/Weight: 6-foot-3, 195-pounds

Improvements: This winter was our first time seeing Andrew and the outfielder impressed.

Strengths: Upside. Andrew has a prototypical build with strength and athleticism and has the frame to put on size. He has some things to clean up at the plate and defensively but the tools are there. His measurables won’t jump out at you but he is far from reaching his ceiling.

Next Level: He is a very functionally athlete. Expect any added size/strength he adds to translate to the field. He has some work to do but if he reaches his potential he profiles as a middle of the order bat and an above average corner outfielder at the next level.

Scouting Report: Physical, athletic build at 6-foot-3, 195-pounds. Has a lot of tools to work with and showed to be one of the top unsigned senior outfielders in the state. At the plate he has obvious strength and bat speed as he gets through the zone on a level path. Uses a simple approach as he takes his hands back during his toe turn load. Would like to see him loosen up at the plate to get his lower half more involved and let his strength and athleticism go to work.  Ball jumped off the bat when he found the barrel and registered a top exit velocity of 79 with much, much more left in the tank. In the outfield he has quick, fluid footwork and plays through the ball well. Improved use of a crow hop would easily improve his 83 mph arm strength to home plate. Ran a 7.16 60-yard dash.

Isaac Hart, RHP

Isaac HartName: Isaac Hart
Position: RHP
State Rank: 208th in Ohio's 2016 Class
High School: Goshen
Height/Weight: 6-foot-1, 185-pounds

Improvements: This winter was our first time seeing Isaac and the righty impressed.

Strengths: Pitchability and upside. Right now Isaac has the ability to throw all three of his pitches for strikes. He was able to command both sides of the plate with his fastball and keep his offspeed down. His arm is loose with some quickness to it but has yet to learn to fully incorporate his lower half in his delivery. Once this happens velocity should increase.

Next Level: As of right now he profiles as a spot starter or long reliever. Stuff isn’t going to jump out at you but he can really pitch. If his velocity continues to increase expect his offspeed to sharpen and he could very well end up in a starting rotation. 

Scouting Report: 6-foot-1, 185-pound prospect with strong, athletic frame. Put together. On the mound, he uses long, quick arm action through an high-¾ to over the top slot. Some effort to his delivery. Lands closed, cutting himself off. Fastball tended to be straight at 83-84 mph. More left in the tank as he cleans up some mechanical issues and improves use of his lower half. Breaking ball showed 12/6 break with some sharpness to it at 67-68 mph while changeup is thrown near fastball arm speed at 70-72 mph. Could easily see jump in velocity and improvement with off-speed pitches as he refines his delivery.

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