Ohio State Commitment 'A Dream Come True' For Karhoff

Bruce Hefflinger
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Ohio State Commitment ‘A Dream Come True’ For Karhoff

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Andrew Karhoff RHP / 1B / Archbishop Hoban, OH / 2025

AKRON - “A dream come true.”

That is how Andrew Karhoff described his commitment to Ohio State.

“I grew up an Ohio State fan going to games there,” Karhoff said. “My parents went there. I’ve always felt at home there. It’s always been my dream school.”

The love for OSU made a college decision for the Hoban sophomore a no-brainer.

“When the new staff was hired, coach See reached out to Jordan,” Karhoff said in reference to Ohio State assistant coach Andrew See and PBR Ohio Director of Scouting Jordan Chiero. “Jordan sent me a text and said to call coach See. A month after I went to a prospect camp and I pitched well. I stayed in contact with them in the fall and I called them right after New Year’s. Coach See said they wanted to extend an offer. A week later they offered and I committed on the phone call.”

The second-rated 2025 right-handed pitcher in Ohio has a lot of upside in the eyes of the OSU coaches.

“They like that I’m a Buckeye through and through,” Karhoff noted. “They said you can’t teach my size.”

There was more about the 6-3 225-pounder that stood out.

“They love where my fastball is at and they love my energy,” Karhoff related. “They feel I can be a Friday night guy.”

A commitment brings a lot of happiness for the 329th-ranked sophomore in the nation after a difficult freshman year of high school.

“I was injured most of last year and missed all the regular season,” Karhoff reflected. “I came back to close games and then was off and on through the summer.”

There was plenty that the 16-year-old learned while missing time on the field.

“It sucks to not play,” Karhoff said. “It showed me how much I really love the game not being able to play when I was hurt. It has just made me work that much harder now so I don’t get hurt again and can pitch at a high level.”

Improvement has come with that strong work ethic.

“Since I got back from my injury I’ve become more of a pitcher than just throwing hard,” Karhoff explained. “I’ve been developing a third pitch, a splitter, and I’m also working on a changeup for a fourth pitch.”

Clemson and Arizona State were other schools Karhoff weighed with West Virginia another college he was considering, although Ohio State was far above the rest when it was all said and done.

“My recruitment was different from others,” the fifth-rated 2025 in the state pointed out. “I knew once I talked to Ohio State that’s where I wanted to go. It was my dream school.”

There was assistance in making it all happen.

“Going to PBRs helped, that’s where coach Allen saw me - at the State Games,” Karhoff said in reference to the OSU recruiting coordinator Sean Allen. “Jordan talked to them about me and that helped.”

It made for an enjoyable recruiting process for the most part.

“I didn’t stress out,” Karhoff said. “Once I was offered I knew it was where I was going to go. It’s my home school, only an hour and 30 minutes from home, so it meant a lot to me.”

The desire to play baseball later in life began in his youth.

“When I was younger I realized I was pretty good at this,” Karhoff reflected. “I was thinking MLB, but then I realized college baseball was a big thing. Once I started playing high-level travel ball I knew this was where I wanted to be and eventually make a career of it.”

There were influences along the way to aid the cause.

“A big part of my development was my dad,” Karhoff noted. “He’s definitely been my number one influence, always going out to throw and swing with me. My pitching coach Lou Kolashy also helped throughout everything to develop me into the pitcher I am today. My grandparents and my mom were also big with supporting me.”

The 84th-rated sophomore in the country, who has not given up on the idea of being a two-way performer at the next level “though more than likely I’ll be a pitcher,” is confident about making an impact in the Big 10 program that “is trending in the right direction” according to Karhoff.

“I’ll bring competitiveness from day one,” Karhoff said. “I’m a guy who cares about the team and will lift teammates up. I want to get Ohio State back to Omaha where it should be. On the mound I’ll come out of the pen and be an out-getter and when the time comes be a starter.”

Sport management or sports business are potential majors for the 3.5 student, who is excited to know Ohio State is his future home.

“It felt like a dream come true and felt good to get out of the way,” Karhoff said of the feelings he had when a commitment was made. “My parents were ecstatic. It was a dream for me but also a dream for them being that they went there. I called my grandparents when I committed and everyone was happy for me.”

Now a Buckeye, there is more to look forward to once the time comes to put on the scarlet-and-gray.

“I just want to compete and play for the Big 10 championship,” Karhoff concluded. “I want to play in the Regional and Super Regional and get to Omaha. Hopefully, the pros after that.”

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