Q and A with 2015 Louisville Commit: Adam Wolf (Edison HS)

Adam WolfAdam Wolf, LHP, Edison HS, Class of 2015

Why did you choose Louisville?

Wolf:  I chose Louisville for academics, the coaches, the baseball facilities, the conference, and the chance to go to the College World Series every year. 

What other schools were you considering?  

Wolf:  There were many Ohio schools that I became very fond of – Kent State, Miami, Cincinnati, and Xavier to name a few. Others with offers were UNC, Indiana, West Virginia, Duke, NC State and Virginia. I was so fortunate to be overwhelmed with these choices.

Where did the coaching staff first see you and how did your relationship develop?

Wolf:   Nashville. Coach Williams travelled to see me pitch the next 4 times, including the East Coast Pro games in Syracuse. We talked on the phone a lot, and then I visited at the end of July. 

This summer you participated in PBR’s Top Prospect Games. How did your performance help in the recruiting process?

Wolf:  It was the first time that I hit 90 on an official gun. I received a lot of e-mails after that.

How does it feel to be part of a Division 1 baseball program?

Wolf:  It is really an honor. It has been a goal of mine for a long time, so it feels great. 

Who did you play for this summer and what was the most memorable experience from this summer?

Wolf:  Ohio Elite Baseball 17U (Noe). Getting to know the players and coaches was a great experience. Playing at the Perfect Game World Series in Atlanta was the highlight of the season and a great bonding opportunity for the team.

What people have had the greatest impact on your baseball career and why?

Wolf:  My dad has always pushed me to get better ever since I was young. I want to give a lot of credit to my pitching coach Dom Rodgers. We’ve been together for the last three years and his belief in me is a big reason for my progress. 

What were your stats this spring season at Edison?  

Wolf:  1.01 ERA/ 56 K’s/ 4 BB’s/ WHIP .60/ 4 and 2 record.

Who were the toughest hitters that you faced in Ohio?

Wolf:  TJ Lake and Evan Lee 

What was the greatest influence in getting the attention that you received?  

Wolf:  Ohio Elite and PBR were the main reasons that I received so much exposure and attention. Ray Noe, my coach, and Chris Valentine, Executive Director of PBR Ohio and Michigan, were awesome. Advice from Sean McCann and JD Heilmann on recruiting was great.

What was the best advice that you received?  

Wolf:  Go to the college that you will feel comfortable with if you didn’t have baseball and go to the baseball program where you like the coaches. Although I had several choices that fit this, Coach Birkbeck at Kent State gave me the best advice - Dream Big. 

What is the most memorable experience from your unofficial visits?

Wolf:  I met so many coaches and had so many awesome visits along the way: The Omaha room at Louisville; seeing Vandy’s locker room; the College World Series ring with the #1 at Kent State; Indiana, Duke and Virginia’s campuses (with an offer to fish at Coach K’s pond!); the “Wolfpack” at NC State and the field at UNC are all amazing memories.