OK Top Senior Games: First Basemen Analysis

Andy Urban
Oklahoma Scouting Director

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PBR OK hosted the third annual Top Senior Games at the beautiful and fully turfed Wendell Simmons Field at the University of Central Oklahoma. Nearly 50 players showcased their skill in front of the PBR OK staff and 15 colleges including 11 jucos, 2 Ds, and a D1.  

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Today, we look at the first basemen from the event. 

Annan Finlay 1B / RHP / Norman North , OK / 2020

Featured a stocky 5-foot-11, 185-pound frame. The right-handed hitter begins from a square, slightly-bent stance with a single bat-wiggle forward from the shoulder. Showed solid rhythm at the plate utilizing a quick toe-tap stride and a straight back load to initiate his swing. Entered the zone with a flat-bat path while hitting to a soft front-side. Found consistent barrels  while recording an 85 mph bat-exit velocity. Ran a 7.90 60-yard dash. The first baseman displayed adequate feel around the bag with a soft, easy glove hand. Utilized a strong lower-half that created momentum on accurate, 80 mph throws across the infield. 

Jared Gay LHP / 1B / Piedmont, OK / 2020

Featured a stocky, filled out 6-foot-1, 205-pound frame. The left-handed hitter starts from a slightly-open, tall stance with hands resting on the shoulder. A leg-kick is used to initiate a short, easy swing into the zone coupled with sink into a strong lower-half. Demonstrated a flat-bat path upon impact while struggling to get extension on the inner half. Recorded an 89 mph bat-exit velocity . Ran a 7.33 60-yard dash showing comfortability in his frame. The first baseman displayed an overall solid feel around the bag with feet that arrived to the baseball consistently and on-time. A strong lower half carried 79 mph accurate throws across the infield. 

William Hoch 1B / LHP / Bishop McGuinness, OK / 2020

The primary first baseman featured a long and physical 6-foot-1, 195 pound frame showing present athleticism. The left-handed hitter begins from an even, slightly bent stance with hands that wiggle high at the ear. A quick toe-tap stride coupled with hands that load straight back initiates a violent swing with present barrel-whip through the zone. Hits into a fluid front side while impacting the ball at a slight uphill angle yielding bat-exit velocities of 92 mph . Demonstrated easy, athletic actions with advanced feel around the bag at first. A soft glove-hand and smooth transfers allowed for 79 mph throws across the infield. Registered a 7.45 60-yard dash. 

Cooper McMurray 1B / LHP / Bishop Kelley , OK / 2020

Kansas commit. The 6-foot-4, 230-pound first baseman displayed an advanced physical frame with the looks of a college football player. The left-handed hitter starts from a tall, open stance with weight shaded towards the backside. Hands wiggle high at the shoulder in a slight, circular motion for rhythm before utilizing a leg-hang to initiate his swing. Hits to a stiff-front side with weight shift while entering the zone with an uphill attack angle. Generated easy backspin and carry  making loud contact with regularity. Registered an impressive 95 mph bat-exit velocity. Recorded a solid 7.25 60-yard dash showing athleticism in his frame. Demonstrated smooth actions around the bag at first with feet that arrived to the ball with consistent rhythm. A soft glove-hand was able to give and take depending on the hop, setting up accurate 77 mph throws across the infield. 

Shea Morrison 1B / LHP / Harrah, OK / 2020

The primary first baseman featured a long 6-foot-3, 195-pound frame with room to fill out. The left-handed hitter starts from a wide, straight up stance with hands high above the shoulder. A short lift-and-replace stride coupled with weight shift forward creates a flat bat-path upon impact. Found consistent barrels  with a repeatable swing yielding 86 mph bat-exit velocities while hitting into a stiff front-side. Displayed long actions around the bag at first with a soft glove hand. Played low to the ground with present range to the glove-side. Registered a 7.62 60-yard dash. 

Cade Parsons 1B / 3B / Yukon, OK / 2020

Featured a 6-foot, 170-pound stocky, physical frame. The right-handed hitter starts from a wide, even stance utilizing a quick toe-tap stride to initiate his swing. Hands start above the shoulder with a smooth bat-wiggle off of the shoulder before load. Displayed a slight uphill attack-angle on impact while hitting into a soft front-side. Registered an 82 mph bat-exit velocity . Recorded a 7.40 60-yard dash. The first-baseman demonstrated adequate feel around the bag with long movements, utilizing a soft glove hand. A long takeaway coupled with a short, high ¾ arm-stroke forward yielded throws of 75 mph across the infield.