2022 Watch List 1.0

Cam Black-Araujo
PBR Canada Scout


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2022 Watch List 1.0 

Cole Iantomasi 3B / 1B / All Saints, ON / 2022

Report: Cole Iantomasi of the Toronto Mets has somewhat flown under the radar over the past year after reclassifying but he was one of the hottest players in Ontario to close out the summer. The bat will be the carrying tool for the 6-foot-1, 195-pound third baseman and he generates bat speed from the right-side. He’s shown the ability to make hard contact in-game and consistently finds the gaps with some juice to the pull-side. The athleticism and mobility at third base have improved over the past couple years and he should have no issues sticking at the hot corner. If Iantomasi carries his late momentum into 2021, he’s a candidate to fly up the rankings from his current spot at No. 34. 


Quinn Tavares RHP / St Martins , ON / 2022

Report: Quinn Tavares, a 5-foot-11, 185-pound right-hander from the Ontario Blue Jays, is an arm we’ve seen several times over the years and he’s continued to trend upwards each time out. It’s not the biggest frame and he won’t immediately jump out at scouts but it’s a quick, efficient arm with minimal effort and he does a lot of things right on the mound. The pitchability is present, location has never been an issue and he sat 84-86 at the New Year Open in January. He can spin the curveball in the low 70s and already shows feel for the changeup. There’s room for added velocity and come spring time, it will be interesting to see if he’s been able to make a leap velocity wise.

Jack Pineau RHP / OF / Hammarskjold HS, ON / 2022

Report: 6-foot-2, 175-pound right-handed pitcher, Jack Pineau, of the Toronto Mets is one of the more underrated arms in the class and is still young as he’s a true 2022. The mechanics are sound on the bump, the arm is quick and long in the back and he does a good job of creating hip shoulder separation. We saw him up to 86 mph in late September and the pitchability was present, showing feel for multiple pitches and he impressed against relatively older competition. There’s depth on the curveball with 11-5 shape and he doesn’t hang it often. Pineau does a lot of things right and his stock should continue to trend upwards. 

Taeg Gollert RHP / SS / Humberside, ON / 2022

Report: Gollert is someone we got a good look at last September and he didn't disappoint. On the mound, he worked with fastball / changeup combo and was very effective, showing feel for strike zone while there was life to the heater out the hand. He moves well on the mound and has a chance to really come out in 2021 and make a statement. Don't sleep on the bat either as the swing has present strength and bat speed to it while the hand eye is there to make a lot of hard contact. 


Nolan Hartley SS / RHP / Maxwell Heights, ON / 2022

Report: Hartley made an impression at the Oshawa scout day this year and really caught our attention with the glove. He plays with confidence at shortstop and has the softness to match the arm strength and be a solid defender in the six hole. At the plate, Hartley is stronger and more physical which has added more bat speed to his game and allow him to work gap to gap. There is more in the tank here and we like the way he plays the game and has actions that speak to him making another jump this winter. 


Evan Burns 2B / 3B / RMC , ON / 2021

Report: Burns is an interesting left-handed hitter out of London and has made strides every time we've seen him. As he continues to add strength and size to his frame, it will really play into his game, and more so the bat. There is looseness in the hands and Burns will use the whole field. He showed confidence in the field with his glove and the ability to sync up the lower half will be key for Burns as he looks to remain on the left side. There is athleticism to work with and the 60 time will get better as the strength comes as well. 


Jackson Soucie LHP / 1B / St. Benedicts CSS, ON / 2022

Report: Jackson Soucie is an interesting name on this list because he’s not only an efficient, 6-foot-4, 210-pound left-hander with upside, but he can swing it from the left-side with authority as well. Soucie is athletic on the mound and controls his body well for his size, allowing him to repeat his delivery. He sat 83-86 at the Future Games Trials back in August and sharpening his offspeed arsenal will be what takes his game to the next level. Offensively, he stays balanced throughout his swing and keeps the head still through contact. It’s an aggressive swing that generates loud contact and despite the lack of in-game looks at his bat, there’s no doubt he can impact a game on both sides of the ball.