Jr. Future Games Trials: Sattz's Standouts

Ryan Sattz
Intern, PBR Canada

On Friday, Feb. 18th, we got our showcase season underway with the Jr. Future Games Trials  hosted by The Athlete Matrix, home of the Ontario Blue Jays. Our staff got a look at 2025s, 2026s and 2027s looking to compete for Team Canada at the Jr. Future Games this summer at Lakepoint. 

Not only did the event have our entire scouting staff in attendance, as well as our partner Mizuno, we also had all of our state-of-the-art technology on-site. 

Today, our post event coverage as scouting intern Ryan Sattz breaks down five players who stood out on Friday. 

2025 OF John Hughes
Hughes, a 5-foot-11, 170-pounds uncommitted 2025 outfielder for the Ontario Blue Jays was a standout at the Junior Future Game Trials throughout the whole day. In the outfield Hughes showed a long live arm with good carry on his ball. He got his body behind all his throws with a quick first step. At the plate Hughes had a loud round with barrels throughout it. Had a really twitchy swing with an aggressive lower half and quick hands. Hughes had one of the highest exit velos topping 91Mph on the day. With a built body that is still growing Hughes will be an interesting name to follow.

2027 RHP/1B Alex Landry
Landry, a 5-foot-11 155-pounds uncommitted 2027 RHP/1B for the Scarborough Stingers turned a lot of heads on the day. At first Landry has good size and quickness for the position, really picked it and definitely has the ability to be a wall at first. At the plate Landry had a lot of loud barrels throughout the round, sprayed the ball to all parts of the field. The setup was smooth and relaxed, and stayed loaded with good plate coverage. On the mound Landry showed a 3-pitch mix and pounded strikes throughout his bullpen. Had good leg extension behind his pitches with a smooth tempo to his delivery.

2025 SS/RHP DJ Mazzaferro
Report: Mazzaferro, a 5-foot-10, 140-pound uncommitted 2025 SS/RHP for the Ontario Prospects showed a lot of upside on both sides of the field. In the infield the feet moved well with a long loose arm and good carry on his throws. At the plate the hands are quick and aggressive, and doesn’t get cheated. Lived mostly pull side on his round with an exit velo topping 85Mph. On the mound Mazzaferro impressed with good command on all his pitches. Fastball will attack hitters living low in the zone, the curveball was tight and had good depth on it and a changeup that showed some arm side run to it. Will be a name to watch as the body continues to fill out. 

2027 SS/RHP Robert Omidi
Report: Omidi, a 5-foot-10 160-pound 2027 uncommitted SS/RHP for the Ontario Royals was one of the more impressive arms on the day. At the plate Omidi had a smooth, relaxed swing with good loft on his hits. The bat really whipped through the zone, the lower half stood out with good extension on his legs. On the mound the arm was smooth and aggressive coming out at a ¾ arm slot. All his pitches were repeated out of the same arm slot, slider stood out with a sharp break to it. Definity will be a nightmare for hitters to face this coming season.  

2025 SS/RHP Jonah Cukierski
Report: Cukierski, a 5-foot-9, 140-pound uncommitted 2025 SS/RHP out of Bulletproof Prospects was one of the more impressive players on the day. In the infield Cukierski stood out with his smooth relaxed feet and a live arm behind his throws, stayed in his legs well with a good transfer out of his glove. Had the highest infield velo on the day at 76Mph. At the plate the swing was aggressive and looked to drive line drives up the middle. Lots of fast twitch muscles going on his swing. Can definitely see the body filling out more and being a player to watch in the class of 2025.