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PBR Canada Staff
PBR Ontario Scouting Staff

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Ontario Senior Scout Blog

Here with PBR Canada, we are looking to bring an emphasis on the available uncommitted talent we have in the country, and more so Ontario.

With the stoppage the sport world has seen and senior season’s up in the air, we will be at the front of leading the charge and make sure our guys have a fighting chance.

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For now,  take a look at these four position players who are Ontario seniors you need to know about.

Justin Carinci SS / 2B / Pickering, ON / 2020

Report: An athletic middle infielder with speed and contact oriented approach while being able to still work gap to gap and drive balls for extra bases. There is bounce and agility in the lower half, can steal bases and also made a nice transition to centre-field in fall for a few innings where it looked easy and natural. One of the top uncommitted players in the country.

Ayden Wood OF / LHP / Courtice, ON / 2020

Report: Left on left two-way athlete with a fastball that has been up to 87 mph this February and ability to spin the CB while there is some twitch and bat speed at the plate while playing a solid outfield and being an above average runner with 60 times in the 6.60-6.70 range. It’s an athletic body with present wiry strength and high ceiling with Wood.

Tanner Dawe RHP / AB Lucas, ON / 2020

Report: Dawe is a big, strong right-hander from the Great Lakes Canadians who stands at 6-foot-2, 207-pounds and he showed well on the mound this summer. He was up to 88 when we watched him in May and was getting swings and misses on the fastball. Fastball will sit comfortably in the mid-80s and the slider sits around 73-75 and there’s feel for the pitch. The velo should continue to tick up and with some more bite on his slider, Dawe could be due for a bigger summer with Great Lakes.

Ryan Kush RHP / 2B / John F. Ross, ON / 2020

Report: Kush, a 5-foot-10, 145-pound infielder/right-handed pitcher, is a two-way guy to keep close tabs on. Left-handed hitter, it’s a short and compact swing with bat-to-ball ability. He handles the bat and is also a sound defender with clean footwork and glove actions. Strike thrower on the mound, mixes his pitches, locates all three. Chance to continue on both ends.

Devin DeCaluwe RHP / RHP / Essex District, ON / 2020

Report: Big and strong 6-foot-5 righty out of Windsor, DeCaluwe finished off the year strong at the Windsor scout day in the cold, flashing a downward curveball with depth and near 12/6 shape and fastball that is 84-85 and has been up to 87 mph. The body continues to improve and he has been able to repeat and clean up his delivery, becoming stronger while still room to add strength and add athleticism. Lots of upside here with DeCaluwe, definite name to know and be on.

Kieran Pook OF / OF / ST Thomas Aquinas, ON / 2020

Report: Pook is a toolsy 5-foot-11, 160-pound outfielder from Great Lakes who has shown well in live game action. Pook ran 6.70 at T12 in September and covers ground in the outfield with an arm that’s been up to 84 and should easily surpass that this year. At the plate, it’s a closed stance from the right-side and he’s been able to find barrels in game. He produces hard contact and an exit velocity of 88 but should be able to tap into some power as he continues to grow and add some weight. Despite a tough showing with the bat at T12, Pook had a strong summer and is one of the top uncommitted outfielders in the province.

Jake Bucovetsky OF / RHP / Northern Secoundary school, ON / 2020

Report: Bucovetsky, is a 6-foot, 190-pound left-handed hitting outfielder. At the plate, it’s a smooth stroke with an upward path and extension through the hitting zone. There’s strength, and when he gets out front, he has the ability to drive the baseball. He holds his own in the outfield, and can easily be slotted into a corner spot. He’s a bat-first player, who should be a contributor at the next level.

Kevin Millar RHP / Christ the King, ON / 2020

Report: Millar, an imposing 6-foot-8, 235-pound right-handed pitcher is an imposing arm for the Ontario Blue Jays. He works from a high ¾ slot, utilizing his leverage and coming downhill. He sits in the 80-85 range, with a 12/6 roundhouse-type curveball. Millar is a senior to follow closely going forward.

Cameron Lugtenburg OF / RHP / St. Stephens Catholic School, ON / 2020

Report: Lugtenburg, is a senior listed at 5-foot-11, 160-pounds with plenty of room to add strength to an athletic frame. He has impressed this winter as he has improved his game in multiple facets. At the plate, it’s a left-handed swing with bat speed that gets on plane, and has played in-game in the past. He’ll tap into some power on occasion, but it’s more so double power as of right now. In the outfield, he goes after balls with good routes and aggression, and has been up to 93 on throws. He’s also a 7.25 60-runner. Can pitch as well, and in the past has been in the low-80’s. Would be a good get for a school, and is someone who will continue to get better on campus.

Josh Evans SS / 1B / Villanova, ON / 2020

Report: Evans, an outfielder for the Windsor Selects impressed in the fall, having made huge strides since we saw him last. It’s a 6-foot-3, 180-pound frame with long legs, and athleticism. At the plate, his bat path works short to the ball with some quickness and power output. He will benefit with some cleaning up of his lower half, and improving his timing mechanism, but these should be easy adjustments to make. He’s a 7.12 runner who has been up to 80 mph from the outfield. There’s a lot to like about Evans, and there’s plenty of upside left.

Joel Suraganan SS / 2B / Dunbarton, ON / 2020

Report: Suraganan is a middle infielder who has really made strides over the last year. He’s starting to grow into his body and gain strength, the hands and feet work well defensively and the actions and arm play from the left side. There is some looseness and twitch in the swing while the grades and work ethic are both bit-time intangibles that he brings along with the tools and skill he has.

Brad Edwards OF / SS / Huron Heights, ON / 2020

Report: He’s physical with present strength with the ability to run and generates bat speed at the plate. The actions and arm work in the outfield and Edwards is a guy who is going to improve with a chance to put up some decent numbers at the next level if he gets reps and at-bats.

Cameron Lugtenburg OF / RHP / St. Stephens Catholic School, ON / 2020

Report: Was easily one of the big winners of our New Year Open and we are disappointed we didn’t get to see in Florida for our Spring Training. There is lots to like, it’s a left-handed bat with some whip through the zone, Lugtenburg runs well and can play all three outfield positions with the arm to go along for right-field with velocity of 92 mph in February and 93 exit velo.

Glenn Noronha OF / 2B / St. Aloysius Gonzaga, ON / 2020

Report: Noronha has always been a player we’ve liked as it’s a left-handed leadoff type of bat who can play centre-field and give you enough hit and speed combination to be someone who can steal bags, play a premium position in centre while being a guy who cross home plate a lot as he can move the barrel around with a contact oriented approach.