Oregon Line-Drive Leaders - NW Pre-Season Invite (Upperclass)

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Last week at the Northwest Pre-Season ID we had a look at over 300 prospects between the 2021 and 2025 grad classes. 

We've already released our statistical leaders and taken a look at some of the impressive metrics that were posted. 

Upperclass Hitting / Upperclass Pitching

Underclass Hitting / Underclass Pitching

Continuing our coverage tonight with a group of 10 prospects in the Upperclass session that stood out for their consistent and professional BP. The group below were towards the top in line-drive % across their rounds and put together impressive spray charts. Regardless of whether you're old school or new school, being able to produce line-drive contact and spray contact to all parts of the field will always have a place in the game. 

Although we might be indoors, using the Trackman portable B1 unit allows us to look at spray charts and contact info post-event. Helping create a comprehensive understanding of how a player performed. For graphics and visual charts on the following players, visit our Instagram


UPPERCLASS ('21-'22)

Max Bledy 3B / C / Wilsonville, OR / 2022

One of the top all around players in the ‘22 class. Bledy has tools that can impact the game in a lot of ways. Runs well, has defensive versatility and is a physically imposing presence in the box. Exit velocity has climbed each time across 3 straight events and peaked at 94.70 most recently. The short, compact swing helps him stay behind the ball and spray line-drive contact from gap-to-gap.

Michael Brannon 3B / OF / Lakeridge, OR / 2021

Some of the best raw power and bat speed in the ‘21 class. Brannon put on an absolute show during BP. His line drives AVERAGED an exit velocity of 93.9 and peaked at 99.1. His bat speed ranged from 74 - 80 mph. Overall, there’s tremendous strength at the point of contact and his 6’2 frame helps him create consistent leverage to get the ball in the air.

Tanner Douglas LHP / 1B / South Medford , OR / 2022

Tall, lanky and lean. Douglas has a ton of length and leverage in his frame and a wide build that should allow him to carry more mass easily. At the plate, stays tall with an upright stance and a wide hitting base. Uses a knee-knock type load as hands drift down and back. The swing metrics show an on-plane barrel and exceptional rotation power. Peppered the middle of the diamond with line-drives and has significant potential left to tap into.

Nicholas Holm 3B / 1B / Clackamas , OR / 2022

A consistent offensive presence with a track record of getting it done with the bat in competition. Holm is starting to add more power to go along with his contact ability. Not only did he work the gaps throughout BP on this look, but showed impressive power driving the ball with an avg EX at 89.44 and a new peak of 96.95. The "hitterish" actions and feel continue to show up and Holm looks poised for a productive '21 season. 

Evan Holman C / SS / North Marion , OR / 2022

Maximized the value of his switch hitting ability and worked to the middle of the field from both sides of the plate. As with most switch prospects, the RH swing is a bit more level and direct while he flashes slightly more loft from the left side. Both set ups are rather similar with an upright stance and high hand placement prior to a low leg lift and lengthy stride. Likely to tap into more power as he continues to fill out and get stronger.

Kellen Krebs SS / 2B / Lake Oswego, OR / 2022

At 81.8% line drives across his 2 rounds of BP, Krebs had one of the most consistent and productive showings on the day. Stayed on time and drove the ball to the middle of the field on a line. Hands stay below his rear shoulder with loose, relaxed rhythm and stay tight to his posture. Stays tall in his lower half and keeps weight behind the ball at contact. Finishes with a smooth uphill finish.

Connor Mansfield SS / 2B / Ida B. Wells, OR / 2022

Smooth and easy swing from the left-side of the plate. Mansfield posted a quality spray chart with a majority of his contact staying between the gaps in the middle of the field. With a slightly open stance and leg-kick load, he maintains balance into his landing and shows adjustability with his barrel. Holds posture with full rotation from his lower half & a more level 2-handed finish.

Nathan Marshall SS / RHP / West Albany , OR / 2022

Strong and athletically built at 6-foot-2, Marshall showed added physicality that resulted in harder contact and more bat speed at the dish. Approach wise, he lets the ball get into the hitting zone and showed confidence working to his back-side gap. Barrel works mostly to the middle of the field and avoids getting pull-happy or casting out & getting around the ball. Stays tall at contact with a strong front side. 

Danner Salisbury SS / 2B / Stayton , OR / 2021

Salisbury maximizes his ability to spray contact from line to line with a level, consistent swing that averages around 75-76% on-plane efficiency (target goal is 60%) via Blast data. His peak exit velo and bat speed both improved from our look in June over the summer. With short levers and a compact frame, he keeps consistent barrel control and works quickly to the ball. Most line-drive contact went to pull-side gap with backspin.

Chase Terry SS / RHP / Mountain View, OR / 2022

Simple, balanced and under control. Terry has a mature, contact approach at the plate & sprays the ball based on where it’s pitched. Uses the whole field with a level bat path and stable lower half. Stays in his legs while his hands shift down and back to get his swing on plane. Works to the inside of the baseball and keeps head down thru contact.