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2018 Preseason All-State Showcase Analysis: Class of 2019 Pitcher Onlys

Greg Williams
Pennsylvania Director of Scouting

94 prospects showcased their abilities over the two days of the 2018 Preseason All-State Showcase. 
Today we conclude our analysis of the prospects in attendance by taking a look at pitcher onlys in the Class of 2019.

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Class of 2019 Pitcher Onlys (in alphabetical order)

Tripp Breen, 2019, RHP, South Williamsport
5-foot-11, 180-pound right-hander sat 81 to 84 from from a long arm, 3/4 arm slot. Fastball displayed sink and some arm side run. Also commanded a changeup at a slightly slower arm speed with similar sink and run at 70-73. Split finger is a college ready pitch at 70-72 with significant late downward movement. Repeatable mechanics and a solid frame with room to fill out projects fro additional velocity yet to come.

Jake Crawford, 2019, RHP, Spring-Ford
5-foot-11, 180-pound right-hander sat 78-82 from an over-the-top arm slot with balanced, repeatable mechanics while staying directional to the plate. Curveball showed tight 12/6 rotation at 67-72 with hard down action. Changeup is thrown at near fastball arm speed with minimal sink and arm side run at 73-76. Also commanded a slider at 72-73 with cutter action. Physical frame with room for additional strength moving forward.

Cameron Czerwinski, 2019, RHP, Red Lion
5-foot-11, 170-pound right-hander sat 81-85 from a high 3/4 arm slot. Delivery shows fluid rhythm and is well balanced with hip coil for deception. Fastball displayed arm side run. Curveball showed 11/5 shape at 67-69 with some two-plane depth while slider has late, tight break at 73-75. Changeup is a quality fourth offering at 75-77 thrown with good sell. Good feel for all four pitches with athletic frame that project for more velocity to come.

Anthony Giordano, 2019, LHP, Archbishop Ryan
5-foot-9, 190-pound left-hander sat 78-80 from a high 3/4 arm slot with a compact, balanced delivery. Slider shows tight, late break at 69-71. Changeup is thrown at fastball arm speed at 72-75. Initiates delivery with a short side rocker step and gets to a consistent release point gathering over the rubber. Arm action is long in the back with good extension out front.

Carter Heller, 2019, RHP, Faith Christian Academy
5-foot-11, 170-pound right-hander has previously showcased as a two-way prospect, but has recently concentrated his efforts on the mound while seeing a significant velocity jump. On this date he sat 83-87 from a high 3/4 arm slot with hip coil to his delivery. Up tempo delivery with a lot of moving parts results in some fall to the first base side. Curveball showed late 11/5 break at 66-69. Changeup is thrown at near fastball arm speed at 72-74. Definite follow moving forward. Will need to find similar velocity with rhythm that is less than the current max effort displayed.

Alex Kitko, 2019, RHP, Moshannon Valley
6-foot, 145-pound right-hander sat 81-84 from a high 3/4 arm slot with an easy, repeatable delivery. Fastball showed two-seam run with solid command out of the wind up and stretch. Curveball showed short 12/6 break at 72-74 at its best. Changeup is thrown with good sell at 74-76 with some sink. Long, athletic frame with room to add strength with additional velocity likely in the near future.

Andrew Kleppinger, 2019, RHP, Neshaminy
6-foot, 165-pound right-hander sat 74-76 out of a 3/4 arm slot. Delivery includes a pronounced side rocker step into a high knee stack with a short arm circle takeaway. Curveball showed slider action with 9/3 rotation at 68-72. Split changeup sat 69-72 with minimal downward action. Long, lean frame has plenty of room for added strength. Some hip coil in stack position allows added deception. Struggled with command of fastball on this date.

Noah Miller, 2019, RHP, Susquehannock
6-foot-1, 150-pound right-hander sat 79-81 from a 3/4 arm slot with arm side run and sink to his fastball. Long, lanky frame with plenty of room to add strength. Delivery is deliberate and balanced with more in the tank. Curveball showed rolling 11/5 shape at 67-71. Changeup is a quality third pitch thrown with good sell and some sink at 72-74.

Zane Robbins, 2019, RHP, Millville
6-foot-4, 225-pound right-hander with a physical frame sat 82-84 from an over-the-top arm slot with a deliberate, balanced delivery. Arm action is long in back and long out front. Increased tempo moving forward will likely lead to velocity spikes. Knuckle curve is a quality second offering with tight 12/6 rotation sitting 72-73. Changeup is thrown at fastball arm speed with little movement at 69-72. Definite follow in this class with the potential to make significant strides in a short amount of time.

Joe Valenti, 2019, LHP, North Penn
5-foot-10, 140-pound left-hander sat 74-77 out of a 3/4 arm slot with arm side run to his fastball. Controlled, balanced delivery with good tempo. Arm action is short in the back with a hook with good extension in front. Stays directional throughout. Curveball showed 1/7 rotation at 63-65 while slider has later, shorter break at 66-68. Changeup is thrown with good sell at 69-72. Displayed above average feel for all four pitches. Frame has plenty of room to add strength moving forward.

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