Prep Baseball Report

Western PA Summer Review: Class of 2020 Analysis

By Dan Williams
Pennsylvania Assistant Director of Scouting

Western PA Top Prospect Games - INVITE ONLY

The summer rush of PBR events in Pennsylvania continued this week with the 2017 Western PA Summer Review on June 20. 32 prospects from Pennsylvania gathered for a showcase and a 9-inning game at Kelly Automotive Park home of the Butler Blue Sox. Today we begin our analysis of the prospects in attendance by taking a look at those who participated from the Class of 2020.

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Top Prospects

Andrew BokulichAndrew Bokulich, 2020, Deer Lakes,C/3B 
5-foot-8 140-pound right-handed hitter Bokulich shows athletic actions both behind the dish and at the plate. While his 77 mph bat exit velocity does not jump off the page there is a lot to like about the mechanics of the sophomore to be's swing.  Strength gains should allow the swing to consistently play.  Defensively, Bokulich demonstrated above average lateral movement, clean transfers and solid foot work achieving a 2.18 pop time.  Again mechanics suggest marked improvement in association with physical maturation.

Brett BeithBrett Beith, 2020, Lakeview, OF/LHP
6-foot, 150-pound left-handed hitter Beith sets up square with narrow base and initiates swing with short knee to knee leg kick and stride.  Hands are loose and quick with direct path to baseball.  Bat is on plane throughout hitting zone allowing good plate coverage and ability to use all fields. Beith was consistently on time in a solid round of BP that saw him spray line drives to all fields.  Contact skills should allow 7.07 sixty yard-dash speed to play.  His bat exit velocity of 79 mph should improve with strength gains. He may benefit from widening his set up allowing greater separation.

Defensively, flashed athletic actions staying behind baseball and catching it at it's height.  May benefit from a higher arm slot in preventing tail on throws.  Arm strength of 79 mph from outfield should improve with physical maturation.

Remainder of roster (in alphabetical order)

Trevor Gladin, 2020, Cranberry Area,  3B/SS
5-foot-11, 155-pound right-handed hitter initiates swing with short stride.  Load is controlled and achieves good separation in demonstrating bat exit velocity of 80 mph.  Gladin also flashed balanced approach with quick, direct hands to the baseball.  He was able to make swing play in BP barreling balls to all fields.

Defensively, showed ability to get around the baseball when needed.  Transfers were clean, however, could benefit from being more aggressive attacking ball and playing through.  Arm strength may facilitate move to right side of infield.

Andrew Harris, 2020, Oil City Area, SS/RHP
5-foot-11, 130-pound right-handed hitter shows developing athletic actions running 7.02 sixty and achieving 78 mph bat exit velocity.  Starts from square set up and initiates swing with short knee to knee leg kick.  There is some backside collapse resulting in uphill swing plane and difficulty covering away.  Harris did demonstrate good feel for barrel.  He would benefit from more aggressive use of lower half and maintenance of posture throughout swing.

Defensively, moves athletically. Demonstrates clean transfer.  Would benefit from fielding ball out in front and from bottom up more consistently.

On the mound Harris pitching out of a high 3/4 arm slot sat 77-78 with FB. There was some subtle arm side run.  Delivery is repeatable and achieves consistent solid balance point.  There is some flail in cocking.  Harris would benefit from more aggressive use of his lower half in transferring weight to front side.

Colton Hutchison, 2020, OF/RHP, Karns City HS
5-foot-8, 140 pound right-handed hitter initiates swing with short stride,  There was some back side collapse with tendency to spin off.  Would benefit from more aggressive weight transfer.  Athleticism should allow Hutchison to make necessary changes.

Defensively, There was good arm strength for class as demonstrated by 80 mph throw from outfield. Hutchinson showed athletic movements while staying behind ball and exhibiting sound footwork and weight transfer on throws.

Cameron Panyko Morris, 2020, West Allegheny, OF
5-foot-11, 150 pound right-handed hitter initiates swing with short stride.  Slow controlled load is noted with subsequent adequate separation.  There is a good balance and a direct path to the baseball in achieving a 76 mph exit velocity. Mechanics overall are sound would benefit from more aggressive use of lower half and finish.

Defensively, catches ball at it's height.  Stays behind ball with solid transfer, footwork and weight shift on throws of 77 mph from OF. Would benefit from being more decisive in reads.

Colby Rybak, 2020, Oil City Area,SS/RHP
5-foot-10, 150-pound right-handed hitter.  Initiates swing from square set up with short stride.  Hands tend to drop in load limiting separation and creating uphill swing path.  Rybak was able to make swing play in BP barreling a number of balls.  He would benefit from working hands and elbow up and back in load.

Defensively, a clean transfer with solid footwork following playing ball is present.  Would benefit from playing lower and more aggressively through the ball.

Brandon Sicheri, 2020, St Mary's
5-foot-7 130-pound right handed hitter initiates swing with knee to knee leg kick.  Achieves good separation with ability to aggressively step away from hands in achieving 78 mph bat exit velocity. Excellent feel for barrel with ability to cover whole plate.  Showed comfort in letting ball travel. Expect considerable gains in bat speed with coming strength gains.

Defensively flashed arm strength of 78 mph from OF while running 7.22 sixty.  Demonstrated ability to stay behind baseball and take direct angles. Throwing and transfer mechanics are sound.  Overall instinctive tendencies were observed.  Again arm strength gains are expected with physical maturation.

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