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PNW Spotlight - Uncommitted 2024 INF

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

As we continue to prepare for the 2023 season, we're looking back at uncommitted prospects who impressed throughout last season and look ready for big performances in the spring

Today we focus on a group of 5 uncommitted INF prospects across both Washington and Oregon

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pnw spotlight

uncommitted 2024 Infielders

Tyler Jones SS / RHP / Woodinville , WA / 2024

6’2, 195 lbs. Strong framed with an athletic build. Offensively, Jones starts with a wide, balanced stance just narrowly open to the pitcher. Loose, active hands prior to load. Uses a push back move with hands during forward stride then lands in an athletic base. Easy swing with a flat path into contact and slight uphill finish. Manipulates barrel easily with ability to spray contact to all fields. Hits with leverage and has more power on the way. Defensively, athletic mover with quick feet and clean actions. Works around the ball then aggressively comes through the play and right into throwing motion with rhythm. Funnels ball in front a wide base with low hip hinge that keeps chest over the ball. Loose, whippy arm with a ¾ slot and ability to manipulate slot when working up the middle.

Christopher Parkin SS / RHP / Columbia River, WA / 2024

Strong, stocky build at 6’0, 185 lbs. Sets up with an open lower half and relaxed, upright stance. Loose hand with slight rhythm, movement. Slow, controlled load onto backside then a short forward stride. Hands use a short push back load. Fluid swing with easy barrel action into contact. Hands control the barrel. Stays connected with strength at point of contact. ‘Hitterish’ actions in the box. Defensively, worked out at both OF and SS. Runs well enough with the athleticism to handle multiple positions. In the OF, shows long, easy stride and comes through the ball with solid tempo with high ¾ release. At SS, has quick, active feet with reliable body control. Moves well laterally and controls a confident glove hand. Shows some burst with first step. Short arm action from ¾ slot. 

Gunnar Pedersen SS / 2B / Westview, OR / 2024

6’1, 160 lbs with a wide upper half  and projectable frame. At the plate, starts open with some bend in the lower half and an upright stance. Low, relaxed hands in set-up. Stays tall with a short leg lift as hands stretch up & back with a tight load. Levers stay short, compact in swing with barrel consistently inside of the ball. Gap to gap power with quality plate coverage and bat to ball skills. Strong front side at contact. At SS, moves easily with steady, consistent tempo and a natural feel for the speed of the play. Feet stay underneath him then he comes through the ball with momentum/rhythm into the throw. Soft glove hand with a fluid exchange. Plays low for a taller INF prospect. High, tight arm action with a ¾ release and compact motion. Has the versatility to handle multiple INF spots.

Frankie Rutigliano SS / 2B / North Medford, OR / 2024

Lean, athletic build with wiry strength at 6’0, 150. At the plate, starts narrow with lower half slightly closed off and tall posture. Hands above rear shoulder to start then use a tight, subtle scap load as he takes forward stride. Hands work down to the ball and create flat path through the zone. Worked mostly middle of the field with consistent line drive contact. Stays tall with leverage as he rotates through the ball with a balanced finish. Low, athletic pre-pitch set up on defense. Stays down on the ball with loose hips and a hip hinge at the waist. Glove hand receives ball just to the left side of stance & allows for a smooth transition into the throw. Glove tap exchange into tight arm action with ¾ release. Easy carry out of hand with accuracy across the diamond.

Talan Zenk SS / OF / Mountlake Terrace , WA / 2024

5'10, 170 lbs, average build with athletic frame. In the box, sets up tall with an open stance and hands loaded above rear shoulder. Upright posture. Closes off with a toe tap into forward stride and slight hip hinge. Short, quick load with the hands as he gets into landing. Keeps flexion in levers and rotates easily into contact. Line drive approach with enough lift for gap to gap power.. Consistent, quality contact with strong avg. EVs numbers to all fields. Defensively, starts in a wide base as ball approaches. Opens up to his glove side and allows ball to travel into his left hip so he can keep momentum behind the ball and then work thru the play. Soft glove hand while receiving with a consistent exchange. Actions sync up well & he shows consistent rhythm. Arm action stays short & tight with a high 3/4 release.



Seattle Preseason ID (SOLD OUT) WA 01/28 EL1 Sports - Puyallup, WA
Super 60 Pro Showcase NATIONAL 02/05 The MAX - McCook, IL
Pacific Northwest Preseason ID WA 02/05 NW Sports Hub - Centralia, WA
Central Washington Preseason ID WA 02/11 The SIX Athletic Training Facility - Moses Lake, WA
Seattle Preseason ID - Session 2 WA 02/18 EL1 Sports - Puyallup, WA
2022 Scout Day - Baden Baseball WA 02/20 EL1 Tacoma
Pacific Northwest Preseason All-State (Invite-Only) WA 02/21 NW Sports Hub - Centralia, WA
Oregon Preseason ID WA 02/25 PK Park - Eugene, OR
Portland Rising Stars ID WA 03/05 Sherwood High School - Sherwood, OR
Hillsboro Rising Stars ID WA 04/08 Field in the Forst - Hillsboro, OR
Boise Rising Stars ID WA 05/07 Capital High School - Boise, ID




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