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Uncommitted 2022 Middle Infielders: 9 Names to Know

Colton Provey
Tennessee Scouting Director

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Bryson Rollins, SS/RHP, Elizabethton, 2022
6-foot, 195-pound two-sport athlete with great athleticism and strength. He starred for Cyclone football at QB leading them to two state titles and a runner-up finish in 2021. He posted 3,000 yards between the air and ground with 43 touchdowns this past fall. On the diamond, he’s a legit two-way prospect as a SS and RHP. Simple, compact stroke at the dish with gap power and strings together quality at bats. Good actions up the middle with plenty of arm strength to stay on the left side. One look at him on the mound last Spring, struggled with the zone, but an easy 85-88, T89. He’s drawn interest in both sports as an exceptional athlete and proven leader, but he’s got legit upside as one of the top uncommitted baseball prospects. 


Parker Wyatt, 2B/RHP, Grace Christian Academy, 2022
6-foot-1, 180-pound utilityman with good athleticism and versatility. Lean frame with some projection and present strength. Wyatt is well-rounded as a good runner (6.85 sixty), 86 position velo, and is a sufficient defender at 2B and the corner OF spots. At the plate, balanced, slightly crouched stance with short load and small leg kick. He’s got above average bat speed and gets the barrel on plane early and often allowing him to spray it around the yard (T 90.8 exit; Avg: 82.8 mph). Defensively will see more time in the OF this Spring, but has consistent footwork and good hands leading to multiple pathways to the field. On the mound, served as a crucial relief arm last Spring and continued to improve throughout 2021. FB ticked up to 84-87 (T 2288 rpm; Avg: 2160 rpm) while attacking the zone and the ability to beat bats up in the zone. Feel for the 11/5 action CB at 71-73 (T 2239 rpm; Avg: 2166 rpm) that he can throw for strikes and for swing n miss with good bite and shape. Rounds mix with solid CH at 75-77 thats can tunnel well off the FB. 


Tristan Griggs, UTL, Marshall County, 2022 (Columbia St. CC Commit)
6-foot-1, 195-pound utilityman is a bat first prospect with an athletic, lean frame. Listed as SS but Griggs has done a little bit of everything over the years and can provide depth in the infield, outfield or at catcher. Tall, balanced stance with quiet hands and big leg kick generating great bat speed (T 75.7 mph) and well sequenced rotation (T 27.2 G; Avg: 24.2 G).  Great ball striker with consistent barrels and plenty of loud contact to the power alleys (T 100.3 mph; Avg: 93.5 mph). Defensively, light, bouncy feet and good athleticism as an outfielder with solid arm strength (83 OF Velo) and logged a 7.10 sixty time.  Behind the plate, solid all around with average arm strength and decent accuracy on throwdowns, consistently popping just north of 2.00. Shown to be a solid SS, but tools set are more aligned as an OF to get his big bat in the order.


Parker Smith, SS, Trinity Christian, 2022
6-foot-1, 165-pound shortstop has a lean, wiry frame and a balanced skillset. Defensively, smooth hands and consistent footwork with solid arm strength. He can pick it and has the tools to easily handle both middle infield positions as a 7.22 runner. Offensively, served as a table setter for a deep Trinity Christian lineup last Spring with good bat to ball skills and hit for average. Simple approach with quiet, compact load getting on plane early and looking to spray it around. Heavy dose of line drives and developing power as he adds strength (T 88 exit; Avg: 83.2 mph; T 320 ft). He’s the top uncommitted true middle infielder in the class, and has proved to be a steady option to plug up the middle positions. 


Conner Cloer, SS, Bearden, 2022
The 5-foot-10, 155-pound shortstop has been a consistent worker over the years. Average, proportional frame with room to add mass. At the plate, balanced stance with minor hand load and coil leg kick while generating solid bat speed. Not a flashy pop hitter, but strings together quality at bats and a consistent producer in the table setter role of the lineup. Line drive hitter looking to spray and use his legs to put pressure on defenses (7.09 sixty in ‘20). Strong defender with good footwork and trusts his hands. Presents the glove well with crisp transfers and average arm strength with great accuracy. Cloer hasn’t shown over the top tools, but he’s been a staple of consistency as a steady progressor, who can pick it and handle the stick. 


Charlie Davis, SS, Henry County, 2022
The 5-foot-11, 174-pound utilityman can do a little bit of everything (SS/C/P), but has the tools to hang around at SS moving forward. Proportional frame with present strength and above average runner (7.17-7.24 sixty). At the plate, wide, back-loaded stance with quiet hands and a small leg kick from the left side. Generates above average bat speed (T 72.8 mph) and sequences well (Avg: 19.2 G) with strong two handed finish. Sprays line drives (45.4%) to all fields with flashes of juice (T 90.1 exit; Avg: 83.4). Defensively, solid footwork and reliable hands up the middle with short arm stroke and above average arm strength (81 INF Velo). Serviceable defender behind the plate with good pitch presentation and showing off the arm (78 C Velo). Average transfers but keeps it around the bag while popping just north of 2.00. Arm plays on the mound as he sat 81-85 at TN Senior Games while mixing a 70-73 mph breaking ball that play well off each other. 


Nathaniel Hartless, SS, Alcoa, 2022
The 6-foot-3, 200-pound shortstop has a long, lanky frame with some present strength. Tall, slightly open stance with toe tap stride and good head-hand separation from the left side. Average bat speed but quickly whips the hands through the zone (22.9 mph) with an uphill swing plane and strong finish through contact. Lots of hard contact (T 92.3 exit; Avg: 88.4), peppering line drives and trying to drive the ball pull side. Could keep the barrel in the zone longer, but swings it with intent and authority. Defensively, moves well and presents the glove early while using his soft hands working into crisp transfers. Short arm action with good accuracy and solid strength (83 INF Velo). His size may slide him over to 3B, but nonetheless a left handed hitting bat that has the tools to stay on the left side of the infield. 


Nick Stamper, 2B/1B, Univ. School of Jackson, 2022
6-foot-1, 190-pound infielder is a two-sport athlete after starting at linebacker for the Bruins the past few seasons. He displays great athleticism in his proportional frame with present strength as a 6.83 runner and some power at the plate. Relaxed stance with toe tap load and finishes strong with two hands. Generates above average bat speed (T 72.8 mph) and great hand speed (T 24.3 mph) while supplying a heavy dose of line drives (T 93.3 exit velo; Avg: 85.4 mph) to all fields (29.6% hard hit rate). Defensively, solid all around with good footwork and hands while showing the ability to handle multiple infield positions (2B/1B/3B), but there is stiffness in the arm action that needs to be ironed out moving forward. If he can clean up the arm, Stamper has very little blemishes in his game as a dual-sport prospect with a strong power/speed score (13.6). 


Kane Johnson, 2B, Hixson, 2022
5-foot-7, 175-pound is an undersized gamer profile with a compact frame and present strength. Wide, slightly crouched stance with short hand load and moderate leg kick. Generates above average bat speed (T 71 mph) and does an excellent job in rotational sequencing (T 25.6 G; Avg: 21 G) and on plane efficiency (Avg: 80.4%). His swing metrics allow him to be a consistent ball striker (T 93 exit velo; Avg: 83.7 mph), spraying it around (28.1% Hard Hit) and flashing gap power (T 356 ft). Defensively, clean footwork and great glove presentation with solid, consistent hands. Below average runner and average arm strength (78 INF Velo), but short arm action from multiple slots, leaving him best fit at 2B. Johnson isn’t a standout athlete, but he consistently mash the baseball around the yard as an offensive 2B and solid defender.


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