Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned 2018 Series: Top 5 Catchers

Tim Kay
PBR Tennessee Director of Scouting

For part 2 of the unsigned 2018 series, we focus on the catching position:

Wyatt Humphries C / OF / Gibbs, TN / 2018

1/16/17 - 60 Time: 6.99, Pop Time: 1.99-2.14, Position Velocity:  C-70, OF-80, Exit Velocity: 92
5-foot-11, 195-pound, RHH hit from a wider and slightly open stance but with a higher initial hand positioning than we saw from him at the Top Prospect Games, stride is still short but showed a little more movement and fluidity and paired with a lowering and pushback of his hands to get loaded, lower half is strong and balanced and absolutely explodes his hips through the zone, bat path gets on plane early and stays there for a long time, drives the ball in the air with some real gap-to-gap pop.  Defensively, showed above-average hands and quick footwork behind the plate, exchange was quick and efficient and allowed him to get rid of the ball through a high ¾ release point, showed versatility by participating in the outfield as well. Definitely one of the stand out participants of the event.

Connor Sullivan C / OF / Wilson Central, TN / 2018

9/24/17 - Home-1st: 4.78, Pop Time: 2.06-2.19, Position Velocity:  OF - 75, C - 73, Exit Velocity: 77
5-foot-10, 190-pound, RHH found a barrel in game while not swinging and missing once.  Short, athletic catcher w/ physical lower half.  Righty hits from an open stance w/ back shoulder hand location and bat waggle.  Leg kick w/ proper load.  Short to the ball w/ gap to gap power.  Patient approach, understands his zone and rarely expands.  Get out on his front side, limiting overall power ceiling.  Intriguing bat w/ some barrel feel.  Defensively, presents a decent target w/ quiet movements.  Leads pitchers, is clear with where he wants the pitch.  Solid hands w/ a feel for receiving and pitch framing.  Intriguing 2018 C worth seeing.

Garrett Carmichael C / Baylor, TN / 2018

1/29/17 - Home-1st: 4.71, Pop Time: 2.00-2.13, Position Velocity:  C-76, Exit Velocity: 85
6-foot-1, 203-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and even stance with his hands relaxed just above his back shoulder, uses an abbreviated leg kick and stride with a movement back of his hands to get loaded, lower half fires but does more pulling his body forward than clearing his hips through, bat path is steep through contact, can come around the ball but is best when he stays up the middle.  Defensively, showed above-average hands behind the plate with good footwork, bounced well and used a short arm action through an over-the-top slot with some good arm strength.

Evan Potter C / 1B / Smyrna , TN / 2018

9/24/17 - Home-1st: 4.75, Pop Time: 2.25-2.31, Position Velocity:  70, Exit Velocity: 85
6-foot-0, 180-pound, RHH w/ physical body and some bat to ball ability.  Good sized kid, medium, athletic frame w/ present strength in the lower half.  Offensively, hits from an open, straight up stance / back shoulder hand location.  Leg kick (occasional stride) w/ proper load.  Gets a short hitch w/ his hands at times.  Bat stays in zone for long time, shows potential for future power.  Up the middle approach w/ some loft in swing.  Defensively, presents good target to pitchers w/ soft hands and feel for framing.  Shows ability to stick the baseball.  Moves well w/ ability to box balls.  Good looking catching prospect w/ some bat upside.

Jacob Goin C / 3B / Page, TN / 2018

9/24/17 - Home-1st: 4.61, Pop Time: 2.06-2.13, Position Velocity:  IF - 73, C - 74, Exit Velocity: 92
6-foot-0, 180-pound, RHH showed the 2nd best exit velo of the event.  Athletic w/ some present muscle, physical projection coming.  Hits from an open, upright stance w/ back shoulder hand location and hand rhythm.  Leg kick to square w/ proper load.  Hips leaked a bit in game.  Generates bat speed w/ loft in swing.  Has some power that will develop as frame develops.  All fields approach.  Patient approach, understands his zone and does not expand.  Intriguing offensive skill package.  Defensively, makes himself big behind the plate.  Presents a solid target for his pitcher.  Gets a little stabby as a receiver, shows feel for framing.  Moves well behind the plate.  Arm strength w/ carry to target.  Very intriguing 2018 catcher that teams looking for a catcher to fill their class need to see.