Unsigned Senior Showcase Pitcher Evaluations

Adam Akin
Director of Scouting

The 2016 PBR Tennessee Winter Unsigned Senior Showcase took place on Sunday, December 18 at Showtime Sports Academy in Franklin, Tennessee and included a position player workout, followed by pitcher bullpens.  Players were afforded the opportunity to showcase their abilities in front of the PBR Tennessee staff, as well as a number of college coaches in attendance. The following is our evaluation of every pitcher that was in attendance.


Ethan Walls, RHP, Ooltewah, 2017
Max FB: 83, FB: 81-83, CB: 67-68, CH: 74-75,
6-foot-4, 200-pound, RHP uses a controlled and consistent motion, simply turns his left foot to begin and brings his hands up with a leg lift that does a good job of getting his lower half engaged and loaded, creates some shoulder tilt and leads home with his front hip, strides in line and finishes under control, arm action is long and loose through a high ¾ release point.  Fastball showed an ability to cut or run, curveball had 11/5 shape with some sharp break for strikes, changeup sank through the zone and was thrown with a very loose grip.

Jake Holloway, RHP, Battle Ground Academy, 2017
Max FB: 83, FB: 81-83, CB: 67-70, CH: 69-74,
5-foot-11, 190-pound, RHP looked very much the same as he had at previous PBR events, same controlled and consistently paced motion leads to a smooth transition from his leg lift and load at the top to his stride toward the plate, repeatedly finishes balanced and in line, arm action is short but loose and comes through a high ¾ slot. Fastball  was heavy through the zone but didn’t show the velocity we have seen previously, curveball can be a plus pitch with mostly 12/6 shape and some sharp break at the hitter, changeup showed some fade through the zone, throws 3 pitches for strikes.

Derick Junker, 2B/RHP, Blackman, 2017
Max FB: 83, FB: 81-83, CB: 71-73, CH: 74-75,
6-foot-0, 160-pound, RHP threw exclusively out of the stretch during this bullpen, high and athletic leg lift gets him gathered with even shoulders at the top, strides in line with the plate and uses a long but quick arm action through a near over-the-top slot that seemed a little higher than at his previous event, finishes with a slight and under control fall toward the 1B side.  Fastball was mostly straight but showed some run at times, breaking ball was more like a slider with late 11/5 to 10/4 shape for strikes, changeup showed run through the zone and was also thrown for strikes, athletic kid.

Tyler Proctor, RHP, La Vergne, 2017
Max FB: 83, FB: 80-83, CB: 68-69, CH: 71,
6-foot-2, 170-pound, RHP performed similarly to his outing at our Top Prospect Games in September with a little extra velocity, good rhythm and smooth motion with a high leg lift get his front side loaded before attacking the plate, creates some should tilt at the top, strides and lands slightly closed but has no trouble getting his hand out front, long and loose arm action through a high ¾ slot is whippy.  Fastball showed some slight run through the zone, curveball has 11/5 shape with some late break but was a little erratic, changeup missed down a lot.

Connor Pate, RHP, CreekWood, 2017
Max FB: 82, FB: 79-82, CB: 64-67, CH: 73-75,
6-foot-2, 220-pound, RHP uses a good amount of rhythm throughout his delivery, rocker step actually comes forward and leads into a leg lift that almost bounces to the top with a decent load of his lower half, strides and lands in a closed position but doesn’t seem to have much trouble getting out front on release, arm action is longer and pretty loose through a high ¾ slot, finishes with a 1 or 2 step walk toward the plate.  Fastball showed solid run through the zone, curveball had 12/6 to 11/5 shape, changeup was mostly straight but would occasionally show some late cut.

Wiley Barton, LHP, Trousdale County, 2017
Max FB: 78, FB: 75-78, CB: 66-67, CH: 73-74,
5-foot-7, 170-pound, LHP seems to be a very polished pitcher who is always around the zone, compact frame is actually used to his advantage to remain consistent, worked at a slightly slower pace than at previous events, uses his lower half well, shorter arm action comes through a high ¾ slot, finishes with a step toward the plate and occasional fall toward 3B.  Fastball showed some good run through the zone, curveball was very sharp with some late break with 1/7 shape, changeup has some late run to it, continues his ability to throw three pitches for strikes.

Jon Lynn, OF/RHP, Creekwood, 2017
Max FB: 82, FB: 79-82, KN: 65-68
5-foot-10, 145-pound, RHP has a rangy build and looks taller on the mound than his 5-10 frame would suggest, a very uptempo delivery with a quick pace doesn’t quite get him fully loaded during his leg lift, left leg straightens and strides in line, arm action is longer through a ¾ slot, could utilize his body a little more, finishes in a balanced spot.  Fastball showed run and sink through the zone when thrown for strikes, knuckleball was thrown for strikes as a legitimate pitch and danced around quite a bit

Justin Vaden, C/RHP, Gordonsville, 2017
Max FB: 80, FB: 76-80, CB: 65-67, CH: 69-72,
6-foot-0, 185-pound, RHP uses a slower motion with a lot of body movement, long rocker step and barely a waist-high leg lift get his momentum going, hands stay together up near his chest until separation, doesn’t fully engage his lower half, strides and lands in line, arm action is shorter and comes through a high ¾ slot, generally finishes with a fall toward the 1B side.  Fastball was generally pretty straight, curveball showed gradual movement with 11/5 to 10/4 shape, changeup was really a change of pace.

Tristan Greene, OF/RHP, Franklin Comenius School, 2017
Max FB: 77, FB: 76-77, CB: 66-68, CH: 70-72,
5-foot-11, 170-pound, RHP uses a consistent pace and a very stern posture throughout his motion, hands stay near his chest and his back remains very straight, loads up into his leg lift with a gather at the top, jumps toward the plate with a slightly closed stride and finish, short arm action hides the ball and seems quick from an over-the-top slot.  Fastball was mostly straight, curveball was pretty sharp with 11/5 shape through the zone, changeup was simply a change of pace.