DFW Fall ID - Quick Hits

Brandon Gowins
Texas Scouting Director

DALLAS, TX -  On Monday, October 10th, the PBR TX staff traveled to Lake Dallas High School to host the DFW Fall ID. The event consisted of players from all high school classes participating in a pro style workout. They started by running a 60, using swift performance timing gates, then moved into the defensive workout. The day was capped off with a round of batting practice followed by pitchers throwing bullpens, both portions collecting the TrackMan data you see below. 

There was a lot of talent on hand, we had a Jr. hit 90 and multiple guys make big jumps from the last time we saw them. Today we take a look at some of the standouts from the event:




Quick Hits

Jack Sharp RHP / OF / Rockwall Heath, TX / 2024

I had heard good things about Sharp, but yesterday was my 1st time seeing him in person and he didn’t dissapoint.  The 6’ 160 lb. RHP from Rockwall has a lean frame that should continue to mature.  His fastball sat 88-89, and then on his last two fastballs he touched 90.3 and 90.4 on the trackman. It was easy velo with minimal effort and he showed  command of it as well. His secondaries were also impressive, the slider had good shape and has the makings of a true swing and miss pitch.  It was 72-74 with depth. He also threw a change up to round out his arsenal, and it showed promise as well. He threw in the 78-80 range with good arm speed and showed the ability to kill the spin. Sharp has had to wait his turn at powerhouse Rockwall Heath, but I suspect he will be throwing big innings for Heath this spring. 

T.J. McCraw RHP / OF / Wichita Falls, TX / 2024

McCraw has become a favorite of the PBR Texas staff.  The Wichita Falls HS product has been to a few events this year and gets better everytime we see him.  Yesterday he showed up and hit a new PR on the mound.  He topped out at 84.6 mph and was sitting 82-84.  McCraw has the frame and long limbs that make you believe as he gets stronger the velocity will continue to rise.  McCraw really knows how to sink it, and gets a lot of ASR as well.  He also features a slider that pairs nicely with his fastball.  He comes out of the same arm slot with both pitches and the slider has good sweeping action on the pitch.  He also flashes a Change Up that shows good ASR that will help him keep LHH’s honest.  

Brayden Renz 2B / RHP / Midland Christian, TX / 2025

One of the more well rounded days belonged to Renz.  The sophomore from Midland showed up and ran a 6.90 to start his day.  He showed soft hands and good actions in the infield and showed an above average arm, throwing 85 across the diamond.  At the plate, he showed some bat speed and had a max exit velocity of 90.  To end the day , Renz hopped on the mound and showed potential there as well. He was up to 83.2 via trackman and showed good shape on his slider.  Renz is only a sophomore and will be one to follow closely moving forward.

Rock Duer SS / OF / Marcus , TX / 2025

Duer had one of the better overall days yesterday at Lake Dallas HS.  He started his day off running a 6.91 60 and then was an event best 89 from the OF.  Duer shows positional versatility being able to play the outfield and middle infield.  Duer is a switch hitter and shows the ability and willingness to use the whole field from both sides. He is at his best when he stays gap to gap and stays in the big part of the field.  Duer attacks everything on the field with intensity and confidence, and profiles as a top of the order table setter.  

Anthony Llera OF / RHP / Southlake Carroll, TX / 2024

Llera showed up looking more physical than the last time he was at a PBR event and had a solid day all the way around.  He ran an event best 6.73 60 showing off with a max run speed of 20 mph.  He threw 84 mph from the outfield with an accurate arm and good carry on his throws.  At the plate, Llera starts with a slightly open stance and shows some pull side power during bp.  He had good blast numbers, with a max rotational acceleration of 24.6.  Llera has all the tools to  play all 3 outfield positions and hit in the middle of the order.  

Brayden Rosckes OF / 2B / Argyle, TX / 2024

Rosckes showed above average tools on Monday.  The Jr. from Argyle started his day running a 6.85 60 and an event best 1.61 10 yd. split. He showed off a solid arm from the outfield with a velocity of 84 with good carry and accuracy.  At the plate, the 6’ RHH has a compact swing without a lot of wasted movement. He showed some pull side power during BP and had above average blast numbers across the board. Rosckes has a very projectable body and will be a good follow this spring. 

David Hernandez III SS / RHP / Marcus, TX / 2024

Hernandez had a solid day all around.  The Soph. from powerhouse FM Marcus ran a solid 7.13 60 and then had the 2nd best INF velocity on the day with 86 mph across the diamond. He showed a good glove, and projects best at 3rd or 2nd base. At the plate, Hernandez showed some bat speed and swung with intent looking to do damage.  As he continues to get stronger, his power should continue to develop.  

Cole Giametta SS / 2B / Prosper , TX / 2024

The 6’ MIF from Prosper opened some eyes with his overall performance on Monday.  The Jr. started his day off running a 6.95 showing above average athleticism. He looked the part during the defensive workouts with soft hands, a quick release, and good footwork. At the plate, Giametta showed a Line Drive approach to all fields and had good blast numbers across the board.  The swing has some rawness, but has the necessary athleticism to keep refining it and getting more rhythm.  Giametta goes to one of the premier programs in the metroplex in Prosper HS, and we will be sure to catch him in the spring. 

James Raececk C / OF / Plano West , TX / 2024

I 1st got a look at Raececk last spring when he hit a walkoff against Flower Mound in the longest HS game of the spring.  He had a solid day overall on Monday. He showed good athleticism for a catcher running a 7.02.  He had a good day behind the plate, receiving well and handling velocity with ease.  He was 2.17- 2.18 on his pop times with a max velocity of 76 from behind the plate.  At the plate, he showed some bat speed and was at his best when he stayed in the big part of the field.  He is a broad shouldered kid, and has plenty of strength to gain. He has the potential to develop into an athletic frontline catcher with some power potential.

Micah Roberts 3B / SS / Argyle , TX / 2024

Roberts is part of one the best infields in the state at Argyle High. The projectable 6’3 infielder looks the part physically, and he looked good during the defensive workouts. He had one of the best infield velocities on the day with 84 mph.  He handled every ground ball with ease, making them look routine.  He was good moving laterally and coming in on the ball.  At the plate, Roberts starts with a slightly open stance and shows good feel and rhythm in the box.  He showed good bat speed and the ability to drive the ball from gap to gap.  He is another one that has a highly projectable frame and should continue to gain strength and power during the offseason. 



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