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Future Games Analysis: Infielders

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

WESTFIELD, IN - The Prep Baseball Report Future Games is the premier summer scouting event for uncommitted underclassmen. 253 college coaches from all over the country were in attendance. This was the first year for Team Texas to participate, with 26 players from around the state, including six that were on Team Select. Today, we round out our coverage with reports and video on nine infielders.


Orlando Salinas SS / 2B / King, TX / 2020

Salinas created a ton of interest among college recruiters with his unique combination of left-handed power and polished actions on the infield. At 5-foot-11, 175-pounds, the offensive shortstop still has room to add strength as he continues to develop. Showcased his power during batting practice on day one, launching balls from the middle to pull side. Starting from an open stance, he loads back with a reverse leg lift as he triggers his hands down and back with a hitch before taking a short stride, landing balanced. Fast hands whip the barrel on an upward plane as he makes strong contact with natural lift to the pull side and an exit velocity of 93 mph.  At shortstop, Salinas has fast hands and a quick exchange as he transfers into a clean throwing motion across the diamond. Good range to both sides and plenty of arm strength to play on the left side of the infield, clean arm swing from a high-¾ slot, throws with true carry across the diamond with a top velocity of 89 mph. Singled in all three of Team Texas’ games, and hammered what would have been a triple to right-centerfield.





Jack Riedel SS / 2B / Houston Memorial, TX / 2020

At 6-foot-1, 180-pounds, Riedel has a projectable, high-waisted frame with a sweet left-handed swing. Smooth rhythm in his pre-pitch setup before he loads back and triggers the knob of the bat down before striding forward with a low-hanging leg kick. Lands balanced with good separation, stays behind the ball as his hands work through the zone with good lag in the barrel on a slightly uphill path. Uses the whole field during batting practice with easy gap power and more to come. Has natural lift as he gets the barrel on plane early and stays in the zone a long time. At shortstop, Riedel has smooth footwork as he plays through the ball with rhythm. Easy gather with a clean transition as he sets his feet to throw across the diamond with a top velocity of 88 mph. Arm works well from different slots with touch and feel. Makes the diagonal play to his backhand side with soft hands and quick transfer. During game two, he scorched a one-hopper that ate up the second baseman and knocked him to the ground.




MJ Rodriguez 1B / C / Veterans Memorial, TX / 2020

Rodriguez has made a serious push as one of the top hitters in the Texas 2020 class. He has a great mix of power, barrel awareness, and ability to use the whole field that is not easy to find. The right-handed hitter put on a show in batting practice, crushing balls over the left field wall and posting triple digit exit velocities. In multiple at bats over the week, Rodriguez showed his ability to handle the bat, taking aggressive hacks early in the count, and still being able to get hits on offspeed pitches with two strikes. Moves easy at first base with the smooth footwork, rhythm and the glove actions that project well to the next level. At 5-foot-11, 245-pounds, Rodriguez has a strong, sturdy frame and enough athleticism to post a 7.33 60-yard dash.




Stanley Tucker SS / RHP / Lamar Consolidated, TX / 2020

Tucker is a fast twitch athletic shortstop (6.75 60-yard dash) that plays with a bounce in his step and a smile on his face. At 5-foot-9, 150-pounds, with a lean, muscular frame, he shows premium lateral range with smooth footwork, a quick first step, and soft hands out front. Throws with carry and accuracy across the diamond with a top velocity of 86 mph. The right-handed hitter had an aggressive approach all week at the Future Games, jumping on fastballs early in the count and making strong contact to the pull side. Starting from a neutral stance, Tucker has a simple load, pushing his weight back before striding forward as his hands slide back. Efficient path through the zone with regular effort on a slightly uphill path, strong hands at contact with gap approach as he finishes the barrel.





Tyler Talbert RHP / SS / Flower Mound, TX / 2020

Listed at 6-foot, 170-pounds, Talbert has a lean-athletic frame with plenty of room to add strength as he continues to develop. Confident two-way player with elite arm strength (91 mph) on the infield. The right-handed hitter starts from a neutral stance then uses a reverse leg-lift as he pushes his weight back and triggers his hands, landing stacked with good separation and smooth rhythm. Repeats his swing with limited head movement, generating leverage with his lower half transfer as he drops the head on plane, creating easy lift with quick hands and a top exit velocity of 87 mph. Barreled it up during batting practice all four days, uses the whole field during games and has the ability to hit both spin, and velocity. At shortstop, Talbert plays has outstanding rhythm in his footwork with a quick first step and moves with ease as he keeps a positive angle in his torso, allowing his hands to work well out front. Plenty of arm strength to stay on the left side of the infield moving forward. Confident player that commands the field.




Cade Merka SS / RHP / Argyle, TX / 2020

Merka is an all-around athletic infielder at 6-foot, 170-pounds. The right-handed hitter showed off strong pull-side gap power during batting practice with a 91 mph exit velocity. He starts from a tall, slightly open stance, then loads back smooth as he triggers his hands before taking a short stride. Natural rhythm, loose-quick hands, leveraged path with lift and good extension through contact. On the infield, Merka moves easy with smooth actions and quick footwork as he plays through the ball with relaxed rhythm. Quick release into a short arm swing across the infield with a top velocity of 86 mph. Throws with high end accuracy from different arm slots and has natural feel for timing and tempo at both shortstop and third base.





Thomas Schreck SS / 2B / Needville, TX / 2020

Schreck is a top step teammate and plays with a high motor. He has a lean, muscular frame at 5-foot-9, 155-pounds, with broad shoulders. The right-handed hitter starts from a balanced, neutral stance. Simple load as he triggers his hands slightly before he takes a short stride forward. Rotational upper body with a flat path keeps the barrel in the zone a long time. Lots of line drives during batting practice, flashing power to the pull side gap. At shortstop, Schreck has a quick first step and plays low with his hands out front. Has good rhythm through the ball and does a nice job of changing direction on routine ground balls with a quick transition and accurate arm. Had multiple hits on the week and produced a “wow” moment defensively on a ball down the right field line, when he deeked a throw to home plate, with the runner believing second base would be open for advance. Schreck backpicked to first.



Peyton Havard RHP / 3B / Bridge City, TX / 2020

A two-way play and corner infielder, Havard generates significant leverage from the right side of the plate. Starting from a tall, slighlty open stance, Havard loads his hands down and back into a front arm bar as he takes a short stride, landing balanced. Powerful lower half transfer, strong contact to the pull side with natural lift, quick hands, and an exit velocity of 89 mph. At third base, Havard through the ball with quick footwork and soft hands. His arm strength plays well on the hot corner as he can zip the ball across the diamond with a top velocity of 89 mph.




Josh Hill 3B / RHP / Cypress Creek, TX / 2020

A two-way player and right-handed hitter, Hill starts from a tall, open stance with his hands set high and close to his ear. Shifts his weight back as he strides closed. Strong hands with a leveraged path on an uphill plane. When he gets the barrel to the ball, it’s going somewhere in a hurry. Quality round of BP before game three where he showed serious pop to the pull side with plenty of lift and carry. At third base, he has quick footwork as he plays through the ball and does a nice job of creating momentum toward first. Soft hands funnel the ball back to his midline before he throws with a top velocity of 84 mph across the diamond. With his athleticism and frame, look for Hill to continue trending upward in the coming year.







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