Prep Baseball Report

Marucci Elite Scout Weekend - Quick Hits

Brandon Gowins
Texas Scouting Director

GALVESTON, TX - This past weekend, our scouting staff was able to see Marucci Texas scrimmage Galveston College on Saturday. We followed that up by hosting a Scout Day for 2023-2026 Marucci prospects where they participated in a pro style workout followed by bullpens. Today, we take a look at some of the players that caught our scouting staff’s attention over the weekend. 




Carter Aldmon 2B / SS / Bridgeland, TX / 2023

The athletic infielder from Bridgeland showed his offensive potential on Saturday against some quality Galveston JC arms.  The LHH drove multiple balls with authority to the LC gap. He has a short stroke that should allow him to handle velo.  He has more than enough arm to stay on the left side of the infield as he has been up to 87 on the mound this year.  He is an above average athlete and shows good lateral quickness on the infield.  Aldmon does a lot of things well and PBR Texas is excited to have him attend State Games in two weeks. 

Tre' Broussard OF / LHP / Shadow Creek, TX / 2023

The LHH showed easy athleticism and bat speed on Saturday.  The senior lets the ball travel and has the bat speed and wiry strength to drive the ball all over the field.  He is an easy mover on the bases, and was looking to take an extra base when it presented itself.  The body is extremely projectable and has a lot of room to gain strength.   

Larry Drake RHP / SS / Grand Oaks, TX / 2023

The Rice commit looked the part on both sides of the ball on  Saturday. He showed the ability and athleticism to make the tough plays at short.  He had good hands with a quick exchange. He made a couple feeds to 2nd from short that were effortless and right on the money.  At the plate, Drake has above average bat speed and drove the  ball with authority into the LC gap. Drake has the ability to slow the game down and make everything look a little easier.  The Owls got a good one.  

Tyler Comeaux RHP / St Pius X, TX / 2023

The 6’4 uncommitted righty was very impressive in his inning of work. Comeaux was 87-88 with his fastball, consistently pounding the bottom part of the zone. When he went to the glove side he had some natural cut on the pitch helping him keep the barrel off it and generated some swing and miss.  He also featured a breaking ball that he used to get a strikeout.  It was more of the sweeping variety but he threw it with confidence and it looked like the fastball out of the hand.  There was a lot to like in this outing, and he is going to continue to throw harder. 

Michael Herndon OF / LHP / Concordia Lutheran, TX / 2023

The LHP is just another high end arm from Concordia Lutheran.  The Sr. didn’t have his best command on the day, but the stuff still played.  His fastball sat in the mid 80’s with a low effort delivery that he repeated well.  And when he executed, he showed he could get to all 4 quadrants of the strike zone.  He also showed a changeup that has a potential to be a real difference maker to RHH’s. He threw it in the upper 70’s with conviction and the same arm speed as his fastball. It had good sinking and fading action, and should make the fastball play up.  Herndon still has plenty of projection left, and should continue to throw harder. 

Kade Hanks OF / RHP / Klein Cain, TX / 2023

Hanks had one of the better all around days at Scout Day. The Senior started his day off by running a 6.98 60 and then throwing 88 from the OF. The arm plays and showed good carry and accuracy.  In the batters box he showed some power potential with a max exit velo of 94.3. The RHH has good rhythm in the box and did a good job of repeating his swing.  Hanks looks great physically, and does everything well. He will be a good senior commit for a college program.  

Cooper Harris OF / RHP / Friendswood, TX / 2025

Harris is a good looking sophomore, standing 6’3 180 and approaches the game with that physicality.  He started off by throwing 90 from the OF, profiling as a right fielder with power potential. At the plate, Harris has an aggressive approach and leaves nothing behind at the plate. He has a big stride and is looking to do damage.  As he continues to grow into his body and has more balance, the power will show up more frequently.  He also got on the mound and was up to 83 from the right side.  He also showed the feel for some spin with a CB that was in the low 70’s and had spin north of 2300 rpms. As he gets more power in the off speed, it could become a swing and miss pitch.  Harris has the physical tools to keep taking big jumps, and will be fun to monitor this next year.  

Blake Beheler 1B / 1B / George Ranch, TX / 2025

The sophomore from George Ranch made his presence known with the highest exit velocity at Marucci’s Scout Day.  The rhh topped out at 100 on the trackman, and did it with a repeatable swing that is only going to get more powerful as he matures.  He stayed gap to gap during his round and showed the ability to backspin the baseball the opposite way.  Blake is a big kid, but as he matures and gets stronger he has a chance to be an imposing figure in the box.  There is plenty of power projection in this right handed bat, and will be one to follow moving forward.  

Reagan Chomel RHP / 3B / San Marcos, TX / 2024

Chomel threw on Saturday against Galveston JC and had one of the better innings for either team on the day.  Chomel took the mound with a purpose and worked with great pace and tempo.  He sat 82-84 T85 and was able to get to both sides of the plate.  He also threw a 71-72 mph cb that showed good shape and spin.  He rounded out his arsenal with a useful Changeup that had good tumbling action. It was 74-75 and a quality pitch to keep lefties honest. On Sunday, Chomel went through the Scout Day and had a good round of BP.  He had a max exit velo of 91.3 and showed a short swing that produced lined drives up the middle and to the back side.  Overall, a very good weekend for Chomel.  

Trenton Barnes RHP / 3B / La Grange, TX / 2023

Barnes got to square off against his future school on Saturday, and looked at home in Galveston. The 6’3 righty was 87-88 and touched 90.  His fastball had good carry on it and played up in the zone.  He also featured a mid 70’s breaker that had a slurve shape to it.  It played nicely off the elevated fastball. I was impressed with his changeup, as he threw it with good arm action and got some bad swings with it.   

Jackson Low OF / RHP / Richmond Foster, TX / 2023

Low got the start for Marucci against Galveston and the 6’3 righty featured a 87-88 mph fastball that had good arm side run and was tough to square up. He also threw a 74-77 mph slider that showed good bite.  He had multiple swing and misses with the pitch in his one outing of work.  Low is a tough arm to square up, and he still has projection left in the frame and I expect we will see another velocity bump soon.  

Lane Sparks OF / LHP / Brenham, TX / 2023

Sparks had one of the better outings on Saturday. The HBU commit had feel for all 3 pitches in his outing.  His fastball was 83-85 T86 and had a lot of ASR to it.  He did a good job of expanding the outside corner to RHH’s.  He had a slower breaking ball in the low 70’s that generated a swing and miss and he threw a harder cutter/slider at 79 once.  They were two distinct pitches and both showed promise.  He also had a changeup that was 78, and he threw it nicely off his fastball. Sparks always seems to perform well when we see him.  

Carson Bratcher RHP / 3B / Second Baptist, TX / 2025

Bratcher showed some intriguing tools during his day on Sunday. The soph. Got up to 83 with his fastball. As he gets his body to sync up more, the RHP should continue to see his velo rise.  He has a high ¾ slot and created good angles to the plate that should make it tough to elevate him. He threw an upper 60’s breaking ball that had the right shape, just needs to continue to gain power with it. Bratcher is still growing into his body, and as he continues to do so his stuff should continue to take big jumps.  

Ayden Pearcy C / 3B / Friendswood, TX / 2024

One of the better overall days belonged to Pearcy. He looks the part of a catcher who can get done offensively as well.  Behind the plate he showed a quick transfer and accurate arm as he had a 2.04 pop time.  He is a strong kid who should be able to hold up behind the plate.  In the box, Pearcy had one of the better max exit velo’s at 94.4 The right handed hitter has some natural rhythm in the box, with a slight leg kick to get started.  He was consistently on time, getting off one good swing after another.  Pearcy will be a name to watch during his junior campaign.