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STORY: 2018 RHP/OF Nick Petro (Concordia Lutheran)

Bruce Hefflinger
PBR Texas Writer

TOMBALL, TX - How much does Nick Petro love his favorite sport?

“I bleed baseball,” Petro said

All the Concordia Lutheran senior desires is an opportunity to continue to play the game he enjoys so much.

“College baseball is all I’ve wanted to do since I started playing the game,” Petro said.

A 6-1 208-pound two-way prospect, Petro feels there is a lot he can bring to a program.

“I can pitch and catch and play third, first or anywhere in the outfield,” Petro pointed out. “I’m a big left-handed bat with power and speed, and as a pitcher I can get outs.”

The 33rd-ranked unsigned senior in the state’s 2018 class has developed well over the past year, both at the plate and on the mound.

“I’ve made a lot of swing changes but I see the changes being worth it,” Petro explained. “I’m hitting it harder and farther. As a pitcher, I’ve changed my grips on pitches and there are more swing-and-misses. I’m becoming a better baseball player every day.”

Yet, interest is not where Petro feels it should be, with Stephen F. Austin and McLennan among the colleges that communication has been made.

“They like my bat and the fact that I’m a two-way,” related Petro, a left-handed batter and right-handed pitcher. “I hit every night, I work out every day and will do whatever I’m asked to do.”

So what are colleges missing in this uncommitted senior?

“I think they look at me on the mound as 85-87-88, not 90,” Petro said. “People don’t realize I get more guys out with my offspeed than anybody. I’ve been pitching as well as anybody the last two years, but they want a 90 guy. You don’t need 90 to pitch. I can get anybody out.”

It has Petro somewhat discouraged with the recruiting process.

“It’s very frustrating,” Petro said. “I’m a senior and don’t know where I’m going. I see guys that I feel I’m better than that are committed and that’s the frustrating part for me.

“I’ve done everything I can think of,” Petro continued. “I’ve been to a couple PBRs, Baseball Factory stuff, some college camps and a couple Perfect Games. In Jupiter, I was 7-for-9 with a couple walks. I see myself being able to succeed at the next level.”

It all has Petro a bit perplexed and looking for answers.

“I wish I had stuck to one swing, I changed that a couple years ago,” Petro said with some regrets. “I wish I had done speed ladders growing up. I know I can improve my speed, but I didn’t know how fast you run a 60 would be so big in recruiting.”

In spite of growing discouragement, Petro remains persistent with hopes of reaching his college ambition. In fact, the Concordia Lutheran senior is more motivated than ever.

“I want to play somewhere, it’s still my dream and I’m not about to give up,” said Petro, a 3.2 student who plans to major in kinesiology. “My high school coach (Rick Lynch) is well known and trying to help me out. We’ve had scouts at every one of our games so far.”

To date, Petro is “5-0 with a good ERA. I’m the ace of the team.”

But time is becoming an issue ... with the calendar now turned to April.

“I can wait until summer, I don’t think junior college is hard to get in,” Petro said. “I like that potential route. I can go there two years and totally develop my game while I might go D-I and have a wasted career. I’m just looking for a college to take me, I don’t care what one. I’m ready to work and I know I’ll outwork anybody.”

That’s the way it is for someone with a passion like Petro has for baseball.

“I’ve been around a lot of great coaches and I have a tremendous baseball IQ,” Petro said. “I know the game and every situation that comes with it. I bleed baseball.”


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