STORY: Gresham Brings Two-Way College Potential

Bruce Hefflinger
PBR Texas Writer

BOERNE, TX - Talk about important. Michael Gresham plays shortstop, bats third and comes in to pitch to close out games for his Boerne-Samuel V Champion High School team this year.

“I’ve been doing a pretty good job as a closer,” pointed out the Charger junior. “That’s a big asset for us. I’ve also been getting the job done at the plate and getting RBIs.”

The fourth-ranked unsigned player in the state’s 2019 class is hoping to be doing the same thing at the college level in two years.

“I want to go to a big Division I school,” Gresham said. “That’s something I’ve always wanted, it doesn’t matter where.”

Several offers have already been extended to Gresham, including a D1 offer, a couple of highly touted junior colleges, and phone calls from an SEC school.

“I think I’m being overlooked a little,” Gresham said. “”I feel I should have had a few more D-I offers. I think it’s my height and speed.”

But the 5-10 170-pound two-way standout has a lot to give a program at the next level.

“I’m the type of guy that 80 percent of the time will get the job done and make things happen,” Gresham noted. “I can get on and steal a lot of bases. I’m good at getting in guys’ heads and making them make mistakes. And I’m good defensive wise.”

Plenty of improvement is helping make Gresham a hot commodity.

“My fielding has gotten better for sure and so has my pitching velo,” explained the 55th-rated junior in Texas. “As a sophomore I was 85-87 and now I’m sitting 89-90 topping at 91-92. With fielding, I’ve improved my footwork and my handwork. I’m a lot quicker and more fluid with my hands.”

Colleges have taken notice.

“Those that have offered like me being a two-way guy after seeing me pitch and play in the field,” Gresham said. “All three offers are for two-way.

“If somebody comes along and wants me only one way that’s fine, too. I don’t have to choose. But if I could pick just one, I’d play shortstop and hit.”

A better stick is one area Gresham points to as a tool to upgrade.

“In high school we only face someone throwing in the 80s and 90s once a week, then it’s back to someone in the 70s,” Gresham noted. “I want to see more of the faster pitching to help me improve on things.”

The mentality to succeed is important when playing such key positions.

“I take with me a lot of confidence,” Gresham said. “I’m confident in myself and that I’m able to do what needs to get done, especially on the mound. It’s about throwing strikes, trusting your arm and trusting in yourself.”

His father has been a major influence in helping Gresham reach where he is at in the game today.

“The biggest part is encourages me,” Gresham said of his dad, Wayne, who coached his son during Little League days. “He helps me in any way he can, be it taking videos, coming to the cage to help me with my swing or just telling me what he thinks I need to do.”

Education or sports medicine are potential majors for Gresham, who carries a 3.6 GPA in school.

“I’m hoping to get a few more big offers as well as some from smaller schools in the next few months and see where it goes from there,” Gresham said. “College baseball is something I’ve thought about for a long time. I’ve always wanted to go big time with a dream to make it to the professionals.”


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