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South Texas Underclass Games: Outfield Analysis

PBR Staff
PBR Staff

COLLEGE STATION, TX - Some of the top underclass talent from South Texas converged on the campus of Texas A&M on Tuesday for the PBR Underclass Games. This week, we begin with the scouting analysis with outfielders.

Top Performers

Logan Hamm, OF/RHP, Bridge City HS, 2020
Very strong, 6-foot, 200-pound frame with big thighs and forearms. The left-handed hitter starts in tall, athletic stance as he rocks his hands in sync with his lower half. A big leg kick works in tandem with a subtle load of the hands before he explodes over his front side, showcasing serious power and an easy swing designed for launch. Hamm keeps his head on the centerline, has good lag through the zone, soft elbows, is quietly compact, and has awareness for the barrel. In the outfield, Hamm plays through the baseball with confidence and fluidity, while throwing low liners with plenty of velocity (91 mph). Quick, forceful arm action from a high ¾ slot produces plenty of juice from the outfield, with an advanced crow-hop and finish. 

Christopher Stallings, OF/RHP, The Kinkaid School, 2020
Stallings is a high end athlete with a projectable, lean-muscular, high-waisted frame at 6-feet, 165-pounds. The right-handed hitter pounded balls on the barrel during BP. He starts from a neutral stance with his weight evenly distributed and his hands set back over his shoulder. Shifts his weight back as triggers the knob back toward the catcher, engaging his hands as he replaces his stride foot. Efficient path through the zone, working on a slight incline, quality lower half transfer with limited movement of his midline, great extension with a loose finish and strong hands. During the game, Stallings stroked a deep fly ball to centerfield. In the outfield, he posted a top velocity of 89 mph with a long, quick arm stroke from a high slot. Even though he ran a 7.25 on a slower surface, I think the overall athleticism and upside should be enough to garner significant attention from Division 1 schools in the near future. 

Caden Queck, SS/OF, The Woodlands Christian Academy, 2020
6-foot-1, 180-pound projectable frame with more room to pack on even more strength.  Queck showed raw power in the BP round by making loud contact and driving balls to left field, and he pounded a 90 mph exit velo off the tee.  The right-hander has an athletic stance, with his hands at his back shoulder with his back elbow up parallel to his shoulders, a leg kick where he pulls his knee back before striding forward, has good separation in his hands, has some explosiveness in his lower half, stays back behind the baseball with his body, works slightly uphill through the zone to create lift, and keeps his head down which helps him stay through the hitting zone with good extension.  He has plenty of controlled aggression in his swing, as he looks to do damage at the plate. Queck stays low through the play in the outfield, has a long arm stroke and a long transfer to his release. Ran a 7.64 60-yard dash.

Cole Smajstrla, OF, Pearland HS, 2020
Athletic frame with strength, 5-foot-9, 165-pounds. The right-handed hitter has looseness and quickness throughout his swing, and hammered balls to left field in BP, posted 86 mph exit velo off the tee.  Smajstrla has loose rhythm in his hands in an athletic stance, has a simple load back with his body and his hands, he walks away from his hands to create separation during a short stride, has a quick and tight turn in his hips, and his quick hands deliver the barrel with a loose barrel path through the zone.  In the outfield he closed ground aggressively and moves through the play with fluidity, a clean transfer, and showed arm strength at 88 mph with both carry and accuracy to the dish. Ran a 7.41 60-yard dash. In the game, he hammered a double to center field, and had another hit that fell in front of the center fielder.

Braden Olson, OF/LHP, Lake Travis HS, 2020
Strong 5-foot-10, 175-pound frame with a thick lower-half. The right-handed hitter has an easy setup at the plate, as his hands have some wiggle. A short stride and an up-and-back load are followed by a compact, smooth swing with some pop. Olson has loose wrists, a whippy bat that creates good carry (91 mph exit velocity) without tremendous effort, good feel for the barrel, keeps his head centered and is strong, balanced at the point of contact. In the outfield, he plays low through the baseball, utilizes a solid crow-hop and high ¾ arm swing and comes up firing at a max velocity of 85 mph. On the mound, the left-handed pitcher gathers himself with a repeatable, tall-and-fall delivery as he clears his front side well. Showed good command to both sides of the plate with a 81-82 mph fastball. Flashed a 72-74 mph with 11/5 shape, even creating a strikeout. Also mixed in a 74 mph changeup.


Best of the Rest (Alphabetical)

Kyle Gates, OF/1B, La Vernia HS, 2020
Lean, projectable frame, 6-foot-1, 157-pounds.  Gates handled the bat well in BP with his barrel being in the zone early and working to the opposite field, he pounded an 86 mph exit velo off the tee.  The left-handed hitter has long levers, a tall stance with the bat flat over his back shoulder, he has a simple load back over his back foot with a small load back with his hands, he had a toe tap load as well as a low leg kick during BP, his back knee triggers the start of his swing but he does not use much lower half, instead he uses his upper body strength and quickness in his hands to deliver the barrel.  He posted 86 mph exit velo off the tee. He ran a 7.30 60-yard dash. From the outfield he takes small steps in his approach, has a short to long arm stroke, throws from slightly underneath the ball and topped out at 81 mph.

Levy Hammack, OF/C, Magnolia HS, 2020
Lean 5-foot-10, 145-pound frame with wiry strength.  Hammack created consistent backspin during the BP round, and barreled balls to all fields, posted 81 mph exit velo off the tee.  The right-handed hitter has a narrow stance and starts very open, starts with his hands back beyond his back foot and they stay back through the weightshift and stride to create separation, he has a leg kick with some internal rotation to generate torque, takes a level swing with some effort involved, and has rhythm throughout the swing.  He takes short quick steps in his approach in the outfield, has a clean transfer, a quick release with a short to long arm stroke, and follows through in line with the play. He topped out at 77 mph from the outfield. Ran a 7.36 laser-timed 60. Hammack worked a deep count, and drove in two runs with a 2-strike RBI single up the middle in the game portion of the event.  

Jack Peterson, OF/1B, Round Rock HS, 2020
Long levered, high-waisted, projectable frame that is still developing.  6-foot-2, 160-pounds. Peterson controlled the bat well in batting practice with an inside-out path and hit the ball consistently to the opposite field, posted 83 mph exit velo.  The left-hander has an athletic stance with looseness and rhythm in his hands, has a small load back into his back leg, gets plenty of separation in his hands by keeping his hands back and loading into his left scap, he takes a low leg kick stride, his body works in sync and he is strong at the point of contact to create an easy swing that is level through the zone with extension, and he also has a smooth loose finish.  He handled the bat well in BP. In the outfield he has a fluid approach in his footwork, he closes ground with controlled aggression, and he has a loose over-the-top arm action. Topped out at 79 mph and made low throws to the plate. Ran a 7.37 laser-timed 60.

Evan Potter, Lake Creek HS, RHP/OF, 2020
Potter has a lean, athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 140-pounds. The right-handed hitter starts from a tall, slightly open stance with his hands set high. Uses a toe tap as he loads his weight back and lowers his hands down and back, cocking the barrel behind his head into a front arm bar as he strides forward. Flat path through the zone, middle of the field approach. Was on the barrel during BP with a top exit velocity of 77 mph. In the outfield, Potter has quick footwork as he plays through the ball with rhythm and soft hands. Throws from an over the top slot with a long arm stroke and tilted shoulder with a top velocity of 84 mph.

Zane Raba, OF, Reagan HS, 2020
Athletic frame with wide shoulders and quick-twitch ability, 5-foot-10, 165-pounds.  Ran a 6.89 to start the day. The left-handed hitter starts in an athletic stance with strength in his legs and rhythm in his body, has his hands up around his ear, toe tap timing with his stride, keeps his hands back over his back foot as his hips go forward to create separation in his hands, takes an aggressive swing with the barrel working towards the right field line looking to pull the baseball, and has a high finish with his hands.  Posted 81 mph exit velo off the tee. Topped out at 85 mph making throws to the plate. He has athletic actions in the outfield with smooth quick footwork, a clean transfer, a quick release, and made low accurate throws through the cutoff man with carry to the plate.

John Sanchez, OF/C, Yoakum HS, 2020
Athletic 5-foot-10 frame.  Sanchez ran a 6.98 laser-timed 60.  Sanchez flashed line drive power in BP by hitting low line drives off of the barrel to all fields, and he posted 80 mph exit velo off the tee.  Sanchez has a slightly crouched stance with his toes pointing outward, he has loose rhythm in his hands and his hands stay loose and relaxed until contact, he has a very small load back with his hands, a short stride, he works very flat through the zone with his barrel, he works from inside of the baseball, keeps his head very still throughout the swing, has quick turn in his hips, and flashed barrel awareness.  From the outfield, he topped out at 75 mph. He has quick feet in his approach, he closes ground with some urgency, works through the ball with his body, has a clean exchange, and works slightly uphill while throwing.

Matt Scannell, OF/LHP, St. Mary’s Hall, 2020
Scannell has a durable 5-foot-10, 175-pound frame with broad shoulders. The left-handed hitter starts from a balanced stance with his his hands set low. Loads back smooth then lifts his front foot slightly as he glides forward, walking away from his hands, landing square. Simple rhythm with strong hand produced good barrel awareness with some thump in the barrel, working on an uphill path, creating carry to the gaps with an exit velocity of 82 mph. In the outfield, Scannell plays through the ball with aggressive footwork and rhythm, cutting distance and still showing soft hands as he gathers to exchange the ball with tempo. Long, clean arm swing from a high-¾ slot, highly accurate thrower with a top velocity of 84 mph. A two-way player and left-handed pitcher, Scannell works from a high-¾ slot with a clean arm swing. Easy leg lift with good hip turn down the mound. His sat mostly 79-81, dropping only a couple of times to 77 from the stretch. Maintains arm speed on his curveball and the pitch has good depth at 63-68 mph with 2/8 shape. Also works in a 71-72 mph changeup that he turns over at release, creating arm side depth.

Easton Slovacek, OF, Robinson HS, 2020
Athletic, lean 5-foot-11, 150-pound frame.  Slovacek found consistent barrels in the BP round flashing line drive power to the middle of the field, and posted 83 mph exit velo off the tee.  He hits from the right side in an athletic stance, has a minimal load with his body and hands, takes a short stride, has a short level path through the hitting zone, has no head movement, is balanced throughout the swing, and delivers the barrel with quick hands and wrists.  In the outfield, he topped out at 84 mph and delivered some accurate throws to the plate. He has simple fluid footwork in his approach, has a clean exchange, a short arm action and a quick release from an over-the-top slot. Ran a 7.32 60-yard dash.

Jackson Tims, OF/LHP, Bridge City HS, 2020
Athletic 6-foot, 185-pound frame with strength throughout.  The left-handed hitter flashed loud contact to his pullside during the BP round, and posted an 85 mph exit velo off the tee.  Tims has raw strength at the plate, he stands tall at the plate with his hands starting by his ear, he takes a smooth gliding step with his front foot, he stays behind his front side in a strong back leg, he keeps a tall posture with level shoulders throughout the swing, has a slightly uphill swing plane with a high finish.  Tims looks to pull the baseball, and takes aggressive swings at the plate. In the outfield he has a clean exchange into a small shuffle step with a long arm stroke to a high ¾ release. He made accurate throws to the plate, and topped out at 83 mph with effort involved. Tims ran a 7.54 60-yard dash. Tims has raw tools, and a high ceiling that he has yet to reach.

Weston Valasek, OF/SS, Tompkins HS, 2020
Long-levered projectable frame with room to continue to add strength, wide shoulders, 6-foot, 170-pounds.  Valasek started the BP round with late timing, but made a great adjustment and got on time and found consistent barrels with a smooth swing, posted 82 mph exit velo off the tee.  The right-handed hitter has an athletic stance with strength in his legs, has a small smooth load back, gets barrel turn in his load with loose hands, takes a short controlled stride with balance which minimizes his head movement, has quick-twitch in his hips, has more quick-twitch in his hands, his barrel is flat through the zone with extension, and he has a loose finish.  Ran a 7.32 60-yard dash. He stays low through the play in the outfield and made low accurate throws through the cutoff man to the dish at 80 mph.

Jackson Ware, OF/C, Houston Stratford HS, 2020
Lean athletic frame with wiry strength, 6-foot, 160-pounds. Ware hit consistent line drives in batting practice, working mainly from the middle of the field to right field, and he posted 83 mph exit velo off the tee.  The right-handed hitter hits from an athletic stance with the bat laying flat above his shoulders, he has looseness in his hands, a simple load back with his body, a push back with his hands with barrel turn in his load, takes a short controlled stride with balance, has a level path through the zone with an inside-out path, and he controls the barrel.  Ran a 7.27 60-yard dash. In the outfield he works through the baseball with fluidity, makes a clean exchange while taking a low crow hop, has an over-the-top arm stroke with accuracy through his cutoff man (topped out at 82 mph) and follows through in direction to his target.


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