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Team Texas Future Games Recap: Pitchers

Brandon Gowins
Texas Scouting Director

TEXAS - Team Texas Kicked off Future Games week by going through a workout on Wednesday, July, 26 where the team put up respectable numbers across the board. We then moved into games Thursday-Saturday where we took on Indiana, New Jersey, and Georgia. Three quality teams that brought top players from their respective states. Team Texas looked good on the mound throughout all three games and we take a closer look at each pitcher today.



Game 1


Nick Wesloski RHP / OF / McKinney Boyd, TX / 2025

The 6 '3 righty from Mckinney Boyd HS got the start for Texas and was sharp for the duration of his outing. He went 3 scoreless innings displaying a starter upside.  He features a fastball that sits in the upper 80’s that topped out at 90 on the night. He sinks it well at the bottom of the zone and is tough to elevate.  His slider was sharp as well. He was 80-81 with it, and showed quality depth. He also threw a 82-83 mph changeup that he threw to both righties and lefties. He has a lot of confidence in the pitch and can generate swings and misses in the zone with it.  Overall, it was a big time performance with a lot of eyes on him.




Mason Murphy RHP / 1B / Ridge Point, TX / 2025

Murphy didn’t have his best command on the night, but the 6’5 230 lb. righty showed high end stuff. The fastball sits in the upper 80’s and touched 91. It is a high spin fastball that saw him get over 2700 rpm’s that gives it a lot of life in the zone. He also flashed a change that had a lot of movement and can be a put away pitch. His slider shows promise as well. Murphy has an XXL frame, and moves well for his size. As the mechanics continue to tighten up, Murphy could offer as much upside as any arm in Texas for the 2025 class.




Jarret Halter SS / 2B / Pleasant Grove, TX / 2025

Halter came in after playing the field and looked great in his 3 innings on the mound.  He knew how to really pitch and did a great job of sequencing his pitches. His fastball was in the low 80’s, topping out at 85 mph. and he did a good job of commanding it to both sides. He threw a quality breaking ball that he had really good command of.  He could drop it in for a strike and showed the ability to bury it when he was ahead. Halter showed a lot of moxie and with a frame that projects, he offers a lot of two way potential 



Game 2


Trey Rangel RHP / SS / The Colony , TX / 2026

The only ‘26 on Team Texas this year, Rangel got the start Friday night under the lights. While the command was spotty at times, Rangel showed electric stuff from the 1st pitch. The Righty from The Colony featured a fastball that sat 90-92 topping out at 92.9. It is easy velo with a low effort delivery, and he generated multiple in the zone swing and misses with the pitch.  Rangel also flashed a + breaking ball. He was ripping an upper 70’s breaking ball that got north of 3000 RPM’s. Rangel has good mechanics with a clean arm that allows him to repeat his operation well. The frame really projects as well. Overall, Rangel showed why he is one of the top players in Texas in the 2026 class, and I can only imagine what he will look like under the lights again next year!!




Jack Jorgenson RHP / Reedy, TX / 2025

Jorgenson followed up Rangel, and showed what makes him so attractive to college coaches. The righty from Frisco Reedy came in with baserunners on and nobody out and accepted the challenge and struck the next two guys out.  He is a strike thrower who really competes and knows how to win. He features an upper 80’s fastball that he can really get to the glove side with. He can elevate it as well when ahead in the count. His best secondary is his mid to upper 70’s Change that he will throw to both lefties and righties. He throws it with great arm speed and generated multiple swing and misses with it. He throws two different breaking balls. A more traditional curveball that has more depth that he will drop for strikes or bury at the bottom of the plate, and then he has more of a cutter/slider that has just enough horizontal movement to generate a lot of weak contact.  Jorgenson has had a big workload this year, but he showed why he is one of the better big game pitchers in his class from Texas.




Baron Mannis LHP / OF / Argyle , TX / 2025

If there was a MVPitcher for Team Texas it was Mannis. The 6’2 LHP from Argyle was absolutely dominant in his 3 innings on Friday night, giving up 0 hits, walking 2, and punching out 7.  His fastball was 85-87 with 22-24’’ of IVM, making it very difficult for the hitters to even make contact with it. He throws from a high slot and the fastball plays exceptionally well at the bottom and top of the zone. To make the hitter’s time worse, Mannis had full control of his big OTT breaking ball that froze hitters all night. The fastball/CB combo had Barry Zito vibes, as the two pitches played perfectly off of each other.  He sprinkled in a couple changeups as well just to show he had it, and generated a weak out.  Overall, it was a great night for Mannis who still has projection left in the frame.  Stock couldn’t be any higher for the Lefty.





Game 3


Connor Jones RHP / 3B / Concordia Lutheran, TX / 2025

The righty from Concordia Lutheran got the start against a really talented Georgia team, and looked the part of a conference starter. The 6’2 righty has put on a lot of good weight, and has plenty room for more.  His fastball sat in the upper 80’s with minimal effort and spun it north of 2500 rpm’s.  It has good life at the top of the zone, and he showed the ability to go in and out with it. He has a little crossfire in the delivery, so there is a natural cut sometimes that makes it that much tougher of a pitch. Jones complimented the fastball with his slider that he threw in the 76-78 mph range.  He can spin that as well, getting over 2700 rpm’s.  He has good feel for the pitch and does a good job of throwing it for a strike.  Jones has a really high floor with a good frame, good metrics, and easy velocity.  There is still a lot of projection left as well, which makes Jones an exciting prospect.




Kaleb Rogers RHP / OF / San Antonio Reagan, TX / 2025

The first thing I noticed about Rogers is he looked significantly stronger in the lower half from when I saw him earlier in the year, and it has really paid off. Rogers came out with a notable velo jump, as he was 88-92 with hop in the top half of the zone. He followed that up with a low 80’s cutter that he used for his breaking ball. It has late horizontal life and generates a lot of weak contact.  I also liked his 76-78 mph changeup that he threw with great arm speed and got a strikeout with.  He has a repeatable compact delivery that allows him to have good control of his arsenal.  Rogers has a strong, compact build and is a good athlete on the mound, and the righty from San Antonio really helped his stock after his outing in Georgia







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