Prep Baseball Report

Teams Texas Game 3 Recap

Phil Haig
Texas Scouting Director

LAKEPOINT - Game three of the Future Games was a matchup of 2-0 teams and Team Texas jumped out early via the long ball and never looked back. The Texas bats banged out three home runs, two doubles, and five singles resulting in 10 runs off the Louisiana arms. The Texas pitchers wound up going 8 innings and striking out 7. 

Chase Batten - LHP - 2024
Batten started the game for Team Texas and wound up throwing 46 pitches over three innings and punching out 3 in the process. Batten shows an athletic, rhythmic delivery with a clean arm path and some natural deception from a slightly closed stride and high front side. Batten’s fastball worked 81-84 with some arm side run and threw it to both sides of the plate for a lot of strikes. The curveball also shows the right shape and spin resulting in swings and misses, coming in at 69-71 mph, it shows plenty of promise as it continues to develop. Batten also mixed in a changeup at 76 mph and used it on the occasion to right handed hitters. Batten is just starting the scratch the surface as to who he will become at the end of the day. 

Aidan Coleman - RHP/INF - 2023
Coleman did a little of everything on the day, showcasing his natural athleticism both at the plate and on the mound. Coleman put a great swing on the ball for a double to left center field, then followed it up with 3 strong  innings, while striking out two. Coleman attacks the zone with three quality pitches while showing the ability to repeat his compact athletic delivery. The fastball worked 87-90 mph with some arm side run and also showed the ability to move it to all parts of the strike zone. The breaking ball showed curveball shape resulting in a couple swings and misses, coming in at 73-76 mph. Coleman also showed good feel and arm speed on the changeup that he used mainly to left handed hitters, coming in at 81-82 mph.  There is a lot to like about Coleman and his athleticism moving forward. 

Ethan Mendoza - MIF - 2023
Mendoza hit two balls hard on the day resulting in one hit, when he jumped on a breaking ball up in the zone for a single back up the middle. Mendoza all made a nice play moving to his left, showing his hands and feet working well together around the ball, then delivering a strike to first base to get the out. 

Dylan Schlaegel - OF/RHP - 2023
Schlaegel did a handful of impressive things in game 3 of the weekend. First he hit a no doubt home run to left field on a fastball up in the zone, where he was able to stay flat to the ball and drove it out. On defense he was able to show off his 6.63- sixty yard dash while playing centerfield, ranging for a ball deep in the right center field gap almost making a terrific diving catch, but the ball popped out when he hit the ground. He got another opportunity to show his range later on by running down another ball in the gap to record the out. 

Jace Martinez - MIF - 2023
Martinez once again showed his natural athleticism around the ball and in the box in game 3. In his first at bat, Martinez ran a 4.28 down the line on a hit a hard low line drive that the second baseman made a nice play moving to his left. The most impressive thing on the day was when Martinez started a double play with him ranging to his left, sliding, fielded the ball cleanly, popped up to his feet, and delivered a perfect feed on a long throw to second base to give Drew Markle a chance to complete the play with a strong throw across.

Michah Dean - SS - 2023
Dean once again had a game to remember at the Future Games. Highlighted by a no doubt grand slam to left field on a fastball that he knew he got right off the bat. Dean bounced around on the infield and made the plays that he was presented with and had one of the more impressive all around weekends at the Future Games.

Carson Garrett - OF - 2023
Garrett is fresh off recovering from ACL surgery, and got to show his natural athleticism in game 3 right after a hard hit single back up the middle. He swiped 2nd and 3rd base with relative ease in the same at bat. Garrett is another one that bounces around the field and has a bright future as he continues to develop and lets his athleticism take over. 

Luke Billings - C - 2025
Billings showed off his high ceiling once again in game 3 on both sides of the ball. First at the plate he had a hard hit double down the left field line showing his ability to get out of the box and get to second base with ease. Billings was also once again impressive behind the plate, showing his ability to deaden baseballs in front of him on blocks as well as receiving the ball with strong hands and ease of sticking low pitches.

JM Long - 3B - 2023
Long’s bat once again came to play highlighted by a two run home run to right center field. With such a simple setup and compact powerful swing, Long has the ability to change games in the box with each swing he takes. He also once again made every play over at 3B with relative ease, proving he has a shot to stay at the hot corner with his soft hands and big bat.

Carter Groen - OF/1B - 2023
Groen's patience and plate discipline didn't go unnoticed as he worked six free passes on the weekend. Groen gets in the box and has a presence to him, he showed some maturity by not swinging out of the zone and being ready to drive the ball when it showed up in his zone. Groen also played a solid first base, showing quality footwork around the bag and making a few solid picks to record the out. 


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