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2022 West Coast Games: Team Utah Review

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

This one-of-a-kind event featured the best uncommitted Class of 2023 & select 2024 prospects, throughout the West Region, that have been identified by each of the state’s scouting directors. In the inaugural 2021 West Coast Games, teams featured the top Uncommitted 2022 and select 2023 prospects from Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington, and this year we are excited to announce the addition of two more teams to the premier Unsigned Senior event of the Summer with Idaho and Canada. The West Coast Games took place on August 12-14 (Friday-Sunday) at the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ Wilson Stadium and the College of Southern Nevada’s Morse Stadium. 

Beyond the on-looking eyes of scouts and coaches, PBR’s unmatched coverage and commitment to elevating players via advanced metrics and technology (Trackman, Blast, Swift Technologies, Laser graded 60's, Vizual Edge), along with multiple social media platforms, will provide elite exposure for each player in attendance.

The '23s benefited tremendously with the added exposure and a handful are now receiving calls and interest. For the '24s, additional schools that were not part of the 350+ colleges in attendance at the prestigious Future Games in GA, got to see a handful of the players that were added to the West Coast Games roster. 

A full “pro-style” workout will be held Friday with games being played by each team over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

States Playing in the West Coast Games


Arizona | California | Colorado | Nevada | PNW | Utah | Idaho | Canada

2021 Team Utah Players with their College Commitments!

Aidan Boice UT Skyline 2022 RHP Colorado Mesa University
Jace Carroll UT Stansbury 2022 RHP Utah Tech University
Cole DeCastro UT Desert Hills 2023 SS College of Southern Idaho
Brody Duvall UT Spanish Fork 2022 2B College of Southern Idaho
Devan Harmer UT Clearfield 2022 OF Salt Lake CC
Malik Harris UT Juan Diego Catholic 2023 3B Grand Canyon
Jackson Hollingshaus UT Maple Mountain 2022 3B Brigham Young
Luke Iverson UT Pine View 2022 C Utah Valley University
Arthur Johnson UT Crimson Cliffs 2023 1B  
Ashton Johnson UT Olympus 2022 LHP College of Southern Idaho
Sam Lindsey UT Snow Canyon 2023 OF  
Brayden Marx UT Pleasant Grove 2023 RHP Hawaii
Cameron Nielson UT Cottonwood 2023 SS Utah
Grant Scholzen UT Hurricane 2023 SS Pacific
Brexten Starley UT Crimson Cliffs 2023 C College of Southern Idaho
Myles Topham UT Cedar 2023 RHP College of Southern Idaho
Logan West UT Crimson Cliffs 2022 OF College of Southern Idaho


PLAYERS (19) * Invite Event Logos *

Keaton Stinson OF / Cottonwood , UT / 2024


Stinson shows a power/speed combo as he has been on the 6.8-6.9/60 range, the 60 yrd dash, and clocked in at a 6.82 in Atlanta and put up a .400+ BA with 7 HR’s during the ‘22 spring season. Showing an EV of 99.8 this last year, Stinson was a little off that, but barrelled balls to all fields during BP and an 84 OF velo for good measure. With a lean athletic build that portends to added weight and strength at maturity, it’s easy to see 100+ EV’s in his future and a high 80’s arm from the OF over the next two HS seasons. Stinson plays at a very good HS program, coached by former MLB hitter, Chris Shelton, so colleges know he will be schooled in the game the right way. I look for even bigger things from this young man moving forward and one colleges should definitely take notice of quickly!



Jacob Faust OF / RHP / Olympus , UT / 2023


‘21 A Future Game alum that I’ve seen quite a bit, but it’s been 5 months since my last look and Jake has smoothed out his swing and the ball jumps as it did a year ago, and there’s less violence. During the workout phase of the West Coast Games, the sweet spot found his barrel often, as he showed feel time up the baseball to the pull side w/solid rhythm and timing. The arm from the OF has some LTQ shoulder restriction from back to front/release. This makes the ball tail and go off like and he needs to work on his accuracy of his throws. Does run well for a big kid and has always been in the 6.8-6.9/60 range, every runner at the WCG’s was .2-.3 slower than their normal times, due to heavy rain the night before the workout, causing the running track to be slow. Jake’s tools are his running ability and he looks to steal bases and takes a good turn at 1B, while being aggressive in looking for xtra bases. Jake can hit velocity and when he is going right, he can juice the baseball from the pull side to RCF and does show pull side power, but he’s more of hard, xtra base to the wall type power. Needs to work on his defense, and instincts on the other side of the ball. But the metrics are there, the instincts to hit are there and he was a key cog in the middle of Olympus’ order, as the Titans were walked off in the deciding game 3 of the two of three format for the 5A Utah State Championship!



Drake Piersall 3B / OF / Riverton, UT / 2024


Drake has been through a lot this past season w/Tommy John surgery, after injuring his elbow last November and worked his tail off to come back at the end of the HS season, to take a few AB’s and was able to hit all summer. He has now progressed to easy tosses across the diamond from 3B. Took a good BP at the West Coast Games and proceeded to get a couple of hard knocks in the game play portion of the event. Features an unorthodox style to hit, as he carried his hands at his right oblique w/a bat waggle. Get his hands loaded at a 45-degree angle in sync w/a big leg kick. You wouldn’t think he could time up velocity with this approach, but he does! Strong w/a hand speed max of 25 mph and 83 mph bat speed, that generates EV’s of 100 mph! The defense is most likely suited for 1B, but playing 3B will keep him athletic and enhance his profile, yet the bat plays at both corners. Colleges need to take a closer look at Drake and the bat has impact potential. 



Jake Olsen SS / 2B / Lehi, UT / 2023


An athletic mover with abv avg actions and shows some twitch. A slight thin build with the frame to add weight and size with maturity. Does need to get in the weight room and make the gym his friend. Has the potential to add 10-15 lbs over the next calendar year, if he really gets after it. This will jump his metrics and translate into really driving the baseball. Has a rhythmic type approach to hit w/a inward turn if the knee as he loads into his back side and w/a load of the hands into a 45-degree position of the barrel/hands. Has a short simple, yet direct path of the bat through the baseball, into a full arc to finish w/two hands. His EV’s of 87-92, can and should be a little higher, as he needs to add more mass and overall development in his upper and lower arms. A LD hitter to all fields w/aluminum he flashes pull side loft to carry the ball, but with a wood bat at the next level, if it is at the JUCO level locally, his power will be impacted if size/strength becomes an issue. All the ingredients to hit are there with this change. Where Olsen really excels is with the glove at SS. He shows an active twitchy lower ½, with agility and range to go get the baseball. Features SS instincts and field awareness with educated quick feet and soft, quick hands. Can range and play on the run and the ball disappears in his glove. If he can catch it, he does! The arm is 79 mph across the diamond and it should get exponentially stronger as he fills out once again. Flashy and showing glove actions, all the things defensively you look for in a SS. If he has to move across the bag to 2B, he could become an offensive 2B as a late bloomer with an abv avg glove and arm for the position. Really like the upside here moving forward. I would like to see a more filled out look come next spring, and if he does, look for a big spring from Jake!



Calvin Morrow OF / RHP / Fremont , UT / 2023


A surprise find for myself, as Cal was putting up hitting #’s for PBR Utah’s #1 ranked team at Fremont HS. The Silverwolves reeled off 24-25 straight wins, heading into the 6A tourney, and one of the biggest reasons was Cal Morrow. I was looking at MaxPreps stats and couldn’t take my eyes off the numbers Morrow was putting up, so I made the 350 mile drive to the Ogden area to see Morrow in action. He didn’t have the day I expected, but you could see the swing was ready for the next level and he looked the part at 6-1 200 with present strength and a gap to cap backspin type approach. Garnering 6A 1st ™ All-State honors, Morrow put up a stat line of .369 5 47 w/14 2B’s and also touched 88 w/the FB on the mound. Morrow was a breakout bat at his first event (Top Prospect Games in mid-July) and earned the invite to the West Coast Games. The bat is really good! The defense needs reps and lots of game play and fly/ground ball reps away from game action, as he doesn’t play summer ball, as he is hidden from the metro view of Northern Utah. He did show closing speed on a couple of balls into the gap and into foul territory (RF) to make some run saving catches. The bat should be offered now by top JC’s and a nearby powerhouse D2 in CO, just across the border. He would be a perfect fit, to hit right away at those types of programs!


Avery Doezie 1B / OF / Cottonwood, UT / 2023


Doezie comes from bloodlines, as his father Troy played at the College of Southern Idaho and played 5 seasons with the Twins organization. Avery is a tall, physical 1B, that runs a sub 7.0/60 for a 6-4 210 kid that looks the part. Offensively there upside with a few tweaks. Hits from a conventional upright even prop square setup with his hands high over his back shoulder. Gets down into his legs well, with a short compact stroke. Does need to get better ext. through the plane of attack and balls tend to get in on him, due to a little steeper approach to the baseball. With a few tweaks to get into his legs in his setup and be more athletic and work on getting his barrel into the zone quicker in the back, there’s power to unlock here. When he’s on time, there’s definite bat to ball skills and he has all the makings of a late bloomer with the bat and could take off. Defensively he needs to get reps with following his throws and getting through release and ext. out front. The hands work well and he plays through the ball well. There is definite pluses in his favor, with a tall LHH physical build w/a quick lower ½ to run 6.9/60’s and he has the makings of a stroke to hit w/a tweak or two w/bloodlines and a former MLB 1B in Chris Shelton as his HS coach!


Jett Walker SS / 2B / American Fork, UT / 2024


A versatile defender that can play all 3 INF spots and was used at both MIF positions at the Future Games, Walker played clean defense and showed real well in the workout on day one. Jett drove hard shots on a line from RCF to LCF, staying in the middle of the field, as he took a solid round of BP. The setup features a wide base in the box, with his hands held high over his back shoulder. He loads the bat well, and when on approach, he tends to drive his back shoulder underneath, which creates an uphill path, this is something he didn’t do in my earlier summer looks, when he was swinging the bat really well. When in sync, he drives his back shoulder towards the path of the ball and though there is some uphill, he created a flatter plane and wore the gaps out with an MVP award in a mid June tournament in CA. The glove is advanced for a 16 year old, as he has natural flash, educated feet and soft, subtle hands with an energetic rhythm to his twitchy athletic movement patterns. The arm is strong for his age as he posted an 86 mph arm across the INF at the Future Games and 83 at the Top Prospect Games. Also a runner as he posted a 6.84/60 at the TP Games and a 6.76 at the Future Games. Just needs to add overall body strength and size to maximize his hitting abilities, and with that added size and additional leg strength, look for some 90’s across the diamond and 6.6/60’s in his next two years of HS baseball. 



Logan Leavitt 3B / Dixie, UT / 2024


The brother of former Utah Tech U OF’er, Jagun Leavitt, Logan showed well on workout day, as he took a crisp, clean INF w/plenty of arm and made a really smooth, EZ play in front, on a hot shot right at him at 3B in game play and finished the play w/a strong throw to 1B. Shows smooth actions at 3B and has educated feet and gets into proper throwing position w/his front shoulder closed and is very accurate with his throws. At the plate, Logan shows more hard LD contact vs power and through the gap type now, but the swing is controlled and show’s rhythm and timing to square balls up consistently. Hitting .406 as a sophomore at the DH spot, with a senior at 3B, Logan will man the hot corner over the next two years for the Flyers, and the power should come as he learns to lift the ball and get stronger with maturity. Look for bigger things to come as we move forward, but the foundation to hit and field is currently in place to build from.



Zach Carlson OF / LHP / Juan Diego Catholic, UT / 2024


Carlson is an athletic CF that put up really good hitting metrics on workout day at the PBR Future Games. Running a 6.93/60, Carlson also had hand and bat speed marks of 24 and 75.3 on Blast. He also recorded an EV of 93.8 with a 75% hard hit rate on Trackman! Zach had a solid first game vs Team Arkansas as he barreled a shot into the LCF gap that was run down and later in the game, he hit a smash through the 6 hole for a 2-RBI 1B. Zach played a flawless CF in running balls down frequently. Blessed with an athletic frame, Carlson has really good mechanical movement patterns with a short, quick LD stroke into a whippy two handed follow through. A Future Game invite a year ago, Carlson had ACL surgery and missed all summer/fall, but came back healthy w/o any problem as the catalyst at the top of the order in leading Juan Diego Catholic to the 2022 Utah 3A state title! Zach will also be attending the PBR West Coast Games, August 12-14 at UNLV with many schools in attendance!



Makaio Swensen RHP / Snow Canyon, UT / 2024


Swensen made the most of his 3 inning start at the PBR Future Games, as he left the game in a 2-1 deficit, but pitched well, showing a lively sinking ground ball type FB 83-87, sitting 86. With a flexible med to high kick to delivery, Swensen has a longer take away in back w/a slight palm up towards 2B. The delivery and LTQ arm action are a spittin’ image of former BYU great and current big league Cubs pitcher, Michael Rucker. With the arm slot and movement pattern of the arm stroke, Makaio gets inside the baseball, which creates a spin pattern of late life w/run and sink. The CB takes on SL type shape at 73-77 with horizontal action and sweep. As he gets older and his body matures with added strength, it’s easy to see a power sinker type arm in the low 90’s as he induces GB’s that hitters will swing over the top of, while chasing the SL away. Makaio will be at the PBR West Coast Games in Las Vegas as well on August 12-14!



Sawyer Slade C / Orem, UT / 2023


Slade put up massive numbers in 2022 for the Orem Tigers and earned 5A 1st ™ All-State honors. The stat line was impressive as he hit .467 9 47 w/9 2B’s, to go along with 50 hits, which put him 8th all time in Utah history for a single season. Slade also had a really good summer, hitting a handful of wood bat HR’s as well. The setup is semi spread and square with a crouch and loads to a 45-degree slot and repeats a short, compact powerful stroke to hit with a whippy two hand finish. The ball jumps on contact and he squares balls up often. The defense still needs some work on pitch framing and working underneath the ball to stick pitches and get the low K. The feet are fringe in quickness, yet he gets the ball underway and showed on the bag accuracy during the workout phase of the event. Slade is a top tier HS bat, that colleges should be jumping on right now and not later. 



Andrew Lombana LHP / Juan Diego Catholic, UT / 2024


An intriguing LH arm that has put himself in a good position, as he has come to numerous PBR Utah events and has improved vastly over the last couple of years to the point of earning the right to go to Atlanta. A two way HS star, he was the 3A playoff MVP with the bat, but his left arm is what will propel him to the next level as he is garnering D1 interest now. At 6-2 180, showing a lean long lower ½ half and ideal frame to build and projects another 20 lbs of added weight and quality strength. The delivery has smoothed out, as he features a high flexible kick up top and gathers really well, while breaking over the rubber, in getting his arm up and into the throwing position at foot strike. The only flaw that needs to be addressed is he lands on his heel, which creates inconsistent K’s and it’s not a huge heel strike, so it can be tweaked and corrected. Once this is fixed, this should smooth his overall delivery out even more. The HTQ arm stroke is clean and fluid and has no restriction, which portends to even more FB velo down the road. The FB 78-83 is right on point for an upper 80’s, potentially 90 mph FB over the next 2 years. The CB shows med depth and tilt and his hand needs to get on top, to really rip through the seams and create added depth and spin. The CH shows fading action w/late bottom and needs to use more, as it can be a quality pitch for him. Look for even further growth in his repertoire and it will be fun to see where this goes from here?!



Cade Nalder C / OF / Jordan , UT / 2023


Nalder earned Utah 5A Region 8 MVP and put up a massive stat line during the 2022 spring season, as he hit .522 6 47 w/11 2B’s and an OPS of 1.442! Compact and strong with the ability to impact the ball w/a short, direct, flat stroke, while keeping the barrel in the zone a long time. The bat is his carrying tool! The defense needs work as he needs to work under the ball better to receive. The arm is strong, and can put balls on the money, yet is a bit inconsistent in his accuracy. The arm plays in the OF and he does throw like a catcher, but the carry is good and he gets off strong accurate throws. The arm will play on the corners with RF especially. A gamer that gets after it, while working his tail off to prove his skeptics wrong. It baffles me why a top school hasn’t just seen the bat and wants the impact that is there to translate quickly to the college level.


Beau Sampson LHP / Crimson Cliffs, UT / 2023


I've seen Sampson since he was 12-13 yrs old and this is one of the biggest transformation stories in the state. Where he was once a growing Lefty that lacked velocity and always had a tender arm growing up, as he was growing like a weed. Now with his father who played at Dixie JC/Utah and was a strong physical power bat, and with a mother that is tall, the bloodlines have kicked in and have they ever. Beau is now an imposing 6-5 200 LHP that reminds me of former MLB pitcher, Andrew Miller and when all is said and done, I can see a 6-5 230 workhorse. Sampson show a tall compact delivery and gets a solid hip load at the apex of his knee kick, and turns his knee inward, which closes off his hip, and allows him to stay over the rubber and give his arm time to catch up. The FB was 84-87 in March and is now 86-90 with the CB showing lateral plane and shape from his extremely difficult LTQ arm slot. Very tough on LHH's and can realistically see a 89-93 FB by spring of '23. Is drawing big interest right now and is a legit Division 1 / National JUCO powerhouse type arm. Stay tuned...


Bridger Slade LHP / 1B / Bingham, UT / 2023


A physical broad muscled athlete with a two way profile. Tough to say where he fits on one side of the ball yet vs the other. Does show really good hitting metrics with present power and an unorthodox style to hit. The load is a deep hand launch w/the bat laid back and flat in back as he starts his hands and knob to the ball, which creates torque and bat speed, though it could be difficult to catch up to better pitching at the next level, but he does show 100-103 mph exit velos and has hand and bat speed with strength to impact the ball. Plays 1B/OF and looks to be more comfortable as a 1B’man. Fields out front, but can get choppy on his actions and foot work. Does have tools, yet just needs to translate into game performance, #’s wise. On the mound, the delivery is flexible with a high kick up top and stretches out down the rubber to use the slope and pitches downhill with angle. The arm action is short and compact thru a TQ/HTQ slot and has a loose wrist to finish the FB 82-84 and can spot up to both sides. Can have some inconsistent command at times, yet showed really well at the West Coast Games and made quick work of hitters in his 1st inn of work. The CB has the beginnings of some shape, though can spin w/some looseness in spin and back up at times. Needs added depth with getting over and on top of the pitch better, as he tends to get around the pitch and create sideways spin, creating some flat plane. May be a candidate for a SL in his future. The intrigue here is a physical put together build with well defined muscles, and impacts the baseball, while sitting at or near the top in EV at every event, while the LH arm pumped K’s. Is a great teammate and is eager for instruction and wants to get better and learn!


Crew Secrist SS / 2B / Snow Canyon, UT / 2024


Had a good showing at the West Coast Games, as he excelled in game 3 w/3 hits and 4 RBI’s along w/a slick one handed play to his left and made a accurate backhand power feed to the 2B’man for the force at the bag. Lean and wiry with the frame to add muscle and size as he matures. His father Reed is his HS coach and is a 4 time state champion coach and has produced dozens of college baseball players, along with 12-13 currently playing at the next level. Crew’s father played 13 years of professional baseball and has 3 brothers that play or played at the next level. So the bloodlines are in place w/the instruction as well. Crew features an upright stance with a drawback of his front side into his backside w/an inward turn of the knee to load his backside and takes the knob of the bat and drives it inside out with a short, compact stroke to find the barrel. Gained valuable varsity time in ‘22 as a D1 commit went down at SS, allowing Secrist to start every game up the middle as a sophomore. Makes plays with instincts and field awareness and his arm is a bit short right now, but will only get stronger as he fills out overall and gains his man strength down the road. Look for even more development over others with the instruction and bloodlines intact. 


Cayson Bell RHP / Dixie, UT / 2023


Cayson really jumped on the scene this past spring as he led the state with a perfect 9-0 record and coupled with his sophomore season of 3-0, Bell is undefeated at 12-0, spanning the last two years. Lean, with and more skinny throughout, the frame is slight and does need to put added weight and strength, to hold up for more than a 2-3 month HS season. The base delivery and arm action and arm speed is in place, to make quick strides in velocity. Pitches out of the stretch only and features a unique setup in his hold position. He sets his front leg in a closed position and then leans back and lifts into a flexible high kick to delivery. The momentum down the slope and stride length, lengthen out to use the slope to power the ball down on the zone. In the spring when at full strength, the arm speed is whippy and has a loose wrist to finish pitches, yet needs to use his wrist and fingers more to back spin the ball and really rip through the seems to get the baseball to take off through the zone. The FB sat comfortably at 84-88 w/run and sink w/kill spin. Needs to spin the ball tighter to be able to turn the ball over to a 4 seamer to utilize the top portion of the zone, to all the ball to keep its plane for swing and misses. The CB 72-76 takes on true TQ shape w/loose depth in the zone. The CH 75-79 has kill spin action with run, sink and depth. Currently his best secondary pitch and he maintains FB arm speed and the pitch has deception and gets swings and misses. Has an idea on the mound and competes and has know-how. Look for a strong senior year as he is drawing interest with a couple of JC offers in hand!


Cohen Strickland 2B / Orem, UT / 2023


Not many players in the state have jumped on the scene and produced with the bat over the course of this past spring more than Strickland. He attended our Fall Prospect ID last November and then I followed his spring numbers, and this earned him the right to compete at the West Coast Games, after posting a stat line of .416 8 43 w/16 2B’s at Orem HS. At 6-1 185, Strickland is streamlined and athletic in his movement patterns and just runs fair in the 60, but is a very sound base runner and turns the corners well, and shows hand and bat speeds that are elite to drive the baseball w/conviction in producing the 2nd highest amount of xtra base hits in the state to Gatorade POY Luke Anderson. The load and trigger with the hands to hit, are unorthodox, as he loads at a 45-degree angle, and then when he gets ready to drive his hands to the baseball, he lays his barrel down into his shoulder. Yet this seems to get him into the zone quicker, as the barrel lays into the zone, which allows him to stay on the ball and in the zone a long time. His hands are quick and his bat is fast, producing ultra quick bat speed times. With a number of wood bat HR’s this summer, any JC program that hits with wood, will get an impact bat right away. Defensively he makes the routine plays and the arm is a bit short, but gets rid of the ball quickly with a short, quick arm stroke and is accurate with his throws. Based on the production, metrics and size for an offensive 2B’man, someone needs to gobble this kid up quickly. I like this one!


Gage Olsen RHP / Copper Hills , UT / 2023


A 6-2 165 RHP with the frame w/added physical maturity and focusing on gym development to put in an added 15-20 Lbs over the next year. A two way player at SS/RHP, who profiles at the next level as a pitcher, Olsen has arm speed and arm strength to be a low 90’s arm by next spring. Currently sitting 86-88 T89.2, Olsen touched 91 this summer and can see this being his cruising speed in the near future. His spin of 2431 is solid and above avg as well. Features a simple turn and pivot on the mound with a flexible, quick med kick to delivery. A short strider who under-strides, which creates more use of his upper ½ vs lower ½. If he can increase his stride to 90% stride length vs his vertical height, it will allow him to get into his legs and power the ball with increased velocity as he gets through release. Has the proper CB 71-72 shape w/med depth and a spin of 2,282, which with added arm strength at physical developments, this could increase to avg in the 2400+ range. The makings are there for a 3 pitch mix w/feel for a fading, sink life CH 75-76 as he’s able to kill the spin to 1765! Upside here for sure! Someone grab this kid!




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