Prep Baseball Report

2023 West Coast Games: Team Review

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director


This one-of-a-kind event featured the best uncommitted Class of 2024 & select 2025 prospects, throughout the West Region, that have been identified by each of the state’s scouting directors. In the inaugural 2021 West Coast Games, teams featured the top Uncommitted 2022 and select 2023 prospects from Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington, and this year we are excited to announce the addition of one more team to the premier Unsigned Senior event of the Summer with Canada. 

The West Coast Games took place on August 4-6 (Friday-Sunday) at the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ Wilson Stadium and the College of Southern Nevada’s Morse Stadium. 

Beyond the on-looking eyes of 50+ college coaches, PBR’s unmatched coverage and commitment to elevating players via advanced metrics and technology (Trackman, Blast, Swift Technologies, Laser graded 60's, Vizual Edge), along with multiple social media platforms, will provide elite exposure for each player in attendance.

The '24s benefited tremendously with the added exposure and a handful are now receiving calls and interest. For the '25s, additional schools that were not part of the 375+ colleges in attendance at the prestigious Future Games in GA, got to see one 2025 that had a field day with the bat, in OF-Haigen Reed from Desert Hills HS from St. George, UT, who jumped into the Top 10 Prospects, based off his HS season, CBA Scout Day and the West Coast Games. 

A full “pro-style” workout was held Friday with 3 games being played by each team over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

States Playing in the West Coast Games


Arizona | Colorado | Nevada | Washington | Oregon | Utah | Idaho | Canada

2021-2022 West Coast Games - College Commitments (27) 

D I: 11 / D2: 1 / JUCO: 15 

Player Position High School Commitment
Cayson Bell RHP Dixie BYU
Aidan Boice RHP Skyline Colorado Mesa U
Zach Carlson OF Juan Diego Catholic Northwestern U
Jace Carroll RHP Stansbury Utah Tech
Cole DeCastro SS Desert Hills College of Southern Idaho (CSI)
Brody Duvall OF/2B Spanish Fork College of Southern Idaho (CSI)
Malik Harris RHP/3B Juan Diego Catholic Memphis
Devan Harmer OF Clearfield Salt Lake CC
Jackson Holingshaus 3B/OF Maple Mountain BYU
Luke Iverson C/UTL Pine View Utah Valley
Ashton Johnson LHP Olympus College of Southern Idaho (CSI)
Brayden Marx RHP Pleasant Grove Hawaii'
Calvin Morrow OF Fremont College of Southern Idaho (CSI)
Cade Nalder OF Jordan Utah Tech
Cameron Nielson RHP/SS Cottonwood Utah
Gage Olsen RHP Copper Hills Salt Lake CC
Jake Olsen SS/2B Lehi Salt Lake CC
Beau Sampson LHP  Crimson Cliffs Salt Lake CC 
Grant Scholzen 2B/SS Hurricane U of the Pacific 
Crew Secrist  SS/2B  Snow Canyon  College of Southern Idaho (CSI) 
Bridger Slade   1B/OF Bingham Salt Lake CC
Sawyer Slade   C Orem BYU 
Brexton Starley  C/1B  Crimson Cliffs  College of Southern Idaho (CSI) 
Cohen Strickland  2B  Orem  College of Southern Idaho (CSI) 
Avery Doezie  1B  Cottonwood  Salt Lake CC 
Myles Topham  RHP  Canyon View  College of Southern Idaho (CSI) 
Logan West  1B  Crimson Cliffs  College of Southern Idaho (CSI) 


Haigen Reed OF / Desert Hills, UT / 2025

(Only 2025 on the Club)


West Coast Games

The surprise position player of the event for me! After posting a .400 BA as a sophomore this past spring, Reed flew under my radar for a myriad of reasons, but after attending the CBA Scout Day, he caught my attention with an EV of 100.8 and his ability to square up the baseball and find the sweet spot. Built like a ball player w/strong well defined features and a strong lower ½ that he utilizes well in his swing. The body shows rhythm and timing as he gets his hands into the proper position to load the bat, in getting to a solid 45 and then sinks into his legs and shows plus bat speed in firing his lower ½ and core, to get the knob inside the baseball. Shows barrel release and acceleration through contact into a firm front side and stays behind the baseball to get his hands extended and looks to do damage with violent intentions. At the WCG’s, Reed went off at the plate and finished the 3 games 7-9 with 5 2B’s and a 3B while creating energy and anticipation when he stepped into the box, that something was about to happen! The only 2025 on the roster, and he played well beyond his age class in performance and how he carried himself and went about his business. Reed also turned in an 84 mph OF arm velo and one that I can see making the jump near 90 in the next couple of years. Plays hard and was aggressive on the bases and looked for the extra base hit out of the box. A definite name to follow in the state over the next 2 years and one that excited me enough to place at #6 in our next 2025 state rankings release after his showing in Las Vegas. Definitely a D1 bat moving forward!


Ryder Harrison OF / Snow Canyon, UT / 2024


West Coast Games

One of the best pure swings and bats in the state, regardless of class. Ryder took a controlled professional round of BP and shot balls into the RCF gap one after the other. Harrison had a breakout junior year at Snow Canyon, as he was the impact LH bat that complimented a RH dominant junior class that will see as many as 5 position players that should make the leap to the college level. Harrison hit .400 this past spring with 7 HR’s, 28 RBI and 11 2B’s. However he was “Mr. Clutch” on three different occasions as he walked off opponents twice in region play in the last ½ of the 7th inning with 2 long HR’s, with one that broke a 0-0 tie at home vs Pine View in front of 2 different hostile crowds. The biggest blow was his 3rd walk off homer of the season, with the Warriors down 2-1 in the opening game of the 4A state tourney, Harrison hit one of the only opposite field (LF) HR’s by a LHH at BYU that I can remember. It was crushed vs a 90 mph college prospect arm and sent players and fans into a frenzy with a 3-2 victory and propelled the Warriors into the winners bracket throughout. A short compact build with short arms, that allows for a short, compact fluid stroke, that is repeatable and finds the barrel often! The pitch and zone recognition is advanced for a HS hitter as Harrison controlled the zone with 23 BB vs 9 K outs for a .543 OB% on the season. Not afraid to work a count and see a pitcher's arsenal, Harrison recognizes spin and can control his lower ½ to stay back and do damage. The one area of weakness is finding a position that he can be adequate at. A LF/1B profile, with a comfort level in LF, is where he finds himself currently, and with a strong mentor to teach the nuances of the position, Harrison should be fine, as the bat is the calling card. The bat definitely is a D1 bat, but he handles wood just as well as metal and should at least find himself at a national level JC program at minimum. 

Makaio Swensen OF / *RHP / Snow Canyon, UT / 2024


West Coast Games


A PBR Future Game alum and now a two-time West Coast Game alum as well. Last year I took Swensen to both events as a pitcher only, as I wasn’t in tune with how well he plays the OF, his athleticism and how he swings the bat. A two sport athlete, who plays WR on the gridiron, Swensen is solid as a rock physically at a lean, tight toned 6-1 190 with broad developed shoulders and a defined muscled lower ½. Looks the part in uniform, and runs on his toes and gallops on his gate to run the bases. The bat plays, as Swensen led the Warriors and was in the top 5 in Region 10 in hitting at .440 with 3 HR’s, 23 RBI, 6 2B’s and 3 3B’s to go along with an OB% of .547. A RF with a RF arm, Swensen also has very good vision, as he scored a team leading 82.29 on the Vizual Edge test. A spread out square stance to hit with his hands over his back shoulder and the bat laid flat. Swensen then takes the outward turn of his front heel to start a soft foot lift and sets it back down softly to fire his strong lower half into the baseball. The bat speed is fringe to avg, yet he times pitchers up with minimal moving parts to get the barrel to the ball and drive balls consistently to the opposite RCF gap the majority of the time. An instinctive defender that can on occasion take a bad route, but makes up with his reads off the bat and his athleticism to re-route and track balls down. Will be asked to patrol CF next spring and has enough arm strength to land online one hop throws to all bases. 


A simple square address to the hitter with a simple side rock step to start a flexible high compact kick to delivery. Repeats his delivery with a slight hand pat to the glove at the apex of his delivery. Drops into his legs and rides the slope with a semi long stride, and gets solid ext out front thru a LTQ arm slot, that produced sinking FB’s up to 89, with a range of 84-88 in a shutdown 2 inns of work vs Oregon. The CB still takes on SL type action with a lack of depth at 74, and may need to go the SL and speed the arm up to create the velo effect of the pitch. The CH 75-78 is his best secondary pitch and shows abv avg feel with fading sink life, and kills the spin and shows deception and misses bats and barrels. A K thrower that is efficient and works quick with athleticism and arm speed, along with an ease to his operation, to add FB velo and fill a sinker/SL type profile.

Tyler West OF / Crimson Cliffs, UT / 2024


West Coast Games (Workout + Past Looks)

A small spark plug type, like Orioles UTL-Adam Frazier. Has catalyst type qualities and skills. Ran a 6.59/60, which was tops at the event. Shows an adept feel for the bunting game and will use it and cause pressure on the defense. Attending only the workout day and impressed with the data that those who look for that will be intrigued by. 6.59/60 - 88 mph online accurate arm from the OF and a max bat speed of 70, while just spraying balls to all parts of the field. Lacks HR power, which is not part of his game. Although his max EV is 95, that is an outlier and who he is, is a pressure player, that keeps the defense on high alert, to get to baseball’s and get rid of the ball after he puts in in play. Can work a count and does have some swing and miss, although it's more about controlling the zone, due to not focusing on baseball year round, with football delaying that skill, in being able to turn his solid avg-plus tools into usable skills. Had a really good junior year with the bat, as he hit in the 7 hole for a loaded back-back 4A state title team. Was essentially a bottom of the third lineup, leadoff type.

2023 Stat Line: G 31 PA 108 AB 97 R 32 H 41 AVG .423 HR 2 RBI 28 2B 4 3B 3 BB 8 SO 17 SB 21/21

Remington Edwards OF / Mountain Ridge , UT / 2024



West Coast Games + Past Looks

A small compact build with chiseled features and definitely put together from the weight room and it has really helped his game and is very noticeable. Athletic and twitchy with solid baseball movement patterns. After a big 2023, I expect even more from this kid. An under the radar type, that is quiet and needs to market himself better, because this kid can play. A strong pound for pound type that led 6A in OB% at .614 and was hit by 19 pitches, as he crowds the plate. Uses an even prop shoulder width stance, with his barrel tipped to the pitcher. Gets to a solid load to launch the hands inside the baseball and releases the barrel with bat speed and natural strength to impact the baseball. Exit velos consistently in workouts of over 100 mph and was 3rd at the WCG’s with a 90 mph arm from the OF. Shows big tools for his size, with the exit velo, arm strength and 60 times of 6.88-6.94. Didn’t get much to hit during the WCG’s, yet didn’t give in to chasing or trying to get out of his approach and was hit by a pitch and walked 6-7 times. Can drive the ball out of the park in all directions, but looks to hit low LD’s, instead of lifting, which as he gets older and understands his game more, look for some consistent pull and straight away power numbers, as the base metrics and eye test of the swing and barrel consistency are there. 

2023 Stat Line (Junior Yr)

G 29 PA 102 AB 66 R 32 H 28 AVG .424 HR 2 RBI 26 2B 7 3B 2 BB 15 SO 16 HBP 19

Keaton Stinson OF / Olympus , UT / 2024


West Coast Games

A PBR Future Game alum and now a two-time West Coast Games alum, always puts up impressive numbers at the plate in the workout phase of all our events. With a 101.7 exit velo at the Preseason All-State in March, Stinson put up another solid junior year with another 7 HR season, to match his sophomore year. At the WCG’s, Stinson showed a 99.1 EV with a handful of long HR’s to straight away LF with his max distance of 379’. Stinson can do a lot of things well on the diamond, as he can run anywhere from a 6.82-7.21, and in some cases the tracks have been slow and the 6.82 was clocked in at the Future Games in July of ‘22. Stinson uses an upright upper body tilt towards the pitcher, with his barrel set into a pre-set load at 45 degrees. He rolls and closes his front shoulder as his first movement and lifts his foot to start the launch phase of the swing. A whippy semi uphill path, creates HR power, with the flick of the wrists, as Stinson has easy pull power and the ball jumps off his bat with height and carry. An avg arm in the OF and can play all three spots with instincts and reads balls off the bat well, and his angles can be sharper, yet he shows instincts and field awareness to run balls down. With 2 top JC offers on the table, Stinson is in a good spot, yet could explode as a senior, but his commitment could be coming and stay tuned…

2023 Stat Line (Junior Yr)

G 27 PA 104 AB 82 R 26 H AVG .341 HR 7 RBI 26 2B 8 3B 0 BB 11 SO 18 HBP 10 SB 11


Jett Walker SS / *RHP / American Fork, UT / 2024



West Coast Games

Another PBR Future Game alum, and now a two-time West Coast Games alum, Walker had a very good WCG’s, as he blasted a high and deep shot to straightaway LF for Team Utah’s only HR of the weekend vs Idaho in game one. Walker also performed well on workout day, as he ran a top 5 60 time at 6.85 with his best of 6.76 at the Future Games a year ago. Walker also posted a tied with 4 others at a #2 INF velo of 86 as well. Also Walker took a turn in the rotation, as he went in game three for 2 inns, and was 84-87, sitting 85-86. The SL 73-76 was the best pitch for quality K’s, as he was in the zone with every pitch at 100% efficiency. The FB was scattered for the most part, yet was around the zone. When he needed to make a pitch, the go to pitch was the SL and he either landed it, or got rolled over soft contact. Walker would have been higher with the FB, but cut his palm hand, while sliding headfirst into 1B the day before and insisted he was okay to throw, but it has to effect his velo, as he was up to 90 a couple of weeks ago in CA at a tourney with Trosky National. A two way very good athlete with quality movement patterns, Walker has yet to separate what he could and may do from a positional standpoint at the next level, but he has options and it’s a good thing to have. 


Ike Pickle SS / 2b / Skyridge, UT / 2024



West Coast Games

The one player I was most anxious to see after setting demolishing 6A pitchers throughout the state, as he hit .523 5 29 w/9 2B’s and 3 3B’s in a region where he had to face 3-4 pitchers in the high 80’s and one in the low to mid 90’s. After pulling a hamstring in the state tourney, Pickle was on ice the entire summer and the West Coast Games was his first extensive activity and there was some rust and he didn’t show the type of player that he really is. The workout faze of the Games, Ike was really good and put up easy power with a max EV of 102 and was among the leaders with a max distance of 394’ with a few shots deep and out of the park to LCF and straight away LF. The defense was crisp and he made easy 83 mph throws on the money across the diamond. In the games where he wasn’t rushed due to his layoff, he showed really well at 2B and turning the pivot and making strong throws to 1B. This is a D1 caliber player for sure, and schools will want to jump on this kid now, as any school that is saving money for the spring, may be in a fight for him, if his senior year is any thing like his ‘23 campaign and the power numbers take a tick up with the raw power beginning to show up even more in games. 

Logan Leavitt 3B / Dixie, UT / 2024



West Coast Games

If any player's stock jumped at the event from a defensive standpoint, it was Leavitt. Logan has always been adept at making plays coming in and making a tough in between hoop into a short hop and sticking it and finishing plays by getting his feet in sync and making strong throws across the diamond at 86 mph. But it’s the same play where he can make the off-balance play and flip a strike to the 2B’man on a DP feed and put something on it and be accurate at the same time. One of if not the best defensive 3B in the class. The bat is a contact type and shoots the ball to all fields over power right now, and he will work a count, but looks to get pitches away and go the other way, while steering the ball. On occasion if he gets his arms extended on a spinner up, he can juice it to the pull side for HR power. As he continues to mature and get his man strength, I believe you will see more game power as it’s in there. A heady player with instincts and field awareness that comes from an athletic background, as his mother Stacey was a 4 year college volleyball player and now a HS coach, along with his older brother Jagun, who played at Utah Tech (D2/D1) as a 4 year player and starting CF. So athletic genes run in the family. Just a couple of days after the West Coast Games, Logan made his college commitment to Arizona’s Glendale College and I’m proud of him, as I’ve watched him extensively grow in the game locally and was a summer teammate of my son with CBA Summit. Logan has matured into a very solid player and one that will impact the Glendale program immediately.

Treyson Purser 1B / 3B / Ridgeline, UT / 2024



West Coast Games

The big country boy from Logan has bloodlines w/his older brother Dax, a 3rd ™ All-American LHP at Salt Lake CC and now moving onto the U of New Mexico. Trey is a two time 4A All-State performer and garnered 1st ™ honors in ‘23 as one of only 4 players with 10 or more HR’s in the state in all classifications. At the West Coast Games, after being primarily a 3B’man throughout his previous 3 years, I challenged him to man 1B and he passed with flying colors as he made tough plays look east and a couple of times, came on choppers and made tough forward scooping plays on in-between hops and finished plays. He also was adept at hanging on the bag and stretching for tough throws and kept pitch counts in check and saved his fellow INF’ers of errant throws with his footwork in completing the play. At the plate, it was the same old story as Purser went 6-8 with a couple of long gap 2B’s and was a spark offensively a weekend. He was patient, yet aggressive at the plate and showed a strong compact short stroke, and the ball jumped off his bat to all fields. I expect one and the same as a senior in being the driving force for Ridgeline and making himself into a state player of the year candidate next spring.



Hayden Smith C / 3B / Snow Canyon, UT / 2024



Had a very good sophomore year as the catcher on the 4A state runner-ups as he hit .393 and then took it to another level in ‘23, hitting at a .360 clip with 22 xtra base hits, with 14 2B’s, a triple and 7 HR’s. The ball jumps off his bat to all fields and can hit it out the other way. Gets loaded into the “MLB Logo'' position and has solid barrel release at contact. Behind the plate he needs to get better at block and recovering, frames, get low and receive the baseball with soft hands. The feet are efficient and online to 2B with above or below 2.0 pop times. His throws are on the money, for what he lacks in pure arm strength. A solid baseball IQ with bloodlines, as his uncle played in the NFL. As a junior carried Snow Canyon once again back to a state 4A runner-up finish and looks to lead the Warriors to the promised land in 2024, as Snow Canyon has played for the state title 3 years in a row, winning it all his freshman year. 


Jaxon Fox SS / 2B / C / Olympus, UT / 2024



One of the better offensive performers in the state regardless of class. After hitting .439 as a sophomore at Cottonwood HS as the primary catcher, Fox moved over to powerhouse Olympus HS and put up big numbers, by hitting .524 as the leadoff hitter in front of 2 other Future Games alums. Versatile defender that moved from behind the plate to 2B and also did see time behind the plate in deference to a MLB prospect. A high bat to ball type that walks more than he strikes out and finds barrels to the pull side and can handle velocity, as he crowds the plate and stays inside the baseball, while getting the bat head out front. A quick power ½ with twitch allows for range in the MIF and a quick pop to release behind the plate. A 1.91-1.99 pop was the best of the event and was on the money with his throws. Also showed plus movement patterns at SS during defensive work and the feet are educated and he gets rid of the ball and throws K’s with a clean fluid arm stroke across the diamond. An athlete that actually deserves money over others that have been offered over him. He's better than most recruits that are already committed. 


Ethan Johnson C / OF / Cedar Valley, UT / 2024



A 3 time 5A All-State catcher, he will be looking to do what only a handful of others have done in state history as a senior in accomplishing the feat every year of his HS career. A raw athlete that needs work behind the dish in his footwork, receiving and arm strength, but the base ingredients are there to turn into a quality college catcher at the next level. An offensive minded catcher with long lean levers and a taller build than most catchers, yet the size and physical projection leaves you wondering how good this kid can be once he blossoms in the finer points of the game. The bat has always played and played quickly the minute he entered HS. Johnson has shown the ability to drive the baseball, provide extra base hits and drive in runs from the 3 hole in the Cedar Valley lineup. Keep an eye on this kid, as he would be a solid JC/Quality D2 offensive catcher with the base to improve defensively.



Connor Drachman RHP / Copper Hills, UT / 2024



Another arm that caught my attention through a tweeted video and got him to the Preseason ID and was up to 90 with the FB. Went out and wanted a rotation spot with two Salt Lake CC signees and has a bright future. The delivery is clean and shows the type of base ingredients to take off and get better. One of the better uncommitted arms you will find this time of year in any area of the country. FB 86-89 T90 with a spin of 2293 and the SLV 74-75 spins at 2277 and shows promise for added tilt and depth with college level instruction. A nationally ranked JC/D1 type arm that someone could find lightning in a bottle. The kid wants it and looks to get better. Humble and thankful for opportunities to be seen and get better. Jump on this kid now or he will be gone in short order.


The biggest eye opener from a pitching standpoint at the Preseason ID. After seeing a tweet that Drachman posted, it caught my attention and we made sure to get him to the event and in his words, “This event was the best thing that has happened to me” from a baseball standpoint. Drachman was as good as advertised and was the event FB velocity leader. A lean streamlined athletic build, that shows all the makings of a 6-1 190 frame in time, as he continues to mature and add weight in the gym, the loose quick arm from an uptempo rhythmic delivery, shows all the signs of a low 90’s FB, that should be able to touch the mid-90’s in the next couple of years. The arm is quick thru the slot w/ext out front, and can use multiple arm slots, that produces different visuals in the hitting zone to cover for hitters. With the FB 86-90 and the SL 73-78 tunneled off each other, the two pitches, coupled with the CH 82-83, which is a bit hard, and does show bottom, does give some spacing for hitters to cover and create timing issues. Based on the one event, Drachman received 3 offers and there will be more to come for sure. 


Andrew Lombana LHP / Juan Diego Catholic, UT / 2024



An intriguing LH arm that has put himself in a good position, as he has come to numerous PBR Utah events and has improved vastly over the last couple of years to the point of earning the right to go to Atlanta. A two way HS star, he was the 3A playoff MVP with the bat, but his left arm is what will propel him to the next level as he is garnering D1 interest now. At 6-2 180, showing a lean long lower ½ half and ideal frame to build and projects another 20 lbs of added weight and quality strength. The delivery has smoothed out, as he features a high flexible kick up top and gathers really well, while breaking over the rubber, in getting his arm up and into the throwing position at foot strike. The only flaw that needs to be addressed is he lands on his heel, which creates inconsistent K’s and it’s not a huge heel strike, so it can be tweaked and corrected. Once this is fixed, this should smooth his overall delivery out even more. The HTQ arm stroke is clean and fluid and has no restriction, which portends to even more FB velo down the road. The FB 78-83 is right on point for an upper 80’s, potentially 90 mph FB over the next 2 years. The CB shows med depth and tilt and his hand needs to get on top, to really rip through the seams and create added depth and spin. The CH shows fading action w/late bottom and needs to use more, as it can be a quality pitch for him. Look for even further growth in his repertoire and it will be fun to see where this goes from here?!


Easton Jones RHP / Stansbury, UT / 2024



A virtual unknown, until a recommendation by a fellow Dad of a D1 player from the same HS, recommended a 3B and went to see Stansbury play and came away with a Future Games 3B and this young man came in relief and caught my attention. A tall 6-2 175 that oozes physical projection with a quick arm. Gathers well up top w/a solid hip turn and gets into his back hip to create leverage and lower ½ use of his legs. Arm is loose and whippy with a loose wrist to finish pitches. FB jumps from his hand at 86-89 T90 with more in there with high spin at 2463. The SL 78-81 tilts with late dive and spins at 2183. D1 potential with a high ceiling and big velo to come on time, if not not sooner!


Caden Fenger RHP / Juan Diego, UT / 2024



A proj long athletic build at 6-3 180 and looks to add another 20 lbs at maturity. The delivery is compact and clean with some leak out front that lends itself to added velo, as he stays back and gets loaded into his back hip better. The arm is clean and produces FB’s at 83-87 with a max spin of 2236. The FB has a downhill plane and at times, sinks the ball below the zone. The CB 70-72 spins at 2283 and shows depth and TQ tilt for the promise of a tighter CB as he continues to gain added power and arm strength. The CH 77-78 shows plus feel to fade and dive at the plate and kills the spin at 1946 rpm’s. Chance for 3 pitches in time and fits the projectable HS profile with bigger things to come!


Owen Miller RHP / Orem, UT / 2024



West Coast Games

Threw very well at the West Coast Games as the physical lean athletic Miller at 6-3 190 went two scoreless innings and threw with an ease to his delivery and showed a quality, loose EZ HTQ arm stroke with ext out front. Threw K’s and missed bats with a downhill plane and angle effect to the FB 86-89 with solid spin at 2326 with carry through the zone. Miller also broke off some swing and missed SL’s at 78-81 with late TQ tilt down and away from RHH’s. Also featured his softer pitch with a feel for the CH 80-81 with some harder power spin at 2112 with late bottom in the zone. A K thrower that is only gonna get better as he already throws with an ease and fluidity to his arm stroke to proj even more FB velo into the low 90’s. Will be interesting to see where this all goes in the next year as he is approaching his senior year.


Braxton Yates LHP / OF / Dixie , UT / 2024



The younger brother of a former Dodgers draft and Utah Valley RHP-Kayler Yates, who is coming into his own as a college prospect as well. Yates jumped on the scene this past spring at Dixie HS as a solid offensive player w/2B and 3B type extra base power and a lean athletic frame to build upon. A solid mover with long lanky movement patterns as a hustling instinctive defensive OF w/solid jumps and covers ground. A slasher type hitter that impacts the ball hard to the gaps and can carry the OF’ers for xtra bases. A quick hitting stroke that could find himself as a potential two way type at the JUCO level, but his LH arm is making a move to where he could be a very valuable piece in a quality JUCO program or D2 school. The delivery is an old school get into your legs and drive down the slope low to the ground ala an old school drop/drive type. The arm is quick and clean and gets good ext out front with a full finish and solid inline direction to the plate. The FB 83-87 jumps on hitters as he shows a late shoulder turn out front in hiding the baseball and creating deception in his delivery and release point. The CB has solid promise as he can sweep the breaking ball to LHH’s and creates a tough angle to get off good swings. It’s a S/M pitch. Can back door the breaking ball and also bury to RHH’s and gets a ton of swing over and miss action. The CH fades with deception and has heavy arm side run and gets late sink. Solid avg pitch that creates a 3 pitch mix that will be enticing for colleges to grab. Wouldn’t surprise me if he puts on another 10-15 Lbs by next spring if we don’t see some upper 80’s readings approaching 90 mph in the next 6-9 months. Keep a close eye on this kid as he comes from a baseball family with some intriguing bloodlines. 



Northern Utah Open UT 09/16 Ridgeline High School
2023 PBR Scout Day: GBG Utah UT 09/30 The Hive - Juab High School Fieldhouse
2023 PBR Scout Day: RA Baseball Academy UT 10/09 Juan Diego Catholic HS
Utah State Games (Invite-Only) UT 10/29 Snow Canyon High School
2023 Utah Winter Update UT 12/02 The Hive - Juab High School Fieldhouse




Scholzen was brought on as the Utah Scouting Director for Prep Baseball Report after serving 9 years as the Four Corners Scouting Supervisor with the Milwaukee Brewers (2011-2020). Prior to his run with the Brewers, Scholzen worked for the Los Angeles Angels for 11 years (1999-2010), serving in a similar capacity as the Four Corners Scouting Supervisor. In all, Scholzen served as a full-time scout for 20 years. Scholzen also received a 2002 World Series ring for his contributions as a scout. 

With the Angels, Scholzen created an Angels Scout Team, in which he coached the likes of current and former major league players: Kris Bryant, Kevin Gausman, Greg Bird, Tyler Wagner, Aaron Blair, Joey Rickard, Donn Roach, Johnny Field, Taylor Cole and Paul Sewald to name a few. During his run with the the Angels, Scholzen served as the hitting coach for the Angels rookie ball affiliate with the Pioneer League Orem Owlz, helping guide the Owlz to the 2005 and 2007 Pioneer League titles.

Prior to becoming a professional scout, Scholzen served as the head coach at Southern Utah University between 1993-1997. At the time, Scholzen was the youngest Division I head coach when he was first hired at 24 years old. The Southern Utah baseball program was dropped after the 2012 season. While coaching at Southern Utah, Scholzen served as the hitting coach for the Alaska Goldpanners in 1995, as they won the Alaska League Championship. 

A native of Utah, Scholzen played at Hurricane HS and was twice named 1st team All-State and an AAU HM All-American, before moving on to Utah Valley CC and Eastern Oregon University, earning All-Conference honors on three separate occasions. Scholzen played in the Angels’ organization from 1991-1999.