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High School Scout Day Blog: Atlee

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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On Wednesday, September 28th, I took in a simulated fall scrimmage at Atlee High School. I got a chance to see plenty of talent, old and young, committed and uncommitted. Here are some notes and video from Wednesday's scrimmage. 

John Best LHP / OF / Atlee, VA / 2023

Best has a proportional frame. Normal effort to the delivery, hands break on time and in rhythm, and lands on line. It is a longer arm action, while throwing from a three-quarter arm slot. The fastball sat 79-82 mph with some occasional cut and dive when working to the glove side. Really liked Best's ability to get in on right handed hitters. He is not going to over power hitters, but with his ability to cut and run the fastball, coupled with the 68-69 mph 12/6 curveball, Best should be able to get deep into outings. He only showed one changeup at 74 mph. The breaking balls were slightly above average high school breaking balls and will give hitters from both sides fits because of the slot they come out of and the downer shape they possess. 




Chase Chamberlain C / 2B / Atlee, VA / 2025

Chamberlain is listed at 5-foot-9 with an athletic frame and even proportions. At the plate it is a square, balanced stance. Short and simple stride with a short level path through the zone. I like the simplicity of the swing and approach and it matches what he is able to do right now. Contact driven, hit for average, use the whole field type approach. The rest will come as he adds strength. Chamberlain started, at the least, the majority of his freshman season behind the plate. He did a nice job handling the staff and has leadership qualities, athleticism, and some solid catch and throw skills. It is not an elite arm, but he gets it out pretty quick and clean with accuracy to the bag. Popped a 2.05 in game throw to nail a runner. 




Owen Goble OF / 1B / Atlee , VA / 2026

Like a few other young guys, the '26 looked like he fit in at the plate. I liked Goble's round at the Richmond Braves Scout Day and nothing on Wednesday changed my mind. Got a 68 mph first pitch breaking ball and stayed on it for a single through the left side. How many 2026's, in their first at bat versus a senior, are going to get a first pitch breaking ball, and let alone stay on it like they knew it was coming? Well, Goble did. Still has plenty of room to grow in multiple areas, but there is definitely something there to be intrigued about. 



Jacob Hines UTILITY / SS / Atlee, VA / 2023

Hines has a long thin frame with plenty of room to add weight. Had a backside single in the first that scored one. Would jump on the mound a few minutes later where he sat in the 78-82 range with some cut when working to the glove side.The fastball straightened out once he went to the inner half, but the cut to the glove side was very effective and had probably had 8"+ of horizontal movement at times. Slurvy breaking ball that he landed for strikes at 68-69 mph. 



Noah Kegley 2B / RHP / Atlee, VA / 2025

This is my first time getting to see Kegley in game action and I liked what I saw. He competed, and that is a huge step for someone facing varsity/older players for one of the first times. He looked like he belonged. Stayed on a 86 mph fastball in his first at bat for a double into left field. A few minutes later he would get a groundball on the first hitter since he came onto the field. The groundball pulled him a ways to his gloveside where he ranged in front of the shortstop to pick it up and make an accurate throw across. I like the athleticism and feel for the game. Like most, Kegley will need to add strength to the frame as he matures, so the tools continue to improve. 



Parker McRay LHP / OF / Atlee, VA / 2024

McRay is listed a 6-foot-1 with a lanky frame. Pace and intent to the delivery. Full arm swing and works from a higher three-quarter arm slot. The fastball plays up just a tick from the 80-82 touching 83 range that it was. McRay showed a 65-68 mph breaking ball that had a bigger 12/6 shape and was tough on left handers. Flashed a few changeups at 72-74 mph. I really like the pace he worked with and the arm speed he possessed on secondary offerings. 




Aven Stevens RHP / Atlee, VA / 2024

Stevens has a solid, durable frame with a strong lower half. The arm action is longer and free while throwing from a three-quarter to slightly high three-quarter arm slot. Stevens did a pretty good job of repeating the normal, to slightly above normal, effort delivery. The fastball worked mostly to the glove side at 82-85 mph, with more 83-84 than anything. The 2024 right-hander showed one of the tighter, and better, breaking balls on the day. The slider sat 72-76 mph. It had a little bigger slurvy shape when in the 72-73 range, but really tightened up with some depth when it firmed up a touch.  




Gunnar Stromberg 3B / RHP / Atlee , VA / 2023

Fresh off his commitment to Lynchburg University, Stromberg displayed some of the arm strength and arm speed on the mound. The fastball just plays different out of the hand. It has an extra gear those last five to ten feet. He featured mostly fastballs, while throwing one 78 mph changeup. The fastball sat 85-88 mph and worked in the upper half. There were some command issues during the outing, but with his attack and overpower mindset on the mound that will happen occasionally. There is plenty to like with this arm/bat combo, and it is a big time pickup for the Hornets. 




Noah Yoder RHP / 1B / Atlee, VA / 2025

Yoder continues to impress. When I saw him this summer it was really really intriguing. And since then, he has continued to make strides forward. The recent Duke commit stands 6-foot-5 with longer limbs and square shoulders. Normal effort delivery, full arm swing, lands slightly closed, and throws from a three-quarter arm slot. The fastball sat mostly 86-88 with a few 89's and one 92. While he can be, (and was on Wednesday) really good, the most intriguing part to the Atlee sophomore is how much room he has to add polish. It is a bit stiff and funky at times, but it works. He is control over command, but it works. Yoder offers just enough "effectively wild" feel when he pitches that it makes for very uncomfortable at bats for hitters. He will run 88 on your hands and then dot 87 to the glove side. He will climb with 89 and then break off a 75 mph banger. When you don't know what is coming, whether it be pitch or location, and it's a lot coming at you down the mound, it puts hitters on their heels. There is a lot of ceiling left for this young right-hander and it should have the Raiders and Blue Devils staffs very excited for the future.