Pre-Summer Trials Outfielder Analysis: Part 2

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By John Nolan and PBR VA/DC Staff

In late May, PBR VA/DC hosted the Pre-Summer Trials at Virginia Sports Complex, featuring over 60 players from all corners of our coverage area. Over the next week, we will post the scouting reports on that event as we add them to each player's profile. We started with the pitchers, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. On Monday, we continued with Part 1 of the outfielders, here is the second half of the outfielders, in alphabetical order: 

Casey Lauer, G.C. Marshall, 2017
Offensively, Lauer hits from a crouched stance that is athletic and balanced. He is short to the ball in his bat path with a level swing that gets extension. He displayed an exit velocity of 80 and projects to have gap to gap line drive power. From the outfield, his throws had a velocity of 79 with good carry. His footwork and arm action were both clean and fluid. He throws from a high three quarter arm slot.

Joshua Lawhorne, Rockbridge County, 2017
Lawhorne hits from a balanced and upright stance. He has a short, inside front knee load. He hits with an above average exit velocity of 87 and showed a one handed finish in BP that occasionally came off a little early. Defensively, Lawhorne threw 79 from the outfield out of a loose, long arm action. His throws showed good carry with a quick and clean transfer and footwork. He has a powerful, athletic build on a corner outfield frame.

RJ Payne, William Monroe, 2017
Offensively, he hits from a slight crouch and slightly open stance. He loads back and smooth with a short leg kick. His level swing, good rhythm, and fast bat speed produced an exit velocity of 88. From the outfield, Payne throws from a long, high three quarter arm action. His positional velocity was 81 and he showed good accuracy and some carry. He is an athletic player who showed it in his footwork and transfer.

Rodney Pierce, Surry, 2017
Pierce is 6’0, 185 and hits from a slightly open stance. He works in a balanced and athletic stance. He projects to be a level, line drive hitter. His swing is short to the ball, but strong with an exit velocity of 88. Pierce throws from a short over the top arm action. He falls off slightly when the throws but his throws showed good life and carry. He is a quick, athletic kid and that showed in his transfer and footwork.

Zak Plageman, Patrick Henry, 2019
Offensively, he has a smooth, short and balanced load. He is a line drive hitter and displayed an exit velocity of 80. From the outfield, Plageman throws from a long and loose arm action. He throws from an overhead, high three quarter arm action. His throws were accurate with some life. His positional velocity was 75.

Rojo Prarie, Lake Braddock, 2018
Prarie hits from a slightly open, balanced stance. He loads hands up and back in his approach and has a short level swing and low to mid back finish. His exit velocity tested at 83 and showed good explosion. From the outfield, Prarie showed a smooth, long arm action. He has a plus arm and a positional velocity of 88. His throws were accurate and showed plus life. 

Blake Schaar, Orange County, 2017
Schaar hits from a neutral stance with knees bent. He has a “tap back” load and gets onto his front side in his one handed finish. He shows fluid rhythm when he hits and has a level swing with a low to mid back finish. His exit velocity was 82. Defensively, Schaar showed average arm strength with a positional velocity of 74. His arm action is short and slightly stiff.

Callaway Sigler, Deep Run, 2017
Sigler stands 5’11, 190. He hits from an athletic and balanced stance. He exhibits a short stride with good balance throughout the swing. He has a level swing that should produce line drives. His exit velocity of 88 shows good strength and bat speed. Defensively, Sigler threw 82 from the outfield from a long arm, over the top arm action.  He utilized an athletic fielding position with solid hands and feet working through his transfer and throws.

Dillon Sisk, Skyline, 2018
Sisk is a LHH who works out of a slightly open front toe in stance. He transfers weight onto his back side when he loads and has a pull approach. His bat path is level and long showing an exit velocity of 72. From the outfield, Sisk had a long and loose left handed arm action that showed good velocity at 84 and good carry and life. He plays through the ball nicely and has clean and smooth mechanics and transfer to throwing side. 

Tre’von Smith, Orange County, 2017
Smith is a big, physical player at 6’0 235. He has a balanced stance and a level, explosive swing. He should exhibit power to the gap at the next level with an exit velocity of 95. His offense and power is a plus tool. As a corner outfielder, Smith showed a 79 positional velocity from a long high three quarter arm slot. He played through the ball well in his defensive work.         

Colin Verberg, C.D. Hylton, 2017
Verberg hits from a bent knee slightly staggered/open approach. His load is a rock back, occasionally getting stuck on his back side. His bat path is short and quick, finishing with both hands on and at mid to low back. His exit velocity was 83. Defensively, Verberg has a longer arm action that produced a positional velocity of 77.  His over the top throws showed some carry and stayed on line. He showed athleticism working through the balls from the outfield and his exchanges were clean.

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