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Richmond Braves Scouts Notes 15U/14U

Jason Burton
Richmond Scouting Coordinator


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This is our third and final scout blog on the Richmond Braves travel organization. Today we are highlighting 11 players from their 2023 & 2024 teams that stood out during their recent events. 

Projectable 6-foot, 180-pound frame. Closed off at balance, shoulders slightly uphill, and lands on line at foot strike. Arm action is short and whippy from a three-quarter arm slot. Fastball sat 83-85 and touched 86 a few times. The fastball also flashed slight cut action at times when working to the glove side. Curveball was 72-74 mph with 10/4 shape. The breaking ball had solid arm speed and intent, but the feel is average and the spin can tighten up some. Was a nice looking 2023 arm that has some upside on the mound.



Michael Irby RHP/3B Cox 2023

Strong frame with some present strength standing 6-foot-4, 196-pounds. It is a strong physical body with obvious power potential at the plate. Natural loft in the swing and the path is slightly uphill. Just missed in two at bats on the day resulting in two high fly balls. On the mound the hands break in rhythm, hips and shoulders level moving forward, and lands slightly closed. Arm path is short and works from a high three-quarter arm slot. The fastball was 79-81 on the day and had a solid feel working to the glove side. As he did this winter, Irby had a really nice feel for a 11/5 breaking ball that flashed depth at 65-67 mph. Changeup had some late fade at 70-72 mph. Is a kid with some two-way potential especially with the power projection in the swing, but really like the ability to pound the zone on the mound as well as spin the breaking ball for strikes.



Zach Danielczyk RHP/3B Oakton 2023

Stands 6-foot-1, 170-pounds with projection left to it. Upright delivery and works with pace. Really likes to control the tempo for hitters and tends to work quick while mixing in some Stroman-esque timing variances. Loose full arm circle from a high three-quarter arm slot. The fastball has been 78-83 and displays some arm side run. The curveball sat 68-72 with 11/5 break and depth. Changeup is a solid secondary pitch at 66-68 and turns it over really well with some late arm side fade. Continues to grow in the velo department. The delivery is easy enough and the arm works well enough that he should have another few velo jumps coming his direction in the future.



Cameron Main LHP Cave Spring 2023

Thin frame at 6-foot-2, 150-pounds with plenty of room to add strength. Low effort delivery with a loose arm stroke from a three-quarter arm slot. Hips and shoulders are slightly uphill and moves down the mound landing on line. Displayed arm side run to both sides of the plate with a 73-75 mph fastball. Touched 77 a few time with the fastball. Curveball was 63-66 mph. Feel for changeup at 66-67 mph with arm side fade.

Side step rocker and gathered over the rubber with slight flexion in the back leg. Front leg could stand to stay closed longer while moving down the mound, lands slightly open, and has a short deceptive arm stroke. Throws from a low three-quarter arm slot and gets really nice arm side run on the fastball. The fastball sat 78-80 mph and tended to be up in the zone, but he got swings and misses there. Liked how the fastball played out of the hand and I think as he continues to grow into the body the delivery will clean up some and has the chance to develop into a solid arm.



Christian James RHP Nansemond-Suffolk 2023 (UVA)

Athletic projectable frame. Really impressed with the physical makeup of James. It's an easy composed delivery with repeatable mechanics. The arm is free and clean from a short high three-quarter arm action. Showed advanced control of both sides of the plate with a 85-86 mph fastball that played really well down in the zone. The breaking ball had arm speed and hard late life with 11/5 shape at 72-75 mph. Has made some big jumps since last summer/fall adding five to six miles per hour on the fastball and the secondary pitch has really tightened up and added feel.



TayShaun Walton OF Greensville 2023 (Miami)

Walton is about as strong and physical of a prospect that you will see, especially at his age. Every bit of the 6-foot-2, 205-pounds that he is listed at. Is an imposing figure in the box. It is an athletic setup at the plate with a simple efficient load and stride. Level path to contact and barrel stays through the zone. Got walked a couple of times during the two games I saw him and showed patience in his approach with a solid feel for the strike zone. Barreled up a couple of fastballs in the second game for line drives back through the middle. There is present strength in the swing and present power to all fields. Is more of a power runner out of the box and in the outfield with solid arm strength from center and right field.



Ethan GIbson SS/RHP Abingdon 2023 (Virginia Tech)

Athletic mover on the mound and works with pace and intent. Engages backside well while moving down the mound and landing on line. Displays a long loose arm stroke throwing from a three-quarter arm slot. Fastball sat 84-86 mph in the first and settled into 82-85 mph in the second. Flashed arm side run to both sides of the plate and got a fair number of swings and misses on the fastball from some quality hitters. Breaking ball had arm speed and nice depth while sitting 71-73 mph and tight 12/6 action. Changeup has arm speed and played more like a straight change at 74-76 mph. Gibson has also seen a solid velo jump since last fall/summer and seems to be moving with much more fluidity on the mound.



Bubba Sawyer SS Hickory 2024

Athletic frame with quick twitch ability. Present high end runner with lateral range up the middle of the field. Soft hands and accurate arm across with above average arm strength for his age. Contact driven bat right now, but expected with his frame and size. Gap to gap approach in the few at bats I took in and has the ability to swipe bags at will. Is an elite athlete that has the making of a high end prospect.

Projectable athletic frame with long levers. Handles himself well behind the plate with advanced receiving skills for his age. Has above average catch and throw ability. Has the athleticism to play a corner infield/outfield right now. Displays some doubles power in the swing and moves well out of the box. This is going to be an exciting catcher to watch develop as he continues to grow into the frame.

Aden Judge OF Nansemond River 2024

Athletic outfielder with range and above average arm strength. Has the athleticism to play all three outfield positions as well as contribute in the infield at this time. At the plate it is a level path swing that is short in and out of the zone. Line drive approach that has some pull side tendency. Displays ability to hit for high average with some doubles power in the swing. Will be an interesting athlete to watch develop.