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Summer State Games Spotlights: Uncommitted Infielders

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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In late June, over sixty uncommitted players from the 2024-2025 classes descended upon Fred Nats Stadium in Fredericksburg, VA for one of the most talented summer events that we have hosted in the Mid-Atlantic.

Today we are going to take a deeper dive into eight uncommitted infielders from that event. 


Summer State Games Spotlights: Uncommitted Underclass


Chase Chambers SS / Midlothian, VA / 2024

Chambers has a thin, narrow frame that stands 6-foot-1, 155-pounds. Plenty of room to add strength. Although the Midlothian middle infielder did a two-way workout on the day, he is a positional guy at the next level. Wider base at the plate with a simple load and level path through the zone. Chambers is a contact bat that is patient at the plate and not afraid to work out of a deep count. Seeing him in game during the high school season sometimes it would come off as passive, but the more I see him the more it appears he just has solid plate discipline, especially really early in counts. During the Underclass State Games he sprayed BP around the field and in game had multiple hits to the backside of the field. The one area on the offensive side that I was waiting to click was the ability to get the barrel turned and hit some balls hard to the pull side. Chambers showed that a few weeks later in the Summer Championships. Smooth defender with an accurate arm that is average in strength.

Strengths: Hit tool, consistency with the glove, and can throw on the run with accuracy

Areas for Improvement: Run tool, in game power (XBH), arm strength

Tanner Evans SS / RHP / Christiansburg, VA / 2024

Evans is a 5-foot-9, 180-pound wrecking ball. Strong compact frame. Three-sport athlete. Plays running back for the Christiansburg football team and I am certain he is a load to bring down. Strong lower half is an above average runner. Evans had quite possibly the best 2022 season of any uncommitted hitter in the state. He was a VHSL 2nd Team All-State selection at second base. Evans was one of the anchors of the Blue Demon offense last spring and launched plenty of bombs, including one that I was in attendance for. It is a short compact swing at the plate and the ball jumps off to all fields. High floor on the offensive side with the ability to impact a lineup in a variety of ways. The defensive profile is one of my question marks for Evans. He is a solid defender, playing shortstop and second base the majority of the time. He is consistent and has average to slightly above average arm strength. While he is a solid watch runner, I think the range and defensive profile would be best suited at second base long term. Evans was also a big arm for Christiansburg last spring, but long term he is a bat first.

Strengths: In game power, competitor, hit for average and power, tough out

Areas of Improvement: Solidifying defensive profile (where he fits best at the next level), maintaining athleticism with the frame.

Donavan Jeffrey 1B / RHP / Manchester, VA / 2025

Elite hitter. Above average athlete, especially for size. Strength to all fields that plays in game. Jeffrey is an elite bat, not only in Virginia, but in the country. He has such an easy time accessing his raw power in the game and has shown the ability to do so versus high level arms. Strong hands and wrists, twitch in actions, and the ability to mishit baseballs for extra bases. It is easy lift that he does not have to work for. Defensively he is a first baseman and is athletic enough to play some corner outfield, maybe best suited for right field. Jeffrey turned out a 6.73 60 and was 97 mph off the bat (up to 103.3 at Future Games).

Strengths: Raw power, in game power, physicality, athleticism

Areas of Improvement: Defensive profile, translating some of the athleticism and run tool into game actions

Carter Mitchell 1B / OF / Collegiate, VA / 2025

6-foot-3, 235-pound physical frame. Mitchell is a lot to deal with in the box. It is real power that he showed the ability to get to during his first varsity season with Collegiate. It has only continued to become more consistent. Elite hand and bat speed that he uses to his advantage for pitch recognition and zone awareness. Launched multiple balls deep in the gaps during BP and then it showed up again in game at the Underclass State Games. Mitchell is a better athlete than his size and frame may suggest. 7.29 60, solid motor, and has some two way potential on the mound as well. But long term it is hard to deny the offensive capabilities of the power hitting first baseman.

Strengths: Raw power, in game power, two way ability

Areas of Improvement: Contact rate, Defensive profile


Bryce Neely SS / OF / St. Christophers, VA / 2025

Athletic 5-foot-11, 180-pound frame. This is a toolsy, athletic 2025 that has high upside. Neely turned out a lasered 6.93 60 and should only improve as he continues to add strength. Average arm strength from the infield, hands are average, and can throw on the run. The offensive profile is where Neely jumps out. Multiple homeruns as a freshman playing versus high quality competition for St. Christophers. High end hand and bat speed, whippy barrel, and the ball explodes off the bat. Raw power to all fields, in game power to pull side, and does not get cheated at the plate. There is some swing and miss at times, but I think that will come with experience and cleaning up the approach. Neely is a solid defender in the infield, but his long term profile may be in the outfield. Regardless, over the next twelve-eighteen months will more than likely determine where he trends on the defensive side.

Strengths: Raw power, athleticism, motor

Areas of improvement: Offensive consistency, figuring out defensive profile

Ayden Schnarrs MIF / OF / Cosby, VA / 2024

5-foot-10, 165-pound athlete. Schnarrs turned out a 7.09 60, but is a better in game runner than watch runner. Instinctive and aggressive on the bases. Active defender up the middle, hands work, probably more second base profile long term. There is rhythm in the hands and load, solid timing, and is a versatile offensive piece. Has flashed doubles power, can ambush you early, and work deep counts as well. Schnarrs has shown the ability to hit for average and also uses the short game well. He is a solid all around player that has some in game "dirtbag" feel to the way he plays.

Strengths: Versatility, works well around the bag

Areas of Improvement: Consistency, run tool


Jackson Toole 3B / OF / Glen Allen, VA / 2025

The lean 6-foot, 175-pounder has become one of my favorite bats to watch in BP and in game. Slightly open, bigger leg lift, and lower set hands. Plain and simple, it works. Like some "hitters", there are some things in the setup and pre-pitch movements that do not necessarily match what some think a hitter needs to do to consistently barrel baseballs up. However, it works for him and he gets there on time consistently and has a great feel for the barrel. Toole swings with intent and flashes some sneaky power to the pull side. Defensively, there are some question marks that will need to be answered. He is an adequate defender, but I am not sure that he stays in the dirt for the level that he can potentially hit. Average runner with average arm strength and more than likely has corner outfield profile long term. But as many say, hitters will find their way into the lineup.

Strengths: Barrel awareness, timing, in game production

Areas of Improvement: Foot speed, arm strength, figuring out defensive fit long term



TJ Woodson SS / RHP / Hanover , VA / 2025

Elite defender. This kid can really, really defend. In the Mid-Atlantic, Woodson is about as polished of a defender as you will find in his class. The arm strength is average, plays a little better because of the quick, clean exchange and accuracy to the bag. Growing up around college and professional players, as well as higher level coaching has done him well. He is mature beyond his years at the position and shows the ability to slow the game down on the infield. For some time the offense has been light. Not because of contact rate, swing mechanics, etc, but because of sheer physical strength. Well, now that is changing. Woodson is growing at a good rate and the strength is coming. The hit tool remains and the added physical strength is starting to translate into results at the plate. This Hanover middle infielder is gaining a lot of traction these days and for good reason.

Strengths: Plus defender, high IQ, hit tool

Areas for Improvement: Run tool, arm strength, potentially more in game power