Winter Update Session II: Player Analysis

Jason Burton & Jerry Shank
PBR Virginia/DC

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The Winter Update first session was held on Sunday, December 8th at the Coastal Sports Performance Center. Today we give you our analysis breakdown from the event.

Ethan Altovilla OF/RHP Benedictine 2022
Compact athletic frame at 5-foot-10, 170-pounds. Upright open stance, leg lift to stride, and lands slightly closed. Hands make minimal load back, slight bat wrap, and hands were short to the ball with a slightly uphill path to the swing. Maintained some balance throughout and lower half finished completely. Exit velocity was 78 mph.

Turner Carroll, 1B/3B Briar Woods 2022
6-foot, 175-pound athletic frame with some projection left to it. Hits from the left side with an athletic stance, starts square, and finishes square. Hands load back direct, slight arm bar, and flashed some hand speed. Slightly uphill path to the swing, extension on contact, and showed some power potential to the pull side. Exit velocity was 75 mph.

Nicholas Hamm OF/2B Briar Woods 2022
5-foot-9, 148-pound frame that oozes raw athleticism and quick twitch ability. Open athletic stance, strides on line, and loads to a bat wrap. Hands are short to the ball, level path to the swing, and has some pull side tendency at times. Hamm was at his best when he stayed inside the ball and had a middle approach. Exit velocity was 83 mph.

Zachary Horn LHP/1B Brooke Point 2023
Long projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 155-pounds. Slightly upright open stance, front foot glides to stride finishing slightly open, and hands load back to an arm bar. Swing was short to the ball, barrel stayed inside, and used the middle and backside of the field well. Flashed some gap to gap ability and the power should continue to improve as he adds strength to his frame. Exit velocity was 82 mph.

Julian La Bella OF/RHP Broad Run 2021
Strong athletic frame at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. At the plate La Bella started with an open upright stance, simple stride forward, and lands on line. Hands start high and make minimal load back, slightly uphill path, and an uphill finish with some bat speed. Had some pull side tendency at times during his rounds, but the swing worked best when he stayed with a middle approach. Exit velocity was 79 mph.

Spencer Lloyd RHP/1B Midlothian 2023
6-foot, 170-pound athletic frame with slightly sloped shoulders that still has some projection left to it. Square athletic stance, hands load back with a slight drop, and strides closed. Swing gets on plane early and has a slight uphill path and some natural loft to it. Maintained some balance throughout and used the middle of the field well with some power potential built into the frame. Exit velocity was 84 mph.

Caleb Stancil RHP/1B Thomas Dale 2021
Strong physical frame at 6-foot, 210-pounds. Hits from the right side with an open athletic stance. Pronounced leg kick to stride landing on line. Hands make minimal load, lands balanced, works against firm front side, and hands are short to the ball. Swing path has slight uphill tilt, bat speed through the zone, and gets extension to finish. Present power working gap to gap with an exit velocity of 85 mph.

Tyler Walters C/OF Briar Woods 2022
Projectable athletic frame at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. Narrow upright stance hitting from the right side. Starts and finishes on line, front foot glides to stride, and hands load back to a slight arm bar. Swing gets on plane and flashed a high finish. Ball came off well to the pull side and looked to have some power potential, as he continues to grow into the frame. Maintained some balance throughout and finished the lower half completely. Exit velocity was 75 mph.

Camden Weston 2B/SS Thomas Dale 2021
5-foot-8, 155-pound compact athletic frame. Athletic stance at the plate, hands set high and then load down, pronounced leg lift, and lands closed on stride. Swing path had uphill tilt, hands stayed inside the ball, and stayed on through extension on middle-away pitches.Swing looked to work best when he used the middle and backside of the field during his rounds. Contact type hitter that uses the whole field with some line drive tendency. Exit velocity was 73 mph.