Prep Baseball Report

Illinois & Wisconsin: Super 60 Recap

By: Drew Locascio & Shooter Hunt
Locascio: IL/WI Scouting Supervisor & Hunt: VP of Scouting

The Prep Baseball staff hosted the 23rd annual Super 60 in Chicago, IL on February 4th at The MAX. Throughout the lifespan of the event, it has provided MLB Scouts and decision makers the opportunity to get a first-hand look at some of the top high school prospects throughout the country. 

To get a look at all of the stats and metrics recorded at the event, click here.

Below, we broke down the nine prospects from Illinois & Wisconsin that attended the nation's premier pre-draft showcase.


Tyler Bell SS / Lincoln-Way East, IL / 2024

Shooter Hunt From 2/6/2024: "Although Bell’s performance in Chicago was hardly as earth shattering as what he did at the All-American game in Milwaukee, it is for that very reason that it might have been even more important in the eyes of the more than 100 MLB scouts in attendance. Noticeably stronger at nearly 6-foot-2, 192-pounds, the switch-hitting shortstop posted the two highest average bat speeds, per Blast Motion, at the event even without the effort-driven violent outputs. Those quick hands worked the barrel uphill with a compact stroke that delivered length in the zone with his patented quiet-intensity throughout. Reassuring was the look in the box, and even his takes dripped with confidence and supreme balance. Maxing out at an exit velocity of 101.1 mph with a max distance of 378 feet, he was on the barrel for the majority from both sides. Whereas the right-handed side has been thought of as a notch below the left, this look continued an upward trend with a less pronounced late lift of the hands prior to the approach, but still with the usual ability to get quality use of the hips. A gifted athlete, Bell posted a 6.84 60-yard dash time on what felt like a slower track, and was one of the top jumpers in terms of height at 34.8. On the infield, he moved gracefully with fluid footwork and transfers along with a stronger arm across the diamond at 90 mph. Already a high profile prospect, Bell’s performance did nothing to dissuade that. Perhaps most notable in this look was the fact that the Illinois native has graduated from the idea of “wanting to be the best” to “expecting to be the best” in the best sense of the phrase. In looking ahead to the spring, Bell has placed himself firmly in the early Day One discussion with the likes of shortstops Wyatt Sanford (TX), Carter Johnson (AL), and Charlie Bates (CA)."

Jimmy Janicki C / 3B / Downers Grove North, IL / 2024

Janicki burst on the scene his sophomore season as the starting catcher for Downers Grove North and earned an invitation to the PBR Future Games that summer. He eventually committed to Troy University and has continued to trend upwards ever since. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound two-sport athlete played linebacker on the football team this fall and helped lead his squad to a runner-up 7A finish. At the Super 60, the right/right catcher continued to show a polished all-around game that we have become accustomed to seeing. Every tool continues to tick up for the talented backstop, who improved in every statistical category; 6.97 60, 84 mph from the crouch, 1.87-1.95 pop times and a max exit velocity of 104 mph. He was all over the barrel with authority throughout his round, averaging 97.2 mph off the bat with a number of his swings coming in at 100+. He also averaged the fourth best average bat speed at 77.9 mph, as well as the fifth best average hand speed of the event at 24.2 mph. What makes the numbers more impressive is how balanced, short to the ball and easy Janicki swings the bat. It's a direct path that results in hard backspin contact and he uses the whole field. Defensively, he is a steady receiver with clean, repeatable actions and a big arm that plays consistently around the bag. One of the top prospects in the state should be a close follow for scouts this spring.

Sir Jamison Jones C / 1B / St. Rita, IL / 2024

Oklahoma State commit, has long been one of the top catchers in the class. The 6-foot-2, 235-pound, physical, broad-shouldered, durable right-handed hitter has long swung a potent middle-of-an-order type of bat and continued to do so at the Super 60. Jones has a physical presence in the box with all kinds of bat strength and a direct swing with power to both gaps. Throughout his two rounds it looked like he made a conscious effort to use the middle of the field and hit the ball where it was pitched. It's a heavy, loud barrel that averaged 92.5 mph off the bat, peaking at 99.7 mph with a max batted ball distance of 360’. Defensively his arm has made huge strides since the beginning of his high school career, now topping at 84 mph from the crouch with a loose arm stroke and occasional carry to the throws. Defensively, he has loose wrists with soft hands at times and has a chance to stick behind the plate moving forward. One of the more physically intriguing prospects in the class. 

Cooper Malamazian SS / 3B / Nazareth Academy, IL / 2024

Shooter Hunt From 2/6/2024: "The impactful nature of the swing was evident over a pair of professional rounds that saw balls jump off of his barrel at near triple digit exit velocities (99.3 mph max). Malamazian set a sturdy base with a slightly wider stance that provided for ground-up power generation with a semi-deeper load of the hands before whipping the barrel through the zone with impressive force. His 6-foot-1, 187-pound frame features defined strength and athleticism, and the controlled manner with which he delivered impactful swings was impressive. A solid defender at shortstop, he likely shifts to third base in the future, but the power projection should allow for it." 

Brendan Tunink OF / OF / Newman Central Catholic, IL / 2024

Shooter Hunt From 2/6/2024"Simple explosiveness. The compact strength that Tunink displayed while in the box was eye-opening in a group of left-handed hitting outfielders that were all outstanding. Deriving strength from the ground up, there was clear ground force swelling with each powerful swing from the 6-foot-1, 190-pounder who peaked at 105 mph exits with a max distance of 396 feet. Line drive after line drive and gap after gap, he was perpetually on the sweet spot (85%). Limited time to impact, thanks to a shorter load of the hands, still provided for impactful swings. The look of the frame and left-handed stroke, along with the athleticism (he a 6.63) provided some similarities to former Cardinals 2011 2nd round pick, and fellow Illinois native, OF Charlie Tilson. In all, the tools are clearly present for a breakout spring where the performance will help mitigate risks and drive his ultimate value."

Aidan Hayse RHP / SS / Joliet Catholic, IL / 2024

Tennessee commit. The 6-foot-3, 193-pound, athletic, right-handed pitcher has been one of the better movers in the class for some time now and after a dynamic performance at the Preseason ProCase in Illinois, Hayse earned an invite to the Super 60. Despite how impressive his bullpen was at the Super 60, he seemed slightly more crisp and sharper (especially with his off-speed offerings) at the ProCase. With that said, Hayse moves athletically and with pace down the mound. The arm plays clean and ultra-quick out of a high ¾ slot with seemingly all kinds of velocity still in the tank. The fastball jumps out of the hand and plays lively through the zone, topping at 93.0 mph (T93.9 mph at the ProCase). He pairs the fastball with two above-average off-speed offerings, including a changeup that flashes plus arm-side action and sink at times while playing at 83-86 mph. The slider is thrown with arm speed and creates above-average spin and tight, late action; looks to be a potential swing-and-miss offering as he continues to harness the pitch and consistently land it in the zone. High follow arm in the 2024 class that should garner plenty of attention moving forward.

Luke Teschke RHP / SS / Monticello, IL / 2024

Illinois State commit. 6-foot-2, 185-pound, strong, athletically-built, right-handed pitcher. Athletic, multi-sport prospect who was a former QB1 while also being a solid position player prospect in his own right. His arm continues to trend in the right direction and ultimately is his calling card moving forward. His velocity and stuff has continued to tick up throughout his high school career culminating in some of his best stuff yet. At the Super 60 Teschke poured his four-pitch mix in the zone throughout his ‘pen, doing so with quiet confidence and poise. Its a longer, full arm stroke with quickness and athleticism out front. He drove his low-90s fastball to the bottom of the zone while topping at 91.8 mph. His slider and curveball are two different offerings with the curveball playing with 12/6 downer shape at times at 75-79 mph (2,282 average rpm). The slider sits at 79-80 mph with shorter, horizontal action and feel to the glove side. He rounded out his arsenal with an 84-87 mph changeup that he is able to kill some spin with while getting fade action down in the zone. Starter profile with more velocity to come as he puts his sole focus into his pitching moving forward. Current high-floor arm in the class with plenty of ceiling left to tap into.


Eddie Rynders SS / 3B / Wisconsin Lutheran, WI / 2024

Shooter Hunt From 2/6/2024: "Rynders delivered some of the best swings of the event providing a glimpse at a potential hit/power combination in the future. Delivering heavy barrels with upwards of 102.2 mph exit velocities and 391 ft. max distance, the left-handed hitter out of Wisconsin was balanced while portraying some controlled violence to a swing that saw him turn the barrel in a tight window with a propensity for lifting. The bat is clearly the carrying tool for the 6.73-runner whose ceiling as an infield defender would be more average, but he moved well enough to warrant a look on the dirt with a versatile profile in the outfield." 

Avery Duncan RHP / SS / Notre Dame De La Baie Academy, WI / 2024

Shooter Hunt From 2/6/2024: "A smooth mover with impressive uncoiling, Duncan’s whippy right arm and premium frame were inherently exciting walking away from the Super 60. Up to 94.7 mph per Trackman, the fastball exhibited some hope from a lower release height and high ¾ slot with pristine posture down the mound as the delivery exuded athleticism and the arm quickness promised even more velocity to come. Firmly thrown at 84-86 (2598 rpm max), the slider took a shorter, late tilt with tunneling attributes, and though there were some inconsistencies in this look, the foundational properties of a potential out-pitch are there, especially when considering the low in-game mileage. Also featuring a firm changeup at 88-90, he killed spin (1596 rpm avg.) on the pitch as it ran to the arm side (13.6 HM avg.) with slight sinking action. A clear third offering, it demonstrated clear upside. Built like an ox, especially in the lower-half, it was surprising to see that the right-hander officially measured in at just over 6-foot-2, 184-pounds as his presence on the mound appeared much larger. This lends well to the fact that there might still be considerable physical development on the way, and with it a likely jump across the board in pitch grades. Somewhat less heralded coming into the event, Duncan’s performance reaffirmed his sleeper draft status and likely woke many in the industry."