Fall 2017 Rankings Update: Class of 2019

Greg Williams
West Virginia Director of Operations

Following a busy fall of PBR events and the WWBA fall champinonships in Florida it is time to roll out our final update of the 2017 calendar year to our Class of 2019 rankings.  This update includes the addition of 5 prospects with the list growing to a total of 45. The next update will not come until early February following the completion of the Preseason All-State Showcase.

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top 10

1 Jonathan Blackwell WV Hurricane 2019 LHP Coastal Carolina
2 Jake Carr WV St. Albans 2019 LHP West Virginia
3 Nick Loftis WV St. Albans 2019 RHP  
4 Grant Wells WV George Washington 2019 SS  
5 Cody Sharp WV Spring Valley 2019 LHP Marshall
6 Griffin Adkins WV Cabell Midland 2019 OF  
7 Ridge Lester WV St. Albans 2019 RHP  
8 Hunter Fansler WV Woodrow Wilson 2019 OF  
9 Zack Whitacre WV Frankfort 2019 SS  
10 Garrett Matherly WV Greater Beckley Christian 2019 OF

Biggest mover

Griffin AdkinsThe biggest mover in this update is Cabell Midland outfielder Griffin Adkins who has shined at a trio of PBR events over the past 16 months. Adkins, who has jumped 10 spots from No. 16, is a right-handed hitter that starts in a taller setup. He uses a bat tip to load his upper half during his short stride forward. The 5-foot-10, 155-pound right-handed hitter's swing is compact with solid barrel whip through the zone. The top of the lineup type hitter runs a 6.65 60-yard dash an has been timed at 4.18 down the line. In the outfield he moves light on his feet and plays with confidence. Adkins fields the ball nicely on his glove hand side and plays through it efficiently. He has showcased 77 mph arm strength.

upcoming pbr schedule

Northwestern Pennsylvania Thanksgiving Review PA 11/19 Gannon University Recreation & Wellness Center - Erie, PA
PBR Evaluation & Measurables Showcase PA 12/30 Keystone State Baseball Academy - Manheim, PA
Northeastern Pennsylvania Winter Review PA 01/06 ProProspects Training Center - White Mills, PA
2018 Preseason Preview PA 01/13 Keystone State Baseball Academy - Manheim, PA
2018 Preseason All-State Showcase Day One (INVITE ONLY) PA 01/27 Keystone State Baseball Academy - Manheim, PA
2018 Preseason All-State Showcase Day Two (INVITE ONLY) PA 01/28 Keystone State Baseball Academy - Manheim, PA

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