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Lex Dillon
Lex Dillon
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UC San Diego
Whitney (HS) • CA
6-5 • 180LBS • R/R
Travel Team: CBA NorCal


2021 National

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2021 State

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Delivery: Standard start, crossfire landing, lacks balance, changes leg lift height and arm positioning pitch-to-pitch.
Arm Action: RH. Inconsistent arm action, pauses in front at times, shows whippy potential. 
FB: T79, 77-78 mph. Velocity down from previous showings, multiple spiked pitches and overthrows. 
CB: 67-69 mph. Inconsistent feel and release, saw some swing and miss, potential for more. 


Norcal ProCase 

Body: 6-foot-5, 180-pounds. Long and very lean, how he physically develops clearly is going to be a big deal in relation to how his raw stuff evolves in the coming years. There are signs of strength gains in his lower body since we saw him in the fall of his freshman year.

Delivery: Smooth gliding type delivery. High fluid knee lift, hands working in rhythm with his feet as he separates. Sinks into his post leg a bit before getting on down the slope, lands in stable position with flexion in stride leg. Good body control throughout delivery and as he finishes. Loose arm, easy arm, long circular arm action, mid-thigh depth, high-3/4 release. If there is something to 100% work on its his extension on the FB (4.92). That falls below the listed low end for the chart of MLB extension, via TrackMan. The longer the extension, the better the perceived velocity.

FB: Sat 84-87, T89 mph - 1893 avg spin rate - 14.7 avg IVB - 10.4 avg horizontal movement (HM) - The peak numbers for those metrics are a glimpse under the hood for what does and can make him successful as the raw stuff develops. The spin rate isn't what is going to get pro attention in regard to strikeouts, but lower spin fastballs tend to get ground balls, of which he induced three of in his four batters. There is enough movement on the FB to avoid barrels. His low release height (4.57) also factors in and creates a unique angle of how his pitches approach the zone, especially given that he's so tall.

CB: 73-76 mph - 1805 avg spin rate / zone% - 100% - The velocity of the pitch and his feel for the zone are both strong. The sharpness and bite of the pitch will need to improve because as is its a rolling CB that won't get hitters off his fastball. Given strength gains, even in his forearms and hands, the ability to put more spin on the ball is the goal. Grip pressure on the curveball matters.

CHG: 75-82 mph - Effective velocity avg of 75.49 - 1735 spin rate - 4.3 HM - 5.16 extension - 8.7 IVB - The spin on the CHG and FB are very similar so the action at the plate is also similar, but at about 10 mph less, which can be an effective difference. The ability to take even more spin off his CHG would be something to consider as until the CB improves, his FB will be hunted and that's where his solid CHG can be a very usable pitch.

Summary: He got the following results in his four batters (4-3, K on FB up in zone, 1B through the right side, 5-3) vs four RHH. He's still so far from physical maturity, presumably and still quite young in his development, not to mention being only a pitcher, that projecting him at this time is difficult, from a pro perspective. Check back in when he's toward the end of his soph year at UCSD and from there the projection should be much more clear. Knowing how far he's come in a short time, it is fair to say that his arrow is still pointed considerably up and there should be positive feelings about what he can be. We saw him in mid-August again and given a summer where he put in a lot of work, got more innings than a lot of kids, flew across the country for ACG, he was worn down. That can and does happen to kids every year. In his case, some of it is simply due to how much strength he has or doesn't have at this time.


BAWS 2019 - Large, very lean frame with length in the limbs; athletic actions with projectable frame that has space for more strength (7.16 60yd). Hands start at chest with exaggerated down/up momentum builder before high front leg; front leg locks him up with crossfire delivery limiting ability to get to gloveside of the plate. Loose and fluid delivery has a chance to keep improving as he works more inline with home plate; uses his back hip drive well. Arm has depth out of the glove with swing to 3/4 release; loose arm gets easy extension. FB 79-81 T82 with life through the zone; lots of run armside during the outings as his arm was late with locked front hip. CHG 77-78 sink to the arm side. CB 72-73 slurvy and short; when he stays through it has better break with more snap and tighter spin. Also flashed some pop from the right side during BP staying behind the baseball with an upwards swing (91 EV); did not have any AB’s during weekend.


PBR N CA Preseason All-State - Long and lean/lithe body, has gained a bit more size since last viewing, long way to go until he's reached physical maturity, competed as two-way player, on the mound has high-3/4 slot, displayed good body control throughout delivery, gaining good lower body stability as well, on-line direction down slope with minimal/slight cross-stride, arm works with a subtle backside stab similar to Rick Porcello arm action, fastball at best had some riding action and other times flat run (T 77), curveball is more slider-like with lateral break (68-69 mph), flashed feel of both secondary pitches though change-up was up more than down and that's somewhat due to a bit of an upright delivery finish. 

Long, Large frame showing very lean, young body type and squared shoulders; lots of space and projectability with frame for more growth. Feet move quickly with shorter stride length (7.50 60-yd). High, slightly turned stance with agility in hands/feet moving well for length in body; high release with growing arm strength that can be focus as he matures (2.12-2.38 pop, 66 MPH). Balanced stance with tall posture and high back elbow; slight lift/tuck of front knee as hands show slight load back with balance throughout swing including limited head movement. Level swing with long levers working in time and showing strong rotations; hands stay inside with flashes of quickness and ability to spray ball through middle of the field (86 exit velo).


CBA Sacramento tryout - Long lean intriguing 6-foot-3 150-pounds, somewhat twitchy and highly projectable, showed range of talents all day, offensively displayed fast hands and an explosive move to and through contact, size and strength gains should only enhance his hitting profile, gap to gap approach with some present pop, 84 mph exit velocity off the tee, defensively looked the part of a good young catcher, low pop time of 2.05, received well too, 70 mph catcher throw, on mound also intriguing, high-3/4 slot, loose arm with stab backside arm action, fastball was mostly straight with a little late wrinkle, breaking ball a slider-like bender, little early out of hand, best secondary pitch was changeup he threw with feel. Focus all day long in all he did.

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