Trace Morales
Trace Morales
Trace Morales
Trace Morales
Trace Morales




6-3 • 210LBS • R/R
Travel Team: CT Crush


2024 National

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6-foot-3, 210-pound athletic mature build. Above average at the plate, Morales clocked an exit velocity of 93 mph. (70.8 mph bat speed average). (20.1 mph hand speed average). Starts in a balanced tall stance with a controlled load,then uses a small leg kick. Bat speed is electric, shows a short upward swing plane and high finish. Barreled up multiple balls with tons of loud contact. Gap to gap approach. Advanced in the infield, his best throw was recorded at 78 mph; shows smooth feet, soft hands, and a natural exchange. Laterally, movements were athletic and fielded the ball out front. Using a short loose arm action, showed consistent accuracy to the bag from a high ¾ slot. In the 60-yard dash, his time was 7.53. Above average on the mound, had a high ¾ arm angle and a short loose arm action with quick arm speed. Tall-and-fall type pitcher and shows easy effort. Showed strong balance point and even shoulders. Lands square with an athletic finish. Threw his fastball 79-80 mph; showed arm side command and sinking action. (Max spin1931; Avg 1814). Had glove side command and swing and miss slurvey action on his 1/7 curveball (66-69). (Max spin 1825; Avg 1775).His changeup (73-74) showed fading action and arm side command.

Exit Velocity: 93 mph

Arm Velocity: 78 mph

Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.53


Trace Morales: RHP/3B, (2024) FITCH, CT. 6-foot-3, 210-pound mature sturdy build. Projectable and above average on the mound, used a quick loose arm action and a high ¾ arm angle while showing quick developing arm speed. Up-tempo feel type pitcher and uses some effort. He has falling off shoulders and a consistent balance point. Lands square with a falling off finish. Threw his fastball 79-80 mph; has control arm side in the zone and slight running action with heavy movement. (Max spin 1942; Avg 1745). Threw a 11/5 curveball (64-66) with glove side around the zone control and sweeping action. (Max spin 1650; Avg 1579). 

Scout Evaluation 

Trace Morales, FITCH, 2024, CT

Position: RHP/3B

Body: 6-foot-3, 210-pound mature sturdy build.

Pitching: Projectable and above average. Up-tempo feel delivery, some effort. High ¾ arm angle, quick developing arm speed, quick loose arm action. Consistent balance point, falling off shoulders, lands square, a falling off finish.

FB: T80. 79-80 mph. (Max spin 1942;  Avg 1745). Arm side in the zone accuracy, slight running action, heavy movement. 

CB: 64-66 mph. Glove side around the zone command, sweeping action, 11/5 shape. (Max spin 1650; Avg 1579). 



Trace Morales: RHP/3B, (2024) out of FITCH, CT. is a 6-foot-3, 210-pound right handed pitching prospect. On the mound, Morales works out of a long, high ¾ arm slot that produces a fastball that sits 79-83 MPH (Max spin 1840; Avg 1696) with arm side run. The delivery is easy and simple. He uses small movement to get balanced at the top and in line as he heads down the mound. Morales also featured a 12/6 curveball (65-67 MPH) (Max spin 1765; Avg 1660).


6-foot-2, 185-pound, longer, durable athletic frame. Showing plenty of room for added weight gains. A right-handed pitcher, who also worked out at 3rd base. Off the mound, pounds the zone with a 3-pitch mix. The delivery is controlled having rhythm, hands over head, easy athletic kick, separation is on time, direction is inline, landing with a slightly closed off front foot. The stride could length a tick, to shorten gap to plate, showing some forward lean. The arm action is clean on the backside, working from a 3/4 to higher 3/4 slot. The fastball reached 77 mph, bore action to it, rides in, also showed ability to pound it to glove side. The breaking ball reached 60 mph, bigger break, will need to add more fastball hand speed to it. Showed feel for a true changeup. At the plate, even feet, high hand set, is tall throughout, small pick up and put down. The swing is level through the zone, middle of the field approach, look for him to hit with power at some point. Showing plus pop for his age, had an exit velocity of 86 mph. Defensively, moves well to both sides at third base. The hands are soft, gets low and out front. The arm action is shorter on the backside, clocked at 73 mph. Look for him to be able to stick on the left side. Solid looking two-way player.

Exit Velocity: 86 mph

Arm Velocity: 73 mph

Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.90


6-foot-2, 175-pound, larger, wide athletic frame for his age. Well proportioned, body/frame actions are smooth, work with minimal effort. A two-way play, showed very well on both sides of the field. A right-handed hitter, starting slightly open, hands are strong, set higher, with a tilted flat bat head. The hands are back on foot strike, is are loaded, having backside drive, small collapse, could stay taller. The swing path is level through the zone, hands work free and easy. The approach is from field to field, with lift at times, tee exit velocity was clcoekd at 76 mph and ran a 8.0 sixty-yard dash. Defensively, threw 69 mph across the diamond, clean rm from a 3/4 to high 3/4 slot. The hands are soft out front, easy transfer, feet moving. Moved well stating the double play ball. Off the mound, tempo and timing to hands, higher, leg kick, small drift forward, could sty over back leg longer, has some forward lean. The arm action is super clean, working from a natural slot, whippy from side view. The fastball was clocked at 68-71 mph, 4-seamer stayed true, through catcher. The curveball was clocked at 57 mph bigger break, with tilt, slider was clocked at 59-60 mph, more horizontal break. Showed feel for a changeup at 59-63 mph, arm side action. Look for him to pitch with velocity at some point. One of the better players in the class of 2024, need to see him.

Tee Exit Velocity: 76 mph

Arm Velocity: 69 mph

Sixty-Yard Dash: 8.0

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