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2022 Future Games: Team Connecticut - Workout/Gameday Notes

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The 11th annual Future Games took place on July 27-30 at LakePoint in Emerson, Georgia. Top uncommitted prospects in the classes of 2024 and 2025 participated in one of the most popular events of the year.

There were 32 teams, including Team Connecticut, with players representing 40 states plus Canadian prospects. Each team played three games the final three days of the event after all position players were put through a showcase workout on Wednesday.

More than 300 colleges from across the country were looking on as approximately 500 players participated in this year’s event. In 2021, a record 330 college and professional coaches and scouts were in attendance.

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2022 Future Games: Team Connecticut - Workout/Gameday Notes

The Arms

CJ DiBenedetto RHP / 1B / Southington, CT / 2024

Report: A right-handed pitcher, durable, stronger frame. The arm action is longer, working from a 3/4 slot, heavy sink and bore action to is 83-86 mph fastball. The delivery has some effort to it, he pounds the zone with a solid two-pitch mix. The slider is a swing and miss pitch, late sweeping action to it. Competes at a very high level, is aggressive, look for him to extremely tough on right-handed hitters.

Harrison Engle RHP / 3B / Avon , CT / 2024

Report: A right-handed pitcher, tons of projection, fastball up to 84 mph, arm action is super loose and clean. The arm works from a natural slot, spin rate on all pitches is above average, look for a jump in the velocity. The breaking ball is tight with late depth to it. The frame is projectable and works with ease.

Adam Merritt RHP / SS / Kingswood Oxford, CT / 2024

Report: A right-handed pitcher, smaller, athletic frame, arm is fast and powerful, needs to repeat delivery, has some spin off at times. The fastball was up to 88 mph, is electric at times, comes out of his hand well. Mixed in a top to bottom breaker, at 75 mph. When on time and behind the baseball, its really good, solid follow stay on him.

Trace Morales RHP / 3B / Fitch, CT / 2024

Report: A right-handed pitcher, long and loose arm action, simple repeatable delivery. Pounded the zone with a two-pitch mix, lives in the bottom part, fastball in the low 80's look for a jump at some point. Works quick is aggressive, competes at a high level.

Baden Plante RHP / East Hampton, CT / 2024

Report: A right-handed pitcher sat in the low-80s, with a four-pitch mix. 5-foot-10, 170-pound strong athletic frame. High-¾ arm angle with a quick loose arm action while showing quick arm speed.

Michael Poole RHP / 1B / Westerly, RI / 2025

Report: A right-handed pitcher, works from a higher slot. The fastball was up to 85 mph, locates to both sides of the plate, mixed in a solid breaking ball. Works quick, pounds the zone, plenty of room for the fastball to jump. Pitched 2 clean innings.

Logan Rembish RHP / SS / St. Paul Catholic, CT / 2025

Report: A right-handed pitcher, quick tempo arm working from a higher slot, stuff is really good, electric at times, fastball has late action to arm side. Breaking ball has a chance to be a put-away pitch. Only a 2025, will be a top level arm next year.

Andrew Rondini RHP / SS / Canterbury, CT / 2024

Report: A right-handed pitcher, super smooth delivery, strong and tall on the backside, short, clean arm action, working from a 3/4 to high 3/4 slot, pitching downhill. Pounded the zone, with three pitches, worked 2 clean innings.

Owen Tahnk RHP / 1B / Newburyport, MA / 2024

Report: A right-handed pitcher, short and quick on the backside, fastball has late life, fastball up to 89 mph, pounded the 2-seamer to the arm side. Mixed is a slurvy breaker. Lots of projection, pounded the zone, pitching 2 clean innings.

Matthew Wood OF / LHP / Trumbull, CT / 2024

Report: A left-handed pitcher, arm action is short and quick on the backside, works from a higher slot, hides the baseball extremely well. Works the fastball to both sides of the plate. Mixed in a slower breaking ball, needs to turn it into a slider, with more fastball hand speed. Serious chance to be a legit bullpen option, extremely tough on left-handed hitters.

The Two-Way Prospects

Ryan Thompson RHP / 1B / Bishop Hendricken, RI / 2024

Report: RHH- A physical RHH, plenty of plate coverage, pullside power, length and leverage to the swing. The two-way prospect is a right-handed pitcher. Bigger frame, with projection. The fastball is in the low 80's, fastball is heavy, sink and bore to it. Mixed in a breaking ball, showing depth and tilt to it.

The Catchers

Sean Fallon C / OF / Bethel, CT / 2024

Report: RHH- Strength in the swing, more of a pull approach, arm is above average.

Nicolas Piscioniere C / SS / Shelton, CT / 2024

Report: RHH- Super athletic, loose hands, all fields approach.

Nick Spaner C / Portsmouth, RI / 2024

Report: RHH- Spread out approach at the plate, gap to gap approach. Pop time of 1.90-2.o, all throws on the bag.

The Infielders

Colin Crowley SS / 3B / Southington, CT / 2024

Report: LHH, super smooth swing, gap to gap, plus actions defensively, feel for the game.

James Fagnant SS / RHP / East Granby, CT / 2024

Report: LHH- Smooth swing, juice to the gaps, advanced approach, soft glove defensively

Cole Hambly 1B / 3B / Bishop Hendricken, RI / 2024

Report: LHH, Balanced in the box, above average power to pull side, hit multiple balls out in BP. Showed feel around the bag at 1st.

Chase Mendela SS / RHP / St. Paul Catholic, CT / 2024

Report: LHH- Short quick stroke, very smooth defensively, above average arm.

David Pengel SS / 2B / Avon, CT / 2025

Report: RHH- Young athletic frame, pull side pop, hard contact in BP, projects out to be an outfielder long term

Gabe Tanous SS / 2B / Barrington, RI / 2024

Report: RHH- Whippy swing, line drive, super soft hands defensively, with twitchy actions.

The Outfielders

Alex Benevento OF / SS / New Canaan, CT / 2024

Report: RHH- Athletic stance, strong path, took a solid round, 6.8 runner.

Dylan Kennedy-Fujah OF / 2B / Cheshire Academy, CT / 2024

Report: RHH- Strong path to the ball, displayed the ability to go to all fields with pop, above average runner, can play multiple positions.

Andrew Ray OF / 2B / Cumberland, RI / 2024

Report: RHH- Spread out approach, gap to gap pop. Average runner, throws it well.

Kacin Robinson OF / SS / East Hartford, CT / 2024

Report: RHH- Twitchy player, line drive approach, needs to add strength, game should jump.

2022 Team Connecticut - The Roster

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Name High School Class Pos. Commitment
Alex Benevento New Canaan 2024 OF
Colin Crowley Southington 2024 SS
CJ DiBenedetto Southington 2024 RHP
Harrison Engle Avon 2024 RHP
James Fagnant East Granby 2024 SS
Sean Fallon Bethel 2024 C
Cole Hambly Bishop Hendricken 2024 1B
Dylan Kennedy-Fujah Cheshire Academy 2024 OF
Chase Mendela St. Paul Catholic 2024 SS
Adam Merritt Kingswood Oxford 2024 RHP
Trace Morales Fitch 2024 RHP
David Pengel Avon 2025 SS
Nicolas Piscioniere Shelton 2024 C
Baden Plante East Hampton 2024 RHP
Michael Poole Westerly 2025 RHP
Andrew Ray Cumberland 2024 OF
Logan Rembish St. Paul Catholic 2025 RHP
Kacin Robinson East Hartford 2024 OF
Andrew Rondini Canterbury 2024 RHP
Nick Spaner Portsmouth 2024 C
Owen Tahnk Newburyport 2024 RHP
Gabe Tanous Barrington 2024 SS
Ryan Thompson Bishop Hendricken 2024 RHP
Matthew Wood Trumbull 2024 LHP

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