Jack Laughlin
Jack Laughlin
Jack Laughlin
Jack Laughlin
Jack Laughlin
Jack Laughlin
Jack Laughlin
Jack Laughlin
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SUNY - Cobleskill
Walter Panas (HS) • NY
5-10 • 180LBS • L/R
Travel Team: Interstate
2021 National

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2021 State

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Physical: 5-foot-10, 170 pounds; full, stocky build. 7.38 runner in the 60.
Offensively: RHH. Neutral feet with weight loaded on the back leg, keeps the bat relaxed behind his back until just before the pitch; Tips his bat and keeps the hands moving as he takes a big stride forward to initiate the swing. Active lower half, uses the explosiveness of his hip turn to his advantage with a fairly level bat path, giving him the ability to barrel balls up due to being on the plate early and often. Pulled the ball well in the air and on the ground, displayed the ability to go to the opposite field with no issue; peak Trackman exit velocity of 89 MPH.
Defensively: Bent over with narrow feet and a glove by his side; moves the feet well, plants his right foot to push toward the target upon fielding the ball. Quality hands with some delay in transfer; utilizes a glove tap from the corner IF position delaying the throw from transfer a bit, throws from a long 3/4 slot. INF - 75 MPH.
Pitching: Good tempo in delivery, not much use of the lower half but generates rotation through his shoulders. Throws from a lower 3/4 slot that appears to have some effect on how the baseball moves. FB: T 79MPH, 76-78 MPH. Throws a FB with heavy ASR due to the low slinging arm action. CB: MPH. Throws a CB with solid glove side tilt to it. SL: 62-67 MPH. The slider could present itself to be a valuable 2K pitch with late gloveside break. 73-74 MPH. Spotted up the CH well on the arm side of the plate, showed good depth on it when he got out in front. 


Physical: 5-foot-10, 160 pounds; compact, athletic build. 7.56 runner in the 60.
Offensively: LHH. Balanced, slightly open stance with bend in the knees; hands start up in front of shoulder; leg hang and stride back to even while hands have good rhythm loading back. strong effort with balance with Good feel for the barrel with a slight uphill path into the zone and has an on plane efficiency of 57%.  solid contact gap to gap with present pop; peak Trackman exit velocity of 87 MPH.
Defensively: Walks into ready position; active foot work playing down hill through the ball. fields the ball on glove side with a seamless transfer; long arm swing to a 3/4 release.  OF - 79 MPH.
Pitching: Works primarily out of the stretch; leg lift to the waist with a coil before striding out in line to a compact, repeatable delivery. long take back with a whippy arm to a low 3/4 release. FB: Peak velo of 79 MPH, while sitting 76-78 MPH. Works down in the zone with an average of 13.8 inches of arm side run. CB: 65-66 MPH. tends to back up with high spin averaging 2408 RPM; average vertical drop of 9.7 inches and 20.3 inches of horizontal movement. SL: 60-63 MPH. CH: 70-71 MPH.


Physical: 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. Compact, wiry frame.
Run: 7.55 runner in the 60. Stays inline.
Hit: LHH. Tall, open stance with a toe tap for timing. Hands start shoulder level and work back as lower half begins to initiate Barrel clears zone quickly, moves uphill at point of contact.
Power: 85 MPH raw exit velocity. Loft in swing creates pull sideline drives and fly balls.
Defense: Choppy footwork approaching the ball, fields the ball slightly off-center, brings ball back into glove as he shuffles into throw.
Arm: Medium arm swing with a 3/4 slot, deliberate release. OF - 75 MPH.

Pitching Delivery: Primarily out of stretch; compact lower half with coil at leg lift, Shoulders stay in line, back leg finishes out and around following release.
Arm Action: Long down and back arm swing, whippy to a low 3/4 slot.
FB: T78, 76-78 MPH. Arm side run low in the zone, 4-seam has some ride when elevated.
CB: 60-63 MPH. 10-4 shape with some sweeping action.
CH: 69-70 MPH. Late sink down in the zone.


At the plate, the left handed hitter stands in the box in a tall stance and slightly open. Displayed a slight lift at the point of contact. Uses a toe tap for timing and balanced before attacking the baseball. Defensively, the 2022 graduate worked out as a outfielder at the Fall Top Prospect Games. Laughlin has an aggressive approach to the baseball. Fields the baseball slightly off center. Takes his time to gather himself when making throws to the plate. On the mound, the right handed pitcher works with a low effort delivery and a loose arm action. Delivery has tempo. Displayed plus command with the FB and feel for a SL with a tight spin. The 2022 graduate is projectable and a must follow. 


Offensively- the left handed hitter stands in the box in a tall stance with feet shoulder width apart. Displayed loose hands and a quick path to the hitting zone. The 2022 graduate displayed plus bat speed with an 86 MPH exit velocity. Defensively- the 3B has an aggressive approach to the baseball. Gets rid of the baseball quickly. Throws from a mid 3/4 arm slot. Pitching- the right handed pitcher displayed a repeatable delivery and low effort throwing action. The 2022 RHP displayed feel for a three pitch mix in live game action at the New York State Games. FB peaked at 75 MPH and SL 59-60 MPH and CH 66-67 MPH. 


A lean 5-foot-10, 145 pounds frame. Ran a 7.47 in the 60 yard dash and ran a 4.47 home to first. Offensively- Tall stance with feet shoulder width apart. Uses a low leg lift and takes a short stride towards the pitcher before attacking the baseball. Quick direct path to the baseball. throws his hands into the hitting zone. Stays balanced throughout his swing. Showed hard consistent contact. Top exit velocity 84 MPH. Defensively- Sits back on the baseball. Shows soft hands and above average funnel action. Throws from a ¾ arm slot. Top throwing velocity 72 MPH. Pitching- Displayed a repeatable delivery. Stays balanced throughout his mechanics. Works mainly from the stretch. Uses a high knee lift and drives downhill from a balanced backside. FB has some arm side run and peaked at 78 MPH. CB has tight early spin ranged from 63-65 MPH. Has feel for a CH 65-67 MPH.


Proportional frame with sloped upper body. Wiry, developing build at 5-foot-9, 135-pounds. Offensively – Balanced stance with feet set just slightly open. Athletic posture with slight knee bend. Gathers weight on backside with leg lift before getting into short, forward stride. Pulls hands back to create separation and sync up with lower half. Loose, compact swing. Barrel works down to the zone and shows lift after getting thru contact. Stays balanced with still head positioning throughout. Defensively – Controlled defensive actions with deliberate tempo. Stays under control while moving laterally. Keeps glove hand centered while funneling ball in. Heads stays down to the ball before exchanging into throwing motion. Long arm action with low ¾ release. Uses side shuffle to redirect feet and get momentum behind throws. Pitching – Clean, fluid delivery. Maintains steady tempo throughout. Low effort throwing actions. Coils into back hip at leg lift. Hands break over rubber as he drops on his backside to push down the slope. Lands with clean direction towards target. Glove side stays tight at landing. Long, loose arm action with low ¾ slot. Tall, upright finish after release. Quality feel for manipulating spin.


Laughlin stands at 5-foot-8, 125 pounds.  Ran a 7.88-60Offensively- lefty with opened stance slightly wider than shoulder width.  Bat held at shoulder height, back load as pitch approaches, leg lift to engage with stride.  Exit velocity measured at 75-MPH.  Defensively- shoulder width base with bend at the knees.  Fields behind the ball, releases at a 3/4- arm slot.  Arm strength measured at 71-MPH.  Pitching- righty with relaxed tempo.  Belt height leg lift, long arm action, releasing at the 3/4- arm slot.  Fastball ranging from 68-69-MPH, hitting 70-MPH as top speed.  Curveball recorded at 59-61-MPH.

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