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New Paltz (HS) • NY
5' 11" • 157LBS
R/R • 21yr 9mo
Travel Team: Frozen Ropes


2020 National

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2020 State

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2018 NYS Games
Jun 25, 2018
Max FB
76 - 77
69 - 71

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June 25-27, 2018 (NYS Games) 

Peak Fastball: 79
Fastball Range:
CH Range
: 69-71

Good size with wide shoulders and long arms. Quick tempo and pace to his actions. Arm action is short and works quickly out to his release point. Has some cross action in his delivery that creates cut on his FB. Working on stride direction should help him consistently fill up the zone moving forward.

Winter Open (February 11, 2018)

Preseason - Downstate (February 21, 2018)

Campus Series-Marist (July 25, 2017) 

Fanelli checks in at 5-foot-10, 157-pounds with a lean athletic frame. Offensively- Righty shows a fluid swing with an upward barrel path demonstrating potential gap to gap power. Utilizes the whole body with a good trigger and full lower rotation clearing the hips. Showed good plate coverage with solid contact up the middle and down the left field line. Overall a powerful, fluid swing with potential. Recorded an exit velocity of 83 MPH, tying his previous best mark set in February 2016. Pitching- Righty shows good separation with a good drive down the mound. Features a high ¾ release point with a good follow through getting into an average fielding position. Utilizes his whole-body during the delivery with good control and body awareness. Fastball range was 74-76 MPH and peaked at 77 MPH with good arm side run. Curveball range was 65-66 MPH with 12/6 action. Consistent in the strike zone with both pitches. Overall a talented 2020 grad prospect worth to keep an eye on.

NY Games (June 25-27, 2017)

Athletic 5-foot-10, 157-pound frame with plenty of time to grow. Offensively - Emerging bat control with a segmented swing produced an exit velocity of 79 MPH - down slightly from 83 MPH in February of 2016, still trying to understand his body’s abilities, evidence of lower body engagement, learning to use pre-pitch movement to create rhythm. Pitching - uses ¾ slot for fastball with late movement at 77-79 MPH, maintains motion for curveball at 58-60 MPH, able to spot change-up at 73-74 MPH.

June 7, 2017

60: 8.03
OF Velo: 78 MPH 
FB: 77-79 MPH (Peak 79 MPH)
CB: 64-65 MPH
KN: 60-61 MPH

Winter Open (February 26, 2016)

Fanelli stands in at 5-foot-10, 157-pounds with a lean athletic frame. Ran a 7.96 – 60, improved from a previous recorded time of 8.18 in August 2016. Offensively- Righty sets up square to the pitcher in a wide stance with his feet outside the shoulders. Has a slight knee bend with his torso leaning towards home plate holding the bat in front of the back shoulder using little pre-pitch bat movement. On pitch his trigger is raise of the front foot keeping it in the same spot with his hands moving back slightly into his hitting position. Uses good lower body rotation getting whole body frame involved in the swing. Shows quick hands to the hitting zone with a level bat path throughout into a high two handed finish. Demonstrated line drive ability up the middle and to the pull side during batting practice round. Recorded an exit velocity of 83 MPH, a 3 MPH improvement from a recorded 80 MPH in August 2016. Defensively- At times choppy with his approach, on heels. Fields in a deep squat with hands under, slight delay from glove to throw. Suitable left side arm for his age, recorded a positional arm velocity of 78 MPH, a 3 MPH improvement from a recorded 75 MPH in August 2016. Will need some fine tuning defensively but is a good enough athlete to make the adjustments. Pitching- Sets up in the middle of the rubber with a simple side step into a high knee raise above the hip crease. Breaks down well on the back leg with good separation with an over the top release point into a strong finish and follow through. Fastball runs to the arm side and was consistent 78-79 MPH. Curveball shows promise with added development and was consistent at 64-66 MPH.  Also featured a Knuckleball that sat 59-63 MPH.

ENY Prospect Preview (August 2, 2016)

Fanelli is a wiry/athletic 5-foot-10 158 pound RHP/3B an improved 8.18 60. Offensively- Sets up in an open, narrows stance with hands head height off the back shoulder. Extended load off back shoulder as stride gets back to even. Level through the zone; two handed finish with aggressive weight transfer. Line drive/flyball results; exit velocity up 4 MPH to 80 MPH. As he physically develops there may be additional growth in the power department. Defensively- Showed improved arm strength, up to 75 MPH across the diamond. More than suitable for the left side at his age. Somewhat raw defensively with his approach and setup; stiff with setup and upright with release, taking some time to unload; better suited for a corner infield spot. Pitching-  On the mound; sets up center rubber, sliding to glove side with pivot. Center chest balance point; strong front side with a recoil after release. Moderate arm swing; late acceleration through a ¾ arm slot. FB showed some sink, sitting 77-80 MPH. Curveball with 12-to-6 shape with early action. Projects well on the mound but still with plenty of time to polish his all-around game.

Futures Instructional (March 5, 2016)

Nicholas is an strong 5-foot-10 165 RHP/3B who ran an 8.50 60 and a 4.97 home-to-1B. Offensively- Nicholas starts in an open and narrow stance with a controlled load and a stride that gains ground and gets him back to even. Hands lead the swing, staying moderately short with some leveling post contact. Line drive/gap contact with and exit velocity of 76 MPH. Defensively- Nicholas uses a controlled approach at times fielding in an upright position with his lower half. Uses a skip hop shuffle that stands him up through his throw. Arm strength was at 67 MPH with more in the tank as evidenced from the mound. Pitching- On the mound Nicholas sets up center rubber with a short side step to a belt high leg drive, arm action is infield like working through a low 3/4 arm slot. Repeats his stride, getting over his front side aggressively. Would benefit from non throwing side rotation (glove arm). FB was 73-74 MPH while his breaking ball featured more of a slider resemblance at 63-64 with some tilt. Tends to slow arm here. Uses a serviceable knuckleball as his change up in the 61-63 MPH range. Was able to throw for a strike with some flutter to it.  

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