Richard Kershow
Richard Kershow
Richard Kershow
Richard Kershow
Richard Kershow
Richard Kershow
Richard Kershow
Richard Kershow
Richard Kershow




Northport (HS) • NY
5-9 • 185LBS • S/R
Travel Team: Tri State Arsenal Tru32
2022 National

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2022 State

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Physical: Thick, muscular frame at 5-foot-9, 185lbs with compact strength in the actions. 7.60 runner in the 60-yard dash. Hood College commit.

Offensively: Switch-hitter - Mirrored from both sides, using a balanced, even stance at shoulder-width as the knees showed slightly bent to start; rhythm in the hands coupled with a short lift and replace stride up/down to initiate the bat head through a flat, whippy path into the hitting zone. Demonstrated the ability to lift the baseball after impact, staying on the backside and finishing with good extension up and through the ball. Notched a 38% fly ball rate en route to doubles power to the LCF gap during his batting practice round (near 330 foot batted ball distance via Trackman, 218 foot average). Worked mostly inside the ball short and direct, staying on-plane well in multiple quadrants of the plate with good bat to ball skills. Recorded a T89 mph bat-exit velocity with room for some more down the road. 

Defensively: The primary backstop featured a low, wide setup in traditional, receiving with a soft glove hand from flexed-to-extended. Pop times ranged from 2.03-2.08 with likeable footwork, staying low to the ground and under the pitch, replacing and getting rid at H ¾ slot (carry, 74 mph arm, accurate). Was able to maintain fluidity while being quick, suggesting the ability to be a threat in catch/throw at the next level.


Physical: 5-foot-9, 185 lb compact build with a strong lower half.

Offensively: Balanced stance with feet even and a bend in the knees while hands start up over the back shoulder with some bat waggle; simple load and stride consistently on time; lower half is balanced through out with a strong effort; barrel is quick into the zone staying long through to a 1-hand finish; The fluid swing mirrors from the left side both creating natural back spin line drives with a peak exit of 89 MPH while averaging 81 MPH.

Defensively: C: Balanced low set up with a low target and quality receiving skills;  Straight line footwork with a quick catch and release and accurate throws that carry through the target. C: 74 MPH. INF: Active footwork playing low to the ground and through the ball routinely; Soft glove with quick, clean transfers to a short arm action on accurate throws. INF: 69 MPH.


Physical: 5-foot-9, 165 pounds; strong, durable build. 7.45 runner in the 60.
Offensively: Switch. swings mirror each other from both side of the plate;wide balanced base with bend in the knees and hands start up in front of the shoulder; lift and replace stride while the hands load straight back. strong effort with balance with quick into the zone producing 15 G's of rotational acceleration  and an advanced on plane efficiency of 75%.  Good feel for the barrel spraying hard line drives to all fields; peak Trackman exit velocity of R 88 L 84 MPH.
Defensively: balanced and low to the ground; fundamental, straight line footwork. confident glove with quick transfers; short, quick catch and release on accurate throws. 2.19-2.28 pop times. C - 71 MPH. 


Physical: 5-foot-9, 165-pounds. Strong build, room to grow. 7.61 runner in the 60; 4.44 home-to-1B.
Offensively: S. L: Bent at the knees, feet shoulder width apart, toe tap load up, simple movements R: Bent at the knees, feet shoulder width apart, weight more on back leg, simple load action L/R: Level barrel paths, strong through the zone, two handed finish. L: Consistent contact, power pull side R: Power pull side, solid contact up the middle. 84 MPH raw exit velocity.
Defensively: 2.06-2.16 pop times. Low to the ground, wide setup. Footwork is efficient but slightly ahead of transfer, accurate throws around the bag. Short, compact arm action from a high ¾ slot. C - 71 MPH.  


5-foot-9, 160-pound athletic frame. Switch hitter that starts slightly open and athletic from the left side. Strides in and slightly back landing square. Hands make minimal load back before a quick short move to the zone. Bat path is level and had a high complete finish. From the right side stance starts athletic and square, heel lifts to stride, and lands square. Minimal hand load, flat path through the zone, and a high complete finish. Swing appeared more fluid from the left side. Exit velocity was 83 mph. Behind the plate Kershow showed short quick feet getting in line. Finished over front side and through the throw. Quick centered transfer, short arm path, and throws from a high three-quarter arm slot at 71 mph. Pop times ranged from 2.16-2.28. Ran a 7.39 60.


The 2022 switch hitting catcher had an impressive performance at the 2019 Fall Top Prospect Games. At the plate, Kershow displayed a quick direct path to the baseball and a short compact swing. Sprayed the baseball all over the field during the batting practice portion. Defensively, Kershow displayed active footwork behind the plate. He will tend to slightly fly open on throws to the bag. He improved his pop time number to a 2.06-2.16. The 2022 graduate is a projectable player and is a must follow as he continues to develop. 


Offensively- the switch hitter stands in the box in a tall stance with feet shoulder width apart. Short path to the baseball. Does a good job using the lower half and staying balanced throughout the swing. Defensively- the 2022 catcher sits back in a low wide base. Presents a big target for the pitcher. Smooth exchange and quick release from a high ¾ arm slot. 


The switch-hitter stands in the box with a wide base; bat lays flat across his shoulder. Good rhythm in his swing- quick toe-tap load followed by a short and compact swing. Barrel works through the zone to all parts of the field. Swing is very balanced from both sides of the plate. Richard had an exit velocity of 77 off the tee. Advanced skills behind the plate. He targets and frames well around the plate. Good body control when throwing to bases- good direction with his feet; on time with his transfer and release. Block and recovers well. His pop time ranged between 2.16-2.22 and recorded 70mph velocity on his throws.


A lean 5-foot-8, 141 pounds frame. Ran a 7.84 in the 60 yard dash. Offensively- the switch hitter stands in the box with a wide stance. No stride towards the pitcher. Fast twitch actions at the plate. Quick to the point of contact. Gets full extension. Stays balanced throughout the swing. Top exit velocity was 72 MPH. Defensively- as a C, sets up in a low athletic setup. Big target for the pitcher. Showed quick release on throws to 2B. Top throwing velocity was 68 MPH. pop time range was 2.21-2.35.


Proportional build with developing frame at 5-foot-8, 150-pounds. Offensively – Switch hitter. Right side – Sets up with feet square to the pitcher, outside of shoulder with. Slight knee bend. Rotational swing with no stride or forward move. Level, compact swing. Left side – Wide, balanced set-up. Quick swing with loose wrists. Flashes more lift than on the right side. Defensively – Sets up with low crouch and glove centered. Receives ball out in front while getting into throwing motion. Clean footwork getting lined up with 2B. Short, quick arm action with over the top release point.


5-foot-6, 150-pounds. Offensively - Switch hitter. Wide set up from left side. No stride. Toe tap for load. Loose hands with relaxed swing. Shows lift to pull-side. Exit velocity was 68 MPH. Similar set up on right side. Shows quicker hands to the ball. Not as much lift in swing, more line drive contact. Exit velocity was 71 MPH. Defensively - Catching - Compact set up with target in center of body. Maintains bend in glove arm while receiving. Efficient footwork on transition into throws. Exchanges ball high. Throwing motion is quick and compact. Pop times were 2.45 - 2.58. Arm strength was 63 MPH. 3B - Wide base while fielding. Body stays under control when moving laterally. High release point, compact arm action. Arm strength was 67 MPH.

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