Danny Heck
Danny Heck
Danny Heck
Danny Heck
Danny Heck
Danny Heck
Danny Heck
Danny Heck




United States Merchant Marines Academy
Canton Central Catholic (HS) • OH
6-0 • 172LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Ohio elite Schuch 17u


2021 National

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2021 State

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Hit: Right-handed hitter that starts in an athletic setup. Goes with an easy back load with a knee pinch down low. Balanced stroke that plays to both gaps. Consistently barrelled baseballs throughout round.
Power: Line drive guy with gap abilities. Quick hands with above average strength.
Offensive Projection: Table setter.
Max BP Exit Velocity: 88mph.
Max BP Distance: 289ft.
Field: Versatile defender that can play the outfield and behind the dish at an above average clip due to functional athleticism/arm talent and ball skills.
Throw: Above average strength.
Defensive Projection: UTL.


Hit:Right-handed hitter that starts in a balanced stance. Efficient pre-launch sequence that leads to a balanced launch. Whippy stroke that has an early entry and late exit through the zone. All field abilities with slight pull side tendencies in BP.
Power:Quick hands with wiry strength.
Offensive Projection: Multiple Roles.
Max BP Exit:88 mph
Max BP Distance:277 ft
Field:Versatile defender that showed well in the outfield and behind the dish. Good athlete with a well-rounded skill set. SImilar to at the plate he has feel for what he's doing and above average ball skills.
Throw:Accurate arrivals with some jump out of the hand.
Defensive Projection:UTL.


2/23/20 Position Player
Hit: Right handed hitter. Starts in an athletic, slightly open stance. Loading sequence is simple for regular timing. Uphill path through the zon, which creates natural lift.
Power: 87mph tee ev. Present gap abilities.
Offensive Projection: Top of the lineup.
Field: Worked out as a C and OF. From the C position, he recorded a 2.09-2.25 pop time. Displayed sufficient footwork and transfer, with a longer arm action. From the OF position, does a good job of playing through the ball, with sound ball skills.
Throw: 74 mph arm from the C position. 75 mph arm from the OF position.
Defensive Projection: C/LF


Body Type:  5-foot-8, 145-pound athletic frame.
Swing Mechanics:  Open stance with a smooth load into his back leg while keeping his loose and loaded.
Hit:  Uphill bat path with a pull side approach.  Produces natural ball flight to the middle part of the field.
Power:  Line drive guy right now with more to come as he develops.
Offensive Projection:  TBD.
Field: In the outfield he plays too and through the baseball in a timely fashion. Plays fast and confident. Ball skills are there. At the catcher position, he has a quick transfer and efficient footwork.  His receiving and blocking skills are still developing.
Throw: Near over the top slot with average strength and present accuracy.
Defensive Projection: CF/LF. 


Body Type: 6-foot, 160-pound athletically built prospect.
Swing Mechanics: Right-handed hitter with a simple approach mechanically, using a short stride during back load to hands.
Hit: Compact, level stroke that offers more present quickness than strength. Generated line drives to the middle of the field, showing feel for contact.
Power: 79 mph exit velocity. Line drive swinger with much more to come. Flashed gap abilities.
Offensive Projection: TBD.
Run: 4.41 H-1st.
Field: In the outfield he plays with quiet feet, remaining under control too and through. Ball skills are on par for class. Corner look to him. Also worked out behind the dish where he recorded pop times of 2.23-2.35.
Throw: 68 mph from the crouch and 73 mph strength to home plate.
Defensive Projection: OF/C.


A righty swinger that starts in a balanced stance. Loading sequence is simple, yet efficient creating both balance and regular timing. Path is slightly uphill and swing shows intent. Both strength and speed to hands are above average for class. His loft in path allows him to lift the ball naturally without sacrificing bat speed. In the outfield he plays under control with adequate ball skills through fielding. Plays through on glove foot side, slowing momentum a bit to ensure ball security. Arm strength will be area for improvement moving forward. Shows present accuracy to throws. Good athlete behind the dish with fluid actions. Starts in a low crouch before exploding out of his stance, creating direction/momentum while gaining ground. Transfer was clean and throws were accurate. Will see easy improvements in pop times as arm strengthens with maturity.

Home to 1st: 4.66
Pop Times: 2.28-2.38
Catcher Velocity: 66
Outfield Velocity: 69
Exit Velocity: 81


A righty swinger that starts in an athletic setup. Uses an efficient load, launching from a balanced position. Path is slightly uphill with feel for squaring up the barrel consistently. Line drive guy presently with more to come as physical maturation takes its course.  In the outfield he plays fast but maintains control. Looks mechanically sound through while showing adequate ball skills for the spot. Threw with accuracy and developing strength to home plate. Most projectable defensively behind the dish. Receives well and is mechanically sound catch and throw guy. Should see improvements in pop times naturally as actions speed up and arm strengthens.

Home to 1st: 4.76
Pop Times: 2.15-2.27
Catcher Velocity: 61
Outfield Velocity: 68
Exit Velocity: 77


5-foot-11, 150 pound right-handed pitcher has a smaller frame to him while throwing from a ¾ arm slot with shorter arm action. Mechanics flowed well together with a nice leg kick and creates good separation at hand break. His fastball was 65-66 mph and keep it in the zone for strikes at the knees often. Developing changeup was 60-62 mph. Heck’s curveball had higher tilt to it at 51-54 mph. Continuing to add size and strength will only benefit this prospect’s future. A righty singer that starts in a taller setup. Actions are smooth and quiet prior to launch. Swing is compact with a downhill plane to contact. Found the barrel often in BP, consistently producing line drives to the middle of the field. Created natural ball flight when he stayed inside the baseball but showed a tendency to pull off at times. Strength is an above average tool for class with bat speed looking to be on its way. In the infield he has a second baseman look to him. Plays under control with soft hands through fielding. Moves well laterally with the ability to throw form multiple slots on the run. A solid defender in general with impressive ball skills for class. In the outfield he has a corner look to him. Feet are aggressive to and through fielding with obvious confidence in his glove. Arm strength will be area for improvement out there. Behind the dish he brings above average athleticism to the spot. Feet are quick and arm action fits the position. Feet are sound and transfer is clean. Look to see easy improvements in pop time as arm strength comes along with maturity.

Pop Times: 2.25-2.38
Catcher Velocity: 65
Infield Velocity: 69
Outfield Velocity: 71
Exit Velocity: 80

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