Colin Marinpetro
Colin Marinpetro
Colin Marinpetro
Colin Marinpetro
Colin Marinpetro
Colin Marinpetro




West Allegheny (HS) • PA
6-6 • 215LBS • L/L
Travel Team: Carolina Rockies
2022 National

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2022 State

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Physical: XL 6-foot-6, 215lb frame with powerful limbs. 7.13 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: LHH - Open, rhythmic stance showing bend into the backside leg to start. Utilized a stretched load with the barrel pointing outward towards the mound and leg-lift stride to initiate the swing through an uphill path towards a two-handed finish. Big presence in the box and did damage to the pull-side of the field when getting the arms extended at the front of the plate. Recorded a 96 mph bat-exit velocity at a 351 foot distance on his best barrel, generating plenty of loft with a 46% fly ball rate during his round. 

Defensively: The first baseman moved light on his feet with adequate feel around the bag. Positioned himself on time at a higher posture and fielded softly with funnel into the waistline. Accurate 72 mph arm-strength (H ¾ slot, low intent) towards the target.


Physical: XL, projectable 6-foot-6, 215lb frame with ready strength in all phases. 7.13 runner in the 60-yard dash featuring sneaky athleticism. 

Offensively: LHH - Open, bent stance with the hands pre-set near the head; initiated using a pronounced lift and replace stride out towards the pitcher while getting to a stretched position on the backside. Utilized a barrel tip before launching through a flat path into the hitting zone with plenty of thump at impact; generated lots of torque/barrel whip at the front of the plate and operated with lots of success to the RCF gap during batting practice. Recorded a 96 mph bat-exit velocity playing well with a lofty approach (67% fly ball rate via Trackman Baseball) yielding big-time carry to pull (385 foot batted ball distance). Middle of the order presence and found two hard barrels in game action; one to CF - L8, one to RF - base hit. 

Defensively: The primary first baseman demonstrated some feel around the bag with lengthy/rangy actions in all directions. Easy, soft glove hand corralled and played smoothly out in front of the right foot. Stayed down from a moderately low posture and kept the feet moving in line to the target, accurate high ¾ slot on the release (73 mph arm). 

Pitching: LHP - Started from the middle of the rubber with repeatable pace using a short side rocker into a short/medium leg-lift, getting over the front side into a wide foot strike position. The arm worked on-time out of a short, high ¾ slot, getting downhill into the strike zone. The FB showed at 76-78 mph flashing arm-side run off the plate away from RHH. Mixed a slow, gradual 61-63 mph breaker (1/7 shape) and a diving 67-69 mph split as the putaway pitch.


Physical: Long and projectable 6-foot-6, 215-pound frame with impressive feel and movement strategies for his size. 7.22 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: LHH - Open stance with the torso coiled around a bent backside, rhythm present in the hands with the bat wagging at head height. Utilized a toe-tap stride with stretch at foot strike allowing for good burst through a leveraged, slight uphill attack. Generated a 46% fly ball rate leading to a 64% hard hit rate leading to a 96 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman Baseball; a 372 foot batted ball distance gives confidence that he possesses pull-side juice at the plate. An 81.1 mph bat speed is going to play extremely well against higher velocity on the bump, should slot into the middle of a batting order down the line. 

Defensively: The first baseman played low to the ground with nice feel for the lateral movements; soft glove hand off of the right hand with a funnel into the belt line, accurate 79 mph arm strength across the diamond, comfortability around the bag at first .. The outfielder approached with early downhill chest angles, got in line with the body after one and a half shuffles and let it rip from a high ¾ slot. Got up to 80 mph from his position with accuracy on the plate. 

Pitching: LHP - The lefty utilized traditional mechanics on the bump with a medium leg lift just above the belt loop, the arm came through with length on-time at release. FB ranged from 76-77 mph with a low spin profile and arm side run present. Mixed a solid 61-62 mph CB with 1/7 shape and more depth than horizontal play. Countered with a 67 mph SPLIT that showed late tumble and very low spin at the dish.


Physical: 6-foot-4, 200 pounds; tall, long, projectable frame. 6.93 runner in the 60.
Offensively: LHH. starts wide pre loaded into back leg with slightly open stance; uses a toe tap stride with loose fluid hands loading straight back. balanced, strong effort with slightly up hill path with some extension through the zone; 17 degree bat angle into the zone via Blast Motion. Marinpetro is able to produce 7.4 G’s of force with an on-plane efficiency of 65%.  hard contact with gap to gap power and lift to the pull side; average Trackman exit velocity of 91.85 MPH; peak exit velo was 100 MPH.
Defensively: Walks into ready position; active foot work playing through the ball routinely. soft glove fielding the ball in front with a seamless transfer; able to vary arm action with the play.  INF - 74 MPH.  Pitching: Fundamental delivery with a repeatable release and balance throughout. Long, fluid arm action to a 3/4 release. FB: T 75 MPH, 72-75 MPH. Life out of the hand with 16 in of vert. mov. and an avg of 8 in of arm side run. CB: 60-61 MPH. 1-7 shape with average horizontal mov. of 4 in. and 5 in. of drop.  CH: 68-69 MPH.


Showcased a long and lean 6-foot-4, 200-pound frame with length in his actions and room to fill out as he matures. The left-handed hitter begins with a balanced, even stance utilizing a toe-tap stride to initiate his swing. Demonstrated a low effort stroke with some fluidity through a slightly uphill barrel path. Hit into a soft front side with feel for his hands yielding a 92 mph bat-exit velocity during batting practice. Ran a 7.06 60-yard dash showing off the long strides and athleticism he possesses. The first baseman featured adequate feel around the bag with a moderately low center of gravity. A soft glove hand worked low the ground playing through the ball and smooth transfers allowed for an accurate 72 mph arm-strength across the infield out of a high ¾ arm-slot with a moderate takeaway. The left-handed pitcher sat 71-74 mph out of a repeatable, high ¾ arm-slot with natural arm-side run. Mixed in a 69-72 mph curveball with 1/7 action in the zone.


Offensively, young developing player initiates swing from closed set up with stride staying slightly closed. Weight shift and hip turn are adequate. There is rhythm to swing. Hands are loose and work well to baseball. There is considerable top half dive which combined with closed set up results in inconsistent swing plane and difficulty covering the inner half. A 72 mph bat exit velocity was recorded.

Defensively, Would benefit from committing to working bottom up and out front. Frame and length play at first base.

On the mound working out of a mid 3/4 arm slot there is balance and repeatability to delivery. Limited use of lower half is present. FB sat 61-63 mph with little movement. CB at 49-50 mph and 1-7 shape had rolling action. CH at 56 mph was cut to glove side. Long frame and long arm action are interesting.

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