Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker




Palm Beach Atlantic University
Knights Academy (NFC Academy) (HS) • TN
6-2 • 165LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Knights Baseball


2019 National

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2019 State

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6/12/18 - Max FB: 84, FB: 78-83, Avg FB: 80.35, CB: 68-71
6-foot-2, 161-pound, RHP shows intriguing arm-speed, but profiles best as an OF.  Tall, athletic, long and lanky w/ lean strength throughout his frame.  Super projectable, has just scratched the surface of his frame potential.  Pitches from a full wind-up into H ¾ release from the first base side of the rubber.  Repeatable, clean, well-tempoed delivery.  Downhill plane at times.  FB shows occasional short arm-side run.  Medium downer CB w/ proper shape and rotation.  Does not finish on occasion, causing it to be an elevated spinner.  Around the zone, bit of a thrower on this day w/ the FB.  Projects to control.

6/12/18 - Home-1st: 4.40, Position Velocity:  OF-88, Exit Velocity: 90
6-foot-2, 161-pound, RHH showed off his super projectable lean frame w/ intriguing present tools.  Tall, athletic, long and lanky w/ lean strength throughout his frame.  Super projectable, has just scratched the surface of his frame potential.  Offensively, hits w/ an open, very slightly crouched stance w/ very short hand rhythm into leg kick to square and proper load.  Generates above average bat speed through the zone.  Occasional slight hitch in load but did not affect ability to connect to the baseball, just 1 swing and miss on 7 swings.  All fields approach w/ ability to hit hard line drives gap to gap.  Had a strong round of BP w/ consistent hard contact and showcased some power.  As the frame develops, shows the ability to hit for average and power.  Above average runner.  Defensively, moves well in the OF w/ super easy arm strength that plays out there.  Showed some struggles in game w/ bat reads and routes, is the next part of his game to develop, as he has made huge strides in the box since we last saw him.

1/15/18 - 60 Time: 7.09, Position Velocity:  OF-83, Exit Velocity: 86
6-foot-2, 161-pound, RHH showed improved exit velocity and OF velocity from last time we saw him.  Tall, long and lanky frame w/ lean strength, lot of physical development remaining.  Offensively, hits from a slightly open, upright stance w/ back shoulder hand location.  Leg kick to square w/ proper hand load and shift of weight.  Good bat path to the ball w/ bat-speed through the zone.  Projects to hit for average and power as he adds muscle to his frame.  Defensively, moves well in the OF w/ some time in his release.  Above average arm strength w/ carry through the target.  High level 2019 to keep an eye on into the spring.

10/1/17 - Max FB: 80, FB: 77-80, CB: 64-65, CH: 73-75, SL: 69-70
6'2, 161-pound, RHP shows prototypical pitcher body w/ lots of projection.  Tall, athletic build w/ lot of projection.  Long and lanky.  Pitches from a full wind-up w/ short rocker step into setup in the middle of the rubber.  Stomach high leg kick w/ low hand location into leg drive w/ proper separation and H ¾ release.  Clean, repeatable mechanics.  Controls his long levers.  FB shows occasional arm side run.  CB is short downer w/ proper rotation.  Firm CH w/ arm-speed.  

10/1/17 - 60 Time: 7.1, Position Velocity:  OF - 82
6'2, 161-pound, RHH shows intriguing skill-set in projectably body.  Tall, athletic build w/ lot of projection.  Long and lanky.  Hits from a straight on, upright stance w/ bat resting on back shoulder.  Leg kick w/ proper load.  Shows pull power w/ natural loft in swing.  Gets good extension w/ 2 hand finish.  Pull approach.  Moves well in OF w/ carry to target.  Keeps throws on-line.  Has the running speed to play CF in college.  An interesting player that needs to be seen in game, just scratching the surface.

1/16/17 - Max FB: 79, FB: 76-79, CB: 64-66, CH: 70-72,
6-foot-2, 156-pound, RHP has a rangy and athletic build with wide shoulders, uses a consistent pace throughout his delivery, creates some very slight shoulder tilt at the top of his leg lift before heading to the plate, engages his lower half while striding in line and finishing very well-balanced, gets way down the mound, longer and pretty loose arm action comes through a near over-the-top slot.  Fastball was mostly straight, curveball had 11/5 shape with some gradual movement, changeup was a change of pace.

1/16/17 - 60 Time: 7.32, Position Velocity:  OF-82, Exit Velocity: 83
6-foot-2, 156-pound, RHH hits from his same balanced stance, although slightly opened, uses some pre-pitch movement in his hands to stay loose, a smooth and very abbreviated leg kick and stride get him loaded, lower half has improved a ton from previous events and seems to fire much more effectively, bat path is slightly steep through the zone but is still able to get through the ball when squared up, could develop some gap power over the next year or so.  Defensively, showed good hands and footwork in the outfield, played through the ball confidently, long arm action comes through an over-the-top slot and produces firm throws with carry.

9/25/16 - 60 Time: 7.14, Position Velocity:  OF-81, Exit Velocity: 83
6-foot-2, 145-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and even stance with some rhythmic pre-pitch movement with his hands, uses a normal stride with a slight lowering and push back of his hands to get loaded, lower half starts but struggles to get through the zone consistently, stays fairly tall, swing plane is pretty flat and showed a little lift at the end, athletic build, showed a lot of potential and room to grow into his body, squared some balls up in BP.  Defensively, showed average hands and footwork in the outfield, played to and through the ball pretty well but didn’t continue that through his throws, used a longer arm action than we’ve seen from him in the past through a high ¾ release point, throws had decent carry and accuracy.

9/25/16 - Max FB: 77, FB: 75-77, CB: 64-67, CH: 66-68,
6-foot-2, 145-pound, RHP has a wide-shouldered and lanky build and uses that length to his advantage, starts his motion slower and stays that way until the very end of his release, fairly high leg lift gets his front side mostly closed and loaded, hands stay together near his chest until separation, shoulders stay in line stride toward the plate, finishes mostly balanced.  Fastball was mostly straight, curveball showed some gradual 11/5 shape through the zone, changeup was mostly a change of speed.

6/15/16 - 60 Time: 6.95, Position Velocity:  OF-79, Exit Velocity: 82
6'1, 151-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and even stance and uses a toe-tap and stride to get his lower body going, hands get loaded by using some quick movement and a slight barrel tilt.  Lower half fires but can get lazy at times, stays balanced unless jumping at the ball, usually able to stay behind the ball and create good stability through the swing.  Bat path stays flat on balls up in the zone but can get steep on balls down, line drive hitter can get through the high ones, elbows flare out a little bit and keep his swing from getting that extra whip.  Defensively, showed average footwork in his approach of the ball, plays through the ball but could do it more smoothly if he loosened up, average hands lead to a clean exchange and a shorter arm action through a high ¾ release point with some accuracy.   

6/15/16 -  Max FB: 79, FB: 78-79, CB: 63-64,
6'1, 151-pound, RHP starts wide and uses a slower rocker step and a high leg lift that gets his front hip closed to get himself started, gets separated early and takes his time before coming toward the plate, short arm action and a little shoulder tilt brings his arm through a high ¾ - over-the-top slot, alignment is good and generally strides directly toward home plate, will fall off toward 1B on his breaking ball, smooth and long follow through.  Fastball stays mostly straight but was kept down in the zone at nearly all times, curveball showed some 12/6 shape and has the ability to be very sharp. Walker could add some velocity and become a guy to watch.

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