Prep Baseball Report

Middle Tennessee Preview Stats

Tim Kay
PBR Tennessee Director of Scouting

The 2018 Middle Tennessee Preseason Preview took place on Monday, January 15th at Showtime Sports Academy in Franklin.  This event included a position player workout, followed by pitchers throwing a 10-15 pitch pen.  Players were afforded the opportunity to showcase their abilities in front of the PBR Tennessee staff and college coaches in attendance. The following is a look at the top statistical performances from the event.

A quick note on pitcher velocities, these were done at the end of a long workout and consisted of no hitters in box.  Some of these pitchers showed us better velocity in game.  We will make note of that on their individual write-ups.

CLICK HERE to view the stats for all players who participated in the Middle Tennessee Preseason Preview.

Exit Velocity 
91 - 2020 OF Hunter Ensley (Huntingdon)
88 - 2018 C Jacob Upshaw (Central Magnet) 
87 - 2020 OF Colton Harrison (East Robertson) 
86 - 2020 SS Mason Malone (Waverly)
86 - 2021 OF James McCracken (Middle Tennessee Christian) 
86 - 2018 C Evan Potter (Smyrna)
86 - 2019 OF Jackson Walker (Knights Academy)  

- Ensley, a Tennessee commit, features big bat-speed in a consistent swing that projects to hit for average and power.  Consistently finding the barrel, he had an impressive BP with his simple swing.  Showing he is not just a hitter, he also recorded the 2nd best OF throwing arm (86), 3rd best 60 (6.97) and 2nd best max FB (81) while showcasing two above average to plus off-speed offerings.

FB Velocity 
82 - 2018 RHP Lelan Lewis (Centennial)
81 - 2020 RHP Hunter Ensley (Huntingdon)
81 - 2018 RHP Harley Wyatt (Rossview)
81 - 2021 RHP Peyton Smith (East Robertson)
80 - 2021 LHP James McCracken (Middle Tennessee Christian)

- Lewis, an uncommitted 2018 prospect, showed off an array of pitches from two different arm-slots (over the top and low 3/4), including his FB up to 82 on his final pitch of his pen.  A 4 mile per hour improvement from where he was at this time last year, he showed similar improvement in his off-speed pitches.  He also showed an idea of how to pitch to both corners with his fastball, making him a guy to follow up on this spring if you are still looking for an arm to finish your class.

IF Velocity
79 - 2021 1B Peyton Smith (East Robertson)
77 - 2018 SS Brett Coker (Hendersonville)
77 - 2019 3B Chris Arbuthnot (Knoxville Catholic)

- Coker, an uncommitted 2018 prospect attending his first PBR event, showed true SS actions w/ above average range to both sides.  Showcasing above average hands and feet, he showed the ability to adjust late to balls and make the difficult play look routine.  In BP, he showcased whippy bat speed with the ability to hit for power.  A high level SS that should be a must see this spring on a stacked Hendersonville high school team.

OF Velocity
88 - 2018 OF Harley Wyatt (Rossview)
86 - 2020 OF Hunter Ensley (Huntingdon)
83 - 2019 OF Jackson Walker (Knights Academy)
82 - 2020 OF Jackson Izatt (Rossview)
82 - 2019 OF Thomas Fullerton (Mt. Juliet)

- Wyatt, an uncommitted 2018 prospect attending his first PBR event, showed big arm strength in the OF w/ the ability to use his legs to drive through his throws.  The velocity from the OF suggests more velocity is coming on the mound, where he touched 81.  A likely late-blooming arm, he is a guy to track into the spring.

C Pop Times
1.94-1.97 - 2021 C Blake Barton (Grace Christian Academy)
2.04-2.07 - 2019 C Sam Mast (John Overton)
2.06-2.12 - 2020 C Houston High (Lipscomb Academy)

- Barton, an incoming freshman to Grace Christian Academy attending his first PBR event, had a strong all-around workout and highlighted himself as one of the better young catchers in the state.  From a workout perspective, he showed off pop times all under 2.0 with good feet and athleticism, which was highlighted in his 7.22 60 time.  He also had a strong BP, where he posted an exit velo of 85 and showed whippy bat speed with the ability to go gap to gap.  An exciting skill-set in a young player, a definite one to follow as he embarks on his high school career.

60 Times
6.90 - 2018 SS Jacob Langham (Coffee County Central)
6.91 - 2019 OF Kelby Pearson (Huntingdon)
6.97 - 2020 OF Hunter Ensley (Huntingdon)
7.09 - 2019 OF Jackson Walker (Knights Academy) 
7.10 - 2019 OF Thomas Fullerton (Mt. Juliet)

- Langham, an uncommitted 2018 shortstop attending his first PBR event, showed off his plus running speed by recording the top 60 on the day.  An easy glider, he gets to top speed quickly and flew around the bases when we saw him this fall.  Getting our first look at his defensive actions, he shows soft hands at SS with quality feet keeping him on direction.  Offensively, he shows a repeatable, line drive oriented swing with a gap to gap approach, projecting as a big-time doubles and triples threat.  For recruiters looking for uncommitted senior pitchers and middle infielders, Coffee County Central should be one of your first stops this spring to see Langham and RHP/C Nathanial Tate.