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Holy Cross
South Burlington (HS) • VT
6' 0" • 195LBS
R/R • 22yr 7mo
Travel Team: CT Crush


2020 National

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2020 State

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6-foot, 195-pound right-handed pitcher, the progression is coming along well. The outing at Trinity is the best I have seen him throw the ball. The delivery is repeated, small coil at the top of the lift. The tracking of the front shoulder is improving as the direction is online. The glove comes ac cross the hitters face. The fastball touched 85 mph, heavy with sink. The breaking ball is big in shape, 11/7 in rotation, sitting 70-72 mph. The changeup is showed fade and sink to it, sitting at 76-77 mph. Jack is a guy to keep an eye on as he is progressing nicely.


6-foot, 195-pound right-handed pitcher, had another good showing in front of us. The fastball touched 84 mph, heavy and has sink to it. The spin pitch is a breaking ball, big in shape at times. The spin pitch sits at 70 mph, could use more fastball hand speed to it. The changeup has fade and action, sits at 75 -77 mph. The delivery is online with his feet, plus in slot. The tracking of the front shoulder comes off line prior to the stride foot getting down. In order to improve the extension he needs the front side to stay on the ball longer. The arm works and has projectable power to it. Solid prospect on the bump.


5-foot-11, 185-pound right-handed pitcher. Jack is developing nicely as we have seen him numerous times in the last year. The fastball touched 82 mph with a downhill plane to it as he pitches out of a slot higher than .  The changeup showed fade and sinking action to it, sat at 73-75 mph. The breaking ball has a good shape to it, sat at 66 mph. Needs to make the ball break in front of his head as he wraps the wrist on the back of his arm path. The delivery is simple and online. The front elbow is pointed at the target as he makes his way into foot strike out of an athletic lift. The glove does have a small pull to it, as limiting thing will get him better extension. The frame is thick and durable, really like the way he is trending.


5-foot-11, 165-pound right-handed pitcher. We have seen Jack pitch a number of times now and he is trending appropriately. The frame projects and the arm works nicely, quick and long out front. Fastball touched 83 mph with arm side run to it. The spin pitch is 63 mph, and needs a clean up. Wraps the ball on the backside and slows ball hand down. Easy fix. The changeup is 75 mph with a chance to be a special pitch for him. The delivery is online with his feet, pitches off of the top of the rubber, needs to be balanced and in front of the slab. The glove side comes across the face of the hitter, adding deception. The slot is and fast. Good follow as he ages and matures. Should be a division 1 arm when all said and done.


Talented 2020 at 5-foot-11, 165-pounds from the Bases Loaded program. Showed up to throw after just getting back from a vacation so take into account and see him again at some point. The arm is clean and strong. Pitches out of a slightly higher than slot. The feet are online to the plate. The glove side has a hard pull as he makes his way to the plate, causing the slot to raise a bit. The arm works and the stuff should be excellent as he ages. Fastball touched 78 mph with arm side action to it. The changeup needs a spin fix, sitting at 70 mph. Good looking prospect on the mound.


Excellent looking young arm from Vermont, as they made the trip down to showcase on the bump. The frame is gonna fill and the bottom half is thick and durable. Fastball touched 76 mph with arm side run and it is heavy. The spin pitch is a version of a short slider as the ball dots up nicely for a pitcher his age, sat at 65 mph. The changeup has fade to it, the spin needs to be tightened but he has the right idea. The changeup was 68-70 mph. The delivery starts with an athletic lift and small coil at the top. The movements are athletic. The ball comes out of a slightly higher than 3/4 slot. The arm is long on the back side and he gets average extension out front.  The tracking of the front shoulder needs to improve, should be directed to the catcher at foot strike. Would like to see him calm down the glove side action, as too much action and pull takes him off target and hurts his extension/direction to the plate. All in all, he is a really good looking younger arm. Big follow for me.

6-foot, 195 pound right-handed pitcher. The fastball touched 83 mph, minimal arm side run to the pitch. The spin pitch is big in shape, needs more fastball hand speed. The spin sits at 67-68 mph. The changeup is a developing pitch. The delivery is online with his feet, plus in slot. The glove comes across the hitters face as he makes his way into foot strike. The tracking of the front shoulder to the catcher needs to improve so he can tap into the arm strength he has. At some point he should throw hard, as the arm has strength and quickness to it. Good follow for me, his best days are in front of him.

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