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Recruiting Dashboard
With your ScoutPlus account, you will unlock several tools that will enable you to recruit more efficiently and effectively. The user-friendly Recruiting Dashboard interface allows you to organize, add, subtract and track up to 100 prospects at a time that you have interest in. The process is simple. If, while viewing a prospect's profile, you like what you see, simply click the black button underneath the player's name:

Your Recruiting Dashboard features include:

+ Access to player contact information. By clicking on an added player within your Recruiting Dashboard, a slide-out page will appear with all information gathered on that prospect.

+ Access to player academic information. Academic information includes ACT/SAT and GPA. All academic information is unverified and populated/updated by the player.

+ Customizable Recruiting Board. To assist in matching your specific recruiting needs, this tool gives you the ability to manage, sort and create sub-lists through a personalized tagging system for all players in your Recruiting Dashboard. Furthermore, through a simple drag-and-drop process, you will be able to move players up and down within your list to help prioritize.

+ Player Calendar. This auto-populated calendar will help you keep track of all prospects in your Recruiting Dashboard. This tool is a simple and easy way for coaches to track players throughout the busy, ever-changing spring, summer and fall seasons. All Prep Baseball Report events that your prospects are attending will populate into your calendar. Additionally, prospects will have the ability to manage their own calendar. If a game time has changed, or pitchers know they are throwing on a specific day and time, they simply update their event, which will be reflected in your calendar.

+ Player Feed. Similar to an RSS feed, keep up to date with your prospects through this filtered news listing. All stories about players you are following will automatically populate in an easy-to-view, clickable news feed inside your dashboard.

+ Interested Prospects. In the coming months, prospects will have the ability to click the schools they are interested in from a listing of every college in the country within their own personal dashboard. When a prospect clicks on your school, their profile will appear in a designated section of your dashboard. Furthermore, with your ScoutPlus account, you will be able to create and update your school profile page with basic information, such as general contact, links, records, admission requirements, and much more ... all of which will be available to the prospects who show interest in your program.