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Alabama Preseason All State Scout Blog: Outfielders

PBR Alabama Staff

Alabama Preseason All State Scout Blog: Today we take a look at the impressive group of outfielders that attended the event. Players that registered and went through the workout in multiple positions will have all of their positions included in one writeup.

John Michael Riley (2019, OF/RHP, Bob Jones) 5’11 188 lbs- 1.20.19- one of the more impressive players at the event. Strong built player that does a nice job of using his strength in all aspects of his game. The ball explodes out of his hand from the OF and shows nice athleticism.  Had the highest OF velo (87 mph), highest exit velo (97 mph) and highest FB reading (87 mph) for the day. Has a slightly open stance at the plate with twitchy hands and a slightly tilted swing path. Controlled the barrel and showed nice pop. On the mound his FB was 85-86 mph and up to 87 mph with some run. FB really jumps out of the hand and the CB showed depth and he was able to command all of his pitches. Worked quick between pitches. Shouldn’t stay uncommitted too long.   

Zac Rice (2020, OF/SS, Russell County) 6’0 160 lbs- 1.20.19- athletic player with an impressive skill set. Had the fastest H-1B time at the event with a blazing 3.78 and was also tied for the highest OF velo at 87 mph. Really has solid tools. Quick transfer in the OF with nice momentum, ball stay on line and was very accurate. At the plate, he started square with a quiet body and good rhythm with the hands. Barrel stays in the zone a long time and shows the ability to use all fields.

Carson Herring (2020, OF/3B, Rehobeth) 6’2 200 lbs- 1.20.19- an athletic physical 2020 that showed nice skills during OF and IF drills. Nice footwork before the throw with a nice arm slot from the OF and carry at 84 mph. On the IF he showed a nice fundamental approach playing low to the ground and solid glove actions. Has plenty of arm strength to make throws across the infield. At the plate, he started with a slightly open stance and showed nice plane with the barrel through the zone. Showed a a quiet, smooth approach with nice pop.

Trey Burrell (2021, OF/SS, Hewitt Trussville) 5’6 150 lbs- 1.20.19- has been impressive every time we see him and this time was no exception. Athletic enough to be a plus defender on the dirt on in the outfield. Has a very accurate arm from the OF and does a nice job of getting the ball. On the infield the feet and glove do a nice job of working together and his athleticism allows for him to cover a lot of ground. May be a 2B down the line on the dirt. Although small in stature he continues to show pop at the plate and is a definite gap to gap 2B type hitter (90 mph exit velocity off of a tee). Starts with a slightly open stance, smooth rhythm, nice barrel control and a definite middle approach.

Harrison Stout (2020, SS/OF, Tuscaloosa County) 5’11 155 lbs- 1.20.19- showed a solid approach to the game in everything he did. In the OF he showed nice feel for the position and showed some arm strength. On the IF his actions are legit and the glove showed some flash. Can play either MIF position. Big time runner as well. At the plate, his set up was solid with a very slightly open narrow stance. Is athletic and quick enough with the hands to get to pitches on the inner half and has a nice synched up swing. An athletic 2020 that brings a lot of intangibles to the game.

Noah Watkins (2020, OF/LHP, Lee) 5’11 170 lbs- 1.20.19- extremely athletic player (also QB on football team) that continues to impress each time we see. In the OF he has advanced tools and shows off nice footwork and a nice arm slot which creates very accurate throws with no “tail” to the throws. Really finds the barrel in BP with a very simple, quiet approach and showed some pop both ways. Nice athletic load. On the mound, he continues to show a nice feel for how to pitch and command of three pitches. His FB was up to 79 but the movement is plus. The breaking ball shows plus shape with tight spin. Really attacks the zone. Ultra competitive.

Will Passeau (2021, OF/RHP, St. Paul’s Episcopal) 6’1 170 lbs- 1.20.19- showed nice arm strength during the OF portion of the workout and nice accuracy with an 82 mph OF velo. Athletic frame with room to grow. Showed quick hands at the plate with a nice setup and good rhythm with the hands and body. Did a nice job of using his lower half during the swing and stayed through the zone. On the mound he was very clean mechanically and things seemed to come naturally. Has an over the top arm action with nice action on the FB and shows nice form with a 12/6 breaking ball. A 2021 to follow.

Avery Seaton (2021, 3B/RHP, Madison Academy) 5’11 200 lbs- 1.20.19- had a nice day all the way around. An athletic 2021 that is also a QB in football with nice core strength. Showed plenty of arm strength during IF drills and was very clean with the glove. Nice quick transfer on the throw with plenty of carry. In the OF, advanced footwork allows him to position himself well to make the throw with plenty of carry and a clean arm slot. Throws stayed on line to the plate. At the plate, his exit velocity was 89 mph off of a tee as he started with a square stance and did a nice job of using his strong lower half. The bat path through the zone is plus and the setup is smooth but explosive. Showed nice pull side juice. A versatile 2021 to keep an eye on.

Blake Medley (2022, RHP/OF, Hazel Green) 6’1 195 lbs- 1.20.19- one of the younger players at the event but his skills set up well for the future. In OF drills he showed a plus arm for his age and repeated accuracy to the plate. During IF drills he did a nice job presenting his glove out in front  with plus arm strength to make the throw across the diamond. Does a nice job of staying through his throw. At the plate he starts with a narrow stance and a flat barrel behind his head. Showed some tilt with the barrel through the zone which created some juice to the pull side. On the mound, his FB was up to 80 mph with solid mechanics that will only get better as he gets older. Was able to command both sides of the plate with his FB and offspeed pitches. His slider showed solid spin and has a chance to be an out pitch. Interesting, physical 2022 player.

Christopher Bryant (2021, OF, Gardendale) 5’9 160 lbs- 1.20.19- quick twitch young athlete (2021) that has a ton of upside with some raw tools. Ran a blistering H-1B (3.78) that tied for the best time at the event. Obviously this speed is a tool he uses in the OF and does a nice job of getting rid of the ball quick after the catch. The arm is accurate and strength is nice but will get better as he matures over the next few years. A very raw hitter at the plate that shows nice, quick hands and there is some juice in the barrel. Flat bat path through the zone.

Bryce Sanders (2022, OF/LHP, Central-Phenix City) 5’9 150 lbs- 1.20.19-  a toolsy 2022 that carries himself like a player and the fundamental skills are there and should continue to progress as he gets older. Showed nice rhythm and a nice load of the hands at the plate from a balanced stance. Did a nice job of forcing his hands inside the ball and had a backside approach. During the OF portion he was very smooth attacking balls and seemed to “glide” to the ball. Seemed natural, but effortless. Nice arm action with carry to his throws and the arm will get stronger. Really liked him on the mound as a LHP with typical ASR on his mid 70’s FB. The velo is sure to go up in the next few years. Showed good feel for a sharp breaking CB that took good shape. Youngster that has a solid foundation.

Jared Barlow (2019, OF/2B, Park Crossing) 5’11 160 lbs- 1.20.19-  an athletic, rangy OF that really showed well with the arm. Throws were super accurate and the ball took off out of his hand. Did a nice job on the transfer. At the plate, he showed a simple approach with quick twitch hands that showed the ability to handle balls on the inner half. Started with a square stance and hands set even. Showed a flat barrel path through the hitting zone. Was 88 Mph exit velocity off of a tee.

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