Prep Baseball Report

All State Games: Player by Player Analysis

PBR Alabama Staff

Scout Blog: 9.23 All State Games at the University of Alabama:

McCollum Mansfield (2022, SS/OF, Oak Mountain) 5’6 138 lbs- 9.23.18- his arm worked well from the OF and will continue to add strength as he gets older. Took a very crisp round with a toe tap approach and and had a flat, direct path to the ball. Had a loud barrel at bat during the game. Well coached and good approach to the game, will be interesting to follow as he gets older.

Harrison Long (2022, OF/SS, Auburn) 5’9 130 lbs- 9.23.18- showcased short arm action during OF drills with some arm strength, showed an early set up at the plate and a middle-oppo approach with consistent line drives during BP, tracked balls off the bat well, had a base hit during game play.

River Day (2020, SS/2B, Opp) 5’9 137 lbs- 9.23.18- advanced glove presentation during IF drill work with good feet, he appears to be more of a 2B type but showed average arm strength across the diamond. He did showcase a flat path with the barrel that consistently produced hard ground balls with some pull side gap pop.

Landon Leake (2021, SS/OF, Helena) 5’9 155 lbs- 9.23.18- a very athletic kid that was one of the top runners at the event (4.35 H to 1B) and showed one of the top exit velo numbers at 87 mph. Glove work was fundamentally solid and his feet worked well (maybe a little “choppy”) that consistently made plays. Has a deep load at the plate with a high leg approach but sets up athletically and has some quickness in hands. Has some natural strength and whip at the plate. Interesting 2021 to watch…..

Noah Lam (2021, 2B/SS, Grissom) 5’10 141 lbs- 9.23.18- very fundamentally solid player that just goes about his business and has a solid makeup and approach to the games. Is a 2B type player with solid glove presentation and feet. Has enough arm to make the turn at 2B and showed athleticism in the field. At the plate, he really showed the ability to use the entire field and created some tilt in his swing to produce backspin off the barrel. A solid player.

Grant Rakers (2022, OF/SS, Oak Mountain) 5’10 148 lbs- 9.23.18- has a young athletic frame that should fill out with lean strength in the future. Was very solid in IF drills that had advanced pre setup with the feet and good instincts on balls off of the bat. Defensive work is a strength of his. At the plate, he had sort of a robotic long load but consistently sprayed line drives all over the field. He really battled in his 2 game at bats and competed fiercely. A follow in the future as he continues to gain strength, etc.

Kaleb Owens (2021, 3B/C, Fayette) 6’0 145 lbs- 9.23.18- during BP, he showed some separation of the hands at the plate with a true middle/oppo approach, looks to be a 2 hole type hitter. Had decent pop to RC gap from a slightly open stance. Showed well receiving the ball behind the plate and should continue to lower his pop times as he gains strength and velocity on throws. On the mound he pounded the zone with strikes and repeated his mechanics and arm clot on all pitches. Velocity may have been down a bit due to catching a lot of innings before going to the mound.

Barrett Brown (2022, RHP/OF, East Limestone) 6’0 150 lbs- 9.23.18- showed some arm strength from the OF with quick hand speed and tracked balls well during drills. Showed some juice at the plate with an 85 mph exit velocity from a small leg kick approach and a level bat path. On the mound, his fastball was mid 70’s but was clean mechanically and will be an arm to watch in the 2022 class.

Collins Terry (2022, RHP/1B, Bayside Academy) 6’0 165 lbs- 9.23.18-  offensively, he had a very simple approach with no wasted movement in the swing that showed a middle of the field approach. In game play, had a solidly struck 1B up the middle. Showed fundamental strength during IF drills with advanced glove presentation. On the mound, he showed the ability to command both sides of the plate consistently and really attacked the bottom half of the zone. Will be interesting to follow as he matures physically and adds strength.  

Hudson Boren (2021, 2B/SS, Hewitt Trussville) 5’8 160 lbs- 9.23.18-  seems to be a “grinder” and did a number of things well on the day. Was very solid during IF drills showing competence and confidence with a solid approach to ground balls- projects as a 2B or 3B. Offensively his short, compact approach allowed him to really get to balls on the inner half of the plate. Really showed well during game play and had consistently good AB’s. A lot to like in the player……

Owen Boren (2021, LHP, Hewitt Trussville) 5’8 170 lbs- 9.23.18- a typical LHP that showed some true pitchability in his 2 innings of work. Really creates some ASR on his mid 70’s FB that can give hitters fits. Showed feel and depth with an over the top breaking ball and a changeup that creates tumble away from RHH. Also showed a plus pick move to 1B. Will be interesting to see development in years to come.

Cole Barnett (2021, SS/2B, Russellville) 5’10 170 lbs- 9.23.18- seems to be a 2 hole type hitter as he sprayed the ball all over the field during morning BP. Has some pop, evidenced by his 80 mph exit velocity off of a tee and showed the ability to be more than just a singles hitter. Defensively, he appears to be better suited at 2B but really showed range on the infield, to go along with a solid defensive makeup and good footwork.

Mailon Reese (2020, OF/RHP, Auburn) 5’11 170 lbs- 9.23.18- had a great day all the way around. Showed legit speed in the OF and on the bases (4.2 Home- 1B). Had the top OF velo on the day at 88mph and made perhaps what was the play of the day on a soft sinking liner in RF that he came up and made a diving catch on. At the plate, worked uphill through the zone which created some tilt and allowed for balls to really jump off of that bat. Had two very loud at bats during the game from a slightly open stance. A truly “toolsy” player. A definite 2020 to follow.

Noah Watkins (2020, OF/LHP, Lee) 5’11 170 lbs- 9.23.18- really repeated solid mechanics on the mound with typical LHP ASR at 76-78 mph while showing feel for his breaking ball at 70 mph with multi-tier break and tight spin. Good runner as well (4.28 down the line) that showed trackability in the OF on fly balls and good arm action (82 mph OF velo) and very accurate one hops to the plate. At the plate, he showed an exclusive opposite field approach but also showed some quickness to the hands. Really showed well on the day and will be an interesting follow.  

Mason Maners (2020, 2B/OF, Vestavia Hills) 6’0 170 lbs- 9.23.18- a toolsy player that brings a lot to the game. A good athlete that can play 2B or OF. In the dirt, he was very fundamentally sound with his feet and his glove presentation was more than adequate with plenty or arm strength to make the turn at 2B.Showcased the the fastest home to 1B time on the day at 4.18 and used his speed during the game with a 3B over the CF’s head. Along with his speed, his strength is shown with an 86 mph exit velo. Played the game the right way, hustling in everything he did and had a very good day from start to finish.

Brady Morgan (2020, OF/RHP, Chelsea) 6’0 170 lbs- 9.23.18- showed some athletic ability on the day with a 90 mph exit velocity off of a tee (tops at the event) which carried over to a solid round of BP as he showed a middle of the field approach with the ability to drive the ball in both gaps from an event stance with a slow load of the hands. Was impressive in OF drills tracking balls and showing a quick transfer. The arm action is good and will only get better in time. Solid base hit up the middle in the game.

Tristan Everly (2021, SS/RHP, Sparkman) 6’0 185 lbs- 9.23.18- showed some strength at the plate from his slightly open stance and does a good job of getting ready to hit on time. Creates some torque from his lower half and has some lift in the swing. Showed some pull side pop in BP and had a 2B in the game. Defensively he showed a good arm across the diamond with solid glove work and presentation. On the mound, he was upper 70’s with his fastball but his best pitch seemed to be his slider which showed tight spin and movement which he was able to locate at will.

Bryson Santiago (2021, SS/RHP, Grissom) 6’1 150 lbs- 9.23.18- a young player with long limbs that is still growing into his frame and should continue to develop as he gains strength. Offensively, he showed a flat bat path and slightly open stance with an easy load. Showed the ability to use the field in BP and had loud contact in game play. During IF drills, he presented his glove very early and did a good job of resetting his feet before the throw. Will be interesting to see his progression as he continues to add strength.

Jack Williamson (2021, RHP/SS, Winfield City) 6’1 165 lbs- 9.23.18- in IF drills he was solid with the glove and feet but the arm strength was apparent during drills. Has a lean and wiry frame that is ultra projectable as he continues to mature. He was up to 83 mph on the mound with medium sized arm swing that is continuous with quickness out front. His slider was low 70’s with 11/5 action and took solid shape. Showed a short compact approach with level swing plane at the plate which resulted in hard contact in BP. Had a 1B to left in game play. Will be interesting to follow in the next few years.

Grant Hickman (2020, RHP/3B, Tuscaloosa County) 6’1 170 lbs- 9.23.18- very impressive on the mound, FB worked 82-85 mph from a slingy ¾ slot which created arm side life. Presented a polished delivery, repeating good mechanics with the same arm slot for al pitches creating deception for hitters. His slider was 72-73 with some shape and changeup was 73-74 with tumble. Should continue to progress and will be an interesting 2020 RHP to follow.  

Gray Williams (2020, LHP/1B, American Christian Academy) 6’1 170 lbs-9.23.18- the setup works at the plate with hands showing natural, fluent, athletic load and some whip of the barrel through the zone. Worked gap to gap with ease during his BP round and showed some saw juice. Nice athletic makeup around the bag at 1B and showed the ability to pick balls in the dirt. Didn’t throw off of the mound (forearm strain) but should be an interesting arm to follow.

Will Pilgrim (2020, OF/RHP, Deshler) 6’1 173 lbs- 9.23.18- had a nice balanced set at the plate and created some tilt in his swing. His hands started low but showed an easy load with the hands that resulted in a gap to gap approach in BP. Defensively, he showed some athleticism in the OF and did a good job of getting rid of the ball fairly quickly with some arm strength. On the mound, he was low to mid 70’s with his FB and showed a changeup with tumble into RHH.

Gage Reeves (2020, C/OF, Northview) 6’1 185 lbs- 9.23.18- an athletic catcher that did a good job of presentation of pitches on the black and did a good job receiving pitches that were down. Showed athletic movement behind the plate and did a very solid job of blocking balls in the dirt, giving him a chance to throw runners out on dirt balls. Was solid throwing with good mechanics and a quick release with a 2.03 best pop time. From a slightly closed stance, showed an advanced middle/oppo approach during BP but got to an inside pitch in the game for a single to LF. Solid athletic catcher that does a lot of things well.

Trevor Horne (2021, RHP/SS, Glenwood) 6’3 155 lbs- 9.23.18- showcased some projectable “stuff” on the mound. FB was in the low 80’s over his 2 innings of work and showed legit ASR. A lanky, long- limbed RHP that will throw harder as he matures. Ball does seem to “explode” out of his hand and get on hitters a little quicker than expected. . His slider took good shape and was thrown very firm at 74-76 mph with tight action. A definite 2021 arm to follow.

Davis Randolph (2022, RHP/3B, Northridge) 6’3 172 lbs- 9.23.18- was solid during IF drills during the morning workout with early glove presentation and footwork that allowed him to be in good position to field/throw. Arm strength was sufficient but will continue to increase as he matures physically. At the plate, he showed a knack for keeping hands and barrel inside the ball which created a middle/oppo approach. Had a loud barrel 1B to RF during the game. On the mound, he consistently pounded the lower half of the zone and was effective (low 80’s). Mechanics and arm were clean and he should be intriguing to watch in the 2022 class of arms.

Matthew Omohundro (2021, 3B/RHP, Northview) 5’11 180 lbs- 9.23.18- solid build with some natural strength with a solid lower half. A confident player that had a very loud round of BP and did not get cheated with his swings. Showed some lift in the swing and major pull side juice. The hands are quick-twitchy and the barrel really whips through the zone. Had a really loud line drive out to CF in the game. In IF drills, his hands and feet were very solid and his arm showed carry and strength (82 mph- tied for highest at the event). A really projectable player with some plus tools.

Bo Coleman (2020, 1B/OF, Vestavia Hills) 6’2 175 lbs- 9.23.18- an athletic kid with broad shoulders that will definitely fill out that also runs well. Seems to be a big time competitor and plays the game the right way. Was impressive at 1B with the glove and his nimbleness around the bag while showcasing some arm strength across the diamond. Offensively, he has some juice to all fields (84 mph exit velo) from his slightly open stance and a bit of a tilted swing plane. Had a 2B to LF in the game. He can hit.  

Sam Baker (2021, SS/2B, Prattville) 5’11 160 lbs- 9.23.18- Stood out during defensive drills staying low on ground balls and plays with some smooth and confident hands. The arm works as he showed strength across the diamond at 82 mph (tied for event best). Athletic with good feet. Quite possibly the best defender on the day. At the plate, he showed an open stance with a nice steady load of the hands and some tilt in his swing. Has some pull side pop and creates some backswing off the bat. A definite 2021 to follow.   

Tyler Allen (2021, RHP/3B, Dora) 5’11 200 lbs- 9.23.18- 3B type that was solid during IF drills and had enough arm strength to make the throw to 1B. Presented glove very early in the process. On the mound he was 76-79 mph with some cut to the fastball. His breaking ball was tight with some depth and seemed to be his best pitch on the day. At the plate, he started with a slightly opened stance with hands back and appeared to have a patient approach at the plate while showing some pop to his pull side.     

Brooks Dobson (2021, C/1B, Edgewood Academy) 6’0 204 lbs- 9.23.18- did a solid job receiving pitches and extending the plate on both sides. A physical 2021 prospect, he should continue to evolve as he matures. Does show a pretty quick transfer and short arm slot throwing and his arm strength should increase as he continues to develop. Offensively, he starts open and has a high leg kick approach to get to the launch position. Really worked the opposite field during his BP round and stayed with that approach during the game.

Carter Tyus (2021, RHP/1B, Vestavia Hills) 6’1 205 lbs- 9.23.18- has a mature frame and an understanding of how to pitch. Has broad shoulders with strength throughout. Fastball worked 81-83 and touched 84 a few times and had late life. The ball seemed to really “take off” the last few feet, which caused problems for hitters. His breaking ball was low 70’s with some bite to it and late down action. Will be interesting to watch his progress as a 2021 RHP, has some projectability.

Seth Davidson (2020, LHP/1B, Jasper) 6’2 200 lbs- 9.23.18- another athletic 1B at the event that was solid with the glovework around the bag and the ability to pick dirt balls. Arm strength is no issue as he showed 78 mph across the diamond. At the plate, he had an open set up with hands high and a soft load. Seemed to really work the middle of the field, forcing his hands and barrel inside the ball. Twitchy hands. On the mound, he was upper 70’s with typical ASR for LHP’s that showed clean mechanics. His breaking ball was 70-72 that didn’t break until late. Showed some competitiveness all day.

Cameron Snypes (2021, 1B/OF, UMS-Wright) 6’2 200 lbs- 9.23.18- his frame really stands out and he took one of the more impressive rounds of BP. Big LH hitter whose hands work quickly  with a natural load and a flat path to the barrel. Worked gap to gap in BP and there is projectability for pull side power. During defensive work, he was very solid at 1B with soft hands and good feet that has an understanding of the game. The kid can hit and will be interesting to watch as he progresses.

Michael Archie (2020, OF, Minor) 6’3 185 lbs- 9.23.18- body frame immediately stands out with long limbs, lean frame and athleticism. Tracked balls well in OF drills and showed fairly clean arm action with an OF velo of 81 mph. At the plate, he was solid showing some quickness in the hands with very simple prep pitch movement and a level swing plane.  Showed a very patient approach at the plate in the game and grinded out at-bats. An intriguing athlete that will be an interesting follow.

Stillman Davis (2021, RHP/3B, Prattville Christian Academy) 6’4 178 lbs- 9.23.18-  a tall, lanky athlete that will continue to fill out as he physically matures. Worked at 3B during IF drills and approached ground balls well with solid glove presentation. He may be a candidate to move over to 1B eventually, as the body type hints at that. Offensively, he had a very quiet approach at the plate with a simple load from an even stance. The bat path was level generating line drives in his round and a loud out to RF in game play. On the mound, his tall, slender build leads to believe there is some maturation to come. He showcased a fastball in the mid 70’s but created a lot of down angle and attacked the bottom half of the zone. His breaking ball is one that is still developing. Had a productive inning in his 1 inning of work.